Snooki Makes Waves Using Pregnancy Parking

Dan Abrams tackles the reality star's recent controversy and other news.
5:55 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Snooki Makes Waves Using Pregnancy Parking
"Jury is out." I thought we were going to talk about spanx. That's my specialty. Once again, snooki creating waves. This time, for posting a picture of herself taking a pregnancy parking spot while she is, in fact, pregnant. Several followers called her out, saying if she can work out, she shouldn't be snagging a coveted spot. Snooki snapped back. Lighten up, people. Let's give snooki a break. What about the pregnancy spots. There's an argument to be made that if you don't need it, you shouldn't take it. You want us to make the argument? Yeah. Let's say -- just realized you're pregnant. And you don't need the extra help. And why should you take one of the coveted spots from someone who might need it? I think every woman who has gone through a pregnancy can relate to this. On I any given day, you don't know how you're going to feel. I had to leave a grocery store with a cart in the middle because I got so sick, I couldn't even finish the process of grocery shopping. And I didn't look that pregnant. But I was really sick. And you didn't realize it until you were in the store. Yeah. Keep going. I'm just -- I'm going to let the control room know. I'm skipping forward to the flash poll. The flash poll defends me. And I'm going to come back to the other comments. Earlier, we asked viewers in our flash poll, should pregnancy parking spots be for women in their third trimester? The results said 53% said yes. 47% said no. Or women who have never been pregnant. The first two trimesters for me were worse than my third. That was my personal experience. It's hard to know which -- And if you have another baby on top of it and you're pregnant. If she's pregnant, she's pregnant and she can park there. Pregnancy spots should be for women in their last trimester. Any woman who is pregnant knows this. It is much harder to move. Just saying. Omayra -- I felt great in my third T trimest trimester. Omayra says it's called a pregnancy spot. If you're pregnant, you can take it. Pregnant isn't a handicap. Having pregnancy spots is ridiculous. Should we have pregnancy spots? I think it's lovely. I do, too. A new study -- it's one of those -- all right. A new study says that people active on Twitter are more likely to fight with their spouses, cheat and openly get divorced. It seems people on Twitter all the time get in more fights, primarily about being on Twitter. When I first saw this study, I thought, this is ridiculous. But that makes sense. For those of us on social media all the time -- like this guy, gio. Always on. And I'm sure when you are out to dinner or supposed to be having a personal moment and you're sitting there, going like this, it leads to fights. Does that -- this isn't be a rigorous study. We haven't had Twitter that long. You're right, George. This is not a double-blind scientific study. It was a survey. All right. Fair enough. Thank you. Twitter -- Yeah. It is true. I get yelled at a lot. It depends if you're possibly tweeting pictures of your spouse making fun of them, that can create situations and problems. Not that I've done that. Maybe once. Maybe once. I don't go on Twitter. You don't? You don't follow her? No. I mean, I follow her. I want to go out there. Fighting, I think is about using Twitter too much. Just distraction and not focusing on where you should be and be in the moment, is what you're trying to say. That makes sense. A new ad campaign for body hair removal products has caused outrage amongst many women. Each ad in the series -- this is coming to you, gio, suggests women should be ashamed and embarrassed by her body hair, on her legs, armpits and on her bikini line. Here's a little clip. Don't worry. We're going to take good care of you. I shaved yesterday. Please stop. Don't risk rudeness? I'm sorry. The tag line is don't risk rudeness. We all agree that it's funny. Now, the question is -- It's icky. Is it inappropriate? A lot of women's groups are really upset about this. I agree. It doesn't make you a man. But I mean -- I don't know. For the dudes, I'll say it -- I'm just saying, it's dudeness. A high degree of difficulty. I went with sensitive topics today. I have to be very careful what I say. My position is, that these are comedic. But I understand why they're creating controversy, which is what I think they were intended to do. I think it would make me change the channel because I would be so -- Rebecca young, I think that's funny. Dudeness. Ha, ha, ha. It's insensitive. It's disgusting. I want this ad to go away. You're a girl with hair or not, do not tell us otherwise. That's the last word right now.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Dan Abrams tackles the reality star's recent controversy and other news.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23253303","title":"Snooki Makes Waves Using Pregnancy Parking","url":"/GMA/video/snooki-reality-star-controversy-pregnancy-parking-23253303"}