Simple Tips to Declutter Your Purse

Gretta Monahan helps eliminate some of the excess from your handbag.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Simple Tips to Declutter Your Purse
Every woman's must have accessory use your first weighing -- down with useless but. Handbags have some have become the black hole -- clot. Our Chris said become portable storage. It's from the essentials to them well bizarre experts say your -- should wait no more than five counts put on average a woman's purse is bulging with around seven to ten pounds of -- It's really important -- -- handbag on a -- get rid of trash. Or anything that simply does not belong in your head -- -- the women find it enormously difficult to let go but. Have no clearly -- -- first patrol is here. Styling beauty expert Greta Monahan an I scoured the streets of New York Sergey first perpetrators. We -- -- -- we -- -- your back while. Four point seven hour we're not gonna have to teach you Lindsay and in the station for this one -- all right we would like to see -- -- what you're hearing them. How many million do you need seriously. All my gosh almighty not you guys. At seven pounds. I have a newborn baby. -- -- -- -- -- You're pretty -- offender we need to bring New England. Every IdeaPad since junior high seven point more now. Weren't done yet still I think they didn't work today we did that we're not death. -- -- the bag that you -- carrying and I think we're gonna call people out on the call you have. This -- even -- just look at plant. Do -- now all -- okay -- the heaviest bag and the day of great heat truth hurt stated that developed fully involved for a gallon of milk forbidden. -- -- -- -- Our rights style and beauty expert Greta -- -- is here now with me that you're out on the street and everybody. What's the deal with the big back so basically the big bags weighing us down on an average of seven to ten pounds. Extra luggage is hurting our backs -- shoulders and our next even given assemble at ten tonight all right we have six women who are very bravely going to dump out those bags. It's it's we're calling her purse challenge -- are gonna dump fire bags and you've got a smaller bag underneath so you gotta dump it all out -- you to choose what's important what's he going to smaller bag. Because that's the goal it -- that's it is not having all do it -- -- back hey you're going to fill it we all know that's ready -- seconds on the clock. -- ladies and check. Are you -- yeah. In my case. Yeah. I'm nice ladies what do you really need yeah. You need this -- Near her yeah -- Lara is three different category is second angels learned how your unique of his friends and explaining. Yeah and. -- And -- -- now we possible that you guys do you believe that you got everything you need in that smaller not now know -- That I let's -- an on again what do we really need that things that you need are your work essentials your -- -- anything you -- daily to work. You are mobile electronics. And make up your home make up bag ladies bite your lip -- ideas and I had -- -- -- the -- that's right I'm dying you know it's like Miss America. I I don't know it's like it's like a crutch right you just feel like you need to have everything is definitely -- -- carefully walked thinking a lot of extra weight to get the calling out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I at 8 PM -- -- what else is in Africa -- man. Credit iiroc is -- hundred no picnic and a lot of aren't even there I think they're greats had straight as -- -- -- the number one scene today we can tell people at home absolutely -- in the big mountain lighten your load cross body. Let your type of bag less hardware for every day and say the special heady ones for once in awhile I want to say thank you guys for being -- I would not Antioch -- back. Preacher and sit back and I'm pretty sure there might be a -- there. Or science project.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Gretta Monahan helps eliminate some of the excess from your handbag. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21621147","title":"Simple Tips to Declutter Your Purse","url":"/GMA/video/simple-tips-declutter-purse-21621147"}