Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers

'Beach Reach' goes to South Padre Island in Texas to preach to spring breakers.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers
Spring break. -- -- -- -- Once a year hundreds of thousands of college kids to -- on the beaches of the southern coast departing. There are new. Only expectations. To get very. -- -- -- Just steps away from overflowing -- your bones and -- -- It is Saturday. -- -- spring breakers with a much different purpose. -- for the party here. They do crazy things. -- young. Blood and. -- Is the very unexpected face on the street breaks the amount on the same team anymore -- -- party team but I wanna come back and help my party people get to the team -- I want India for the past 34 years he's led a ministry called beach reach. Two of all places south Montreal it. To spread the word of Jesus says as the hang out -- for the people who. Really our assistance and I help our. What is the biggest goal here that you well we have we have a couple of things number one. We realize this news comes from Britain is horrible system. In. There are tons of safety issues and so one of the primary things we want to do this work for the city of -- Portland police department. To make sure that students have -- -- spring break. It's an uphill and seemingly losing battle. These -- years did -- come here to pray. Hundreds of -- out -- -- added Rudnick has done deal you know we didn't get everything. Com and a place that spring -- Andre Allen on the beach is not -- For the police of South Padre Island the beaches. And borders are a battlefield. Fueled by large amounts of alcohol and sometimes drugs things can get dangerous fast. They're here to have a good time some overdo it when we get yourself in trouble when their task on -- -- Almost 2000 college age kids die every year. From alcohol related injuries. -- just yesterday a 23 year old spring breaker from New Jersey. Was found dead in his hotel toxicology reports still pending. It's early afternoon in the party is just getting started on the beach. 23 year old Nate and his friends drove here from Michigan. Like thirty hour and I'll do it all over yeah. And I you know you young black man is being Reagan having. I didn't go tonight because that's doing the parties and -- political. And the sun goes down and the party gets even -- for some denied ends in the back of the score with under ten. -- those who party on ironically the beach reach ministry is their free ride. It's midnight and buddy is shuttling this group of party years between the -- hot spots on the obvious is of course to get them one place -- another -- -- there. But. Also to have -- a conversation with -- what's going to live -- help you. The dark side of spring break can be seen just about everywhere clean up here -- -- -- that they're probably put a man who. Reconsider how man. As they stream out of -- bar beach creatures make their pitch. Gun with a post party -- as soon as they come out -- bar -- direct in this way and we feed them to try to get them sobered up a little bit. Do you want to listen. There's not enough evidence. This -- I don't know why you. I'm Heidi good -- I've gone through. And untrustworthy. And we'll did you play they're not all outside. To those who say you're just here to -- people what -- I say what -- yes that's part of it but but we're not here to -- people we're here basically to share opportunity for them. To get their life together mentally physically spiritually so a lot of people watching -- will say you know what that's just spring break they're out having fun so why is it. That -- hear what's happened when you wake up after spring. When a girl in the midst of something says he lets go in here and do this and they wake up the next morning now all of a sudden reality comes -- Did anybody film me that anybody take a picture of what -- did. I'm so embarrassed. So this and I think I think what would happen if that was mind. Mean I would want a man like -- They could be here. It's going to be okay. -- my god -- -- great guy he tends to play a parental role to these kids who were often too young to understand that their choices here could affect their entire lives. If realizes the -- the other from a record. But I would not want the criminal record right. Because we've had a good job -- tell yourself I'm and they and a background check them. At 8 AM -- and his team are the police station coaching the hundreds of miners ticketed for possession of alcohol. Tough times. I'm glad we're -- now from -- Remember Nate who just a day ago was playing beer -- Did you ever think that those vans driving around picking up people taking them to -- Mike -- from a church. I didn't have stressed out -- first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absurd I'd say god over everything it's like to -- like -- certainly think you know I think he really ourselves enough tonight. The you know get a -- whenever that you came here for spring break we UN did not. At their worst -- the and I went out it was it was good Britannica -- it. Later that night as his friends get ready to party. In my hand. -- -- And blood flying Nate is getting ready for church. And these -- -- but you know where and I got to clean them. I -- my shoe polish photos. You know -- -- with me. Some device quite -- and finally Terry Johnston praying -- -- -- -- doing good for him. It's good to get personal aspect for him to go to church -- not play quite -- I guess the strategy always send you my priorities in order even though you know I'm on vacation and fun as those -- to you know. Get out there and spent on -- After church we head back to the helps his friends are -- -- but he seems to be trying to take these. And it's not your traditional spring break no matter -- I didn't expect me to go from. You know card games. It is certainly is not would. On the last day of the ministry buddy has gathered the converted. Yeah that's -- The long week of work is culminating in a baptism right here on the beach. At warns could apply through his party. Give way to collective -- -- -- Thank you for this great opportunity you have testified or maybe you thank you -- -- and -- rescue of the bank's ability to be baptized NN. The -- wades into the chilly waves to begin baptized. -- Let -- on -- Himself hold their own Texas.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"'Beach Reach' goes to South Padre Island in Texas to preach to spring breakers.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23001863","title":"Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers","url":"/GMA/video/spring-break-salvation-christian-ministry-heads-south-save-23001863"}