Sofia Vergara: Eggs Are Frozen for Possible Baby

"Modern Family" star discusses freezing embryos, new campaign to fight thyroid cancer.
5:13 | 04/17/13

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Transcript for Sofia Vergara: Eggs Are Frozen for Possible Baby
Amy, back to you. Always a delight to welcome "modern family's" sofia vergara to our "good morning america" family. The new look, the blond locks and a message she wants to share with everyone and sofia, I want to start off with serious news because I know that you were directly impacted with what happened in boston. Your son goes to school there. Tell me what those moments were like when you first found out there had been a bombing. Well, I think I felt the same way that everybody in this country felt, it's like disbelief. Like not understanding what is going on and why? Why is this happening? My son -- I was very fortunate that my son that day had come on the train to new york to visit his girlfriend, so I was shooting in new orleans so i immediately went crazy. I'm like, immediately he texted me. He knows I can get crazy so he's like, mom, I'm still in new york but I mean it's unbelievable. I mean, it's heartbreaking. It's so much unnecessary pain. I know and we certainly are happy that he is safe and sound and so many families going through that same anxiety and our hearts continue to go outo them. Hopefully they can overcome this horrible thing. I know you're here actually to speak about raising awareness. You have a campaign about thyroid disease. Yes. Affects 30 million americans. I'm among them. You're a paid spokesman for synthroid but you were diagnosed WITH THYROID CANCER IN YOUR 20s. What is your message? It's simple. I think, you know, many women like you were telling me to go for a long time without kwing that they have a problem with their thyroid and it can bring many problems. It's like -- you know, it changes your mood. It changes your fertility. Changes so many things and the sad thing is it can be checked with just a simple -- it took me months and months and months. All it takes is a blood test. Not like you have to go through a colonoscopy or something horrible. And it's life-saving. And can fix it very easy taking the right amount of medication, being very serious with it. I mean, I had cancer ten years ago so because they took my thyroid out I need medication. And, you know, I figured out i mean I hear so many people saying they have so many problems with their thyroid. I've never had a problem because I've been very -- I've taken control of it. I've been always very serious with it. I take my medication. I check my blood every three to six months. I mean -- it's about seeing your doctor and being aware. Very important advice. Exactly. Like not playing -- just be proactive about it. Be smart and do something. Let's talk about what I think a lot are thinking, wait, is she a blond? And that's your natural hair color. Yeah. Mrondzer than this. You are? We have proof of it. There you are. Blond locks. Why did you ever go dark? Well, I did it when I started working in hollywood because, you know, with this accent and the body and -- service so va-va-voom. What's wrong with her? Is she latin? She has the blond hair? They brought them to several different hospitals that allowed those hospitals to step up and take care of those patients. If we brought them all to one place that would be overwhelmed and that didn't happen because boston e.M.S. Thinkthis and they're organized so they cannot be prais higher. Do you think boston is unique in its ability to handle such a large scale tragedy like this? No, I don't think so. I think most cities have systems for this and nothing is perfect. But I think most places try to anticipate things like this. Boston is unique in certain respects that we have/of a lot of places that are level one trauma centers and they are close to each other, that works we in the situation like this, it can be helpful can you explain how it workswhen something like this happens, all the calls go through boston e.M.S. And they're the ones -- right, there's a central system for dispatching this and they work together. That's how you get 20 or 25 people at each hospital and not 75 right here. Right. And I'm sure if you ask them they could tell you all about it. And being organized really important. Being organized in the beginning helps patients do well. Can you talk about the medical challenges you all faced in the early hours and then now going forward, what surgeons and other kinds of specialists will

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"\"Modern Family\" star discusses freezing embryos, new campaign to fight thyroid cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18977660","title":"Sofia Vergara: Eggs Are Frozen for Possible Baby","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-baby-modern-family-stars-eggs-frozen-18977660"}