'We Started Crying': Cookie and Magic Johnson Talk Revelations in New Memoir

In an interview with "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts, the wife of the NBA legend recalls the moment her husband told her that he was HIV-positive.
5:16 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'We Started Crying': Cookie and Magic Johnson Talk Revelations in New Memoir
You know I've known magic and cookie Johnson for quite some time now and cooking has written a new memoir it's believing in magic it's marking their 25. Wedding anniversary had a chance to sit down with the recently and they share the story you have not heard. About the private battles their faith and family and why they never gave up on each other. I'm married to the journey. And some part along the way things will happen. Don't be so afraid and run from it right away you have to keep working man it just remember that debate of that relationship had to be La. I've got to love and three kids run and throw at what you have accomplished together he'd that on a diet. You live and you know we've come this far. College sweethearts cooking a Magic Johnson met while attending Michigan State. Magic already a basketball star on campus. And cookie a humble young woman from Detroit studying for a career in the fashion industry and over the next decade. Their relationship with face it shares of challenges including two broken engagements. Emotionally how difficult was that for you the ups and downs during that time very difficult it was huge about a closer I. When you love somebody but then it doesn't work how you know and is backed report. Looking back it I think that there was a growing. Experience for both of us. Until now the public has rarely heard from cookie that's why this book is so important cookie has always said Hayes that's your life. I don't want to be in the spotlight you do your thing and then you come home. And now with her telling her life story her journey and life is really empowering to a lot of the women. The couple recently celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary in style. But it was the announcement in 1991. Just 45 days into their marriage. That sent shockwaves through the sports world and beyond who burden buyers who. I've been retired make it behind closed doors and away from the spotlight the couple struggled to come to terms with their new reality. We both ally and easily start turning. He then it if you want to leave I don't blame you and and stand. And then ask that are you kidding me out. I love you you never waiver without you now because you don't even though it was HIV and possibly you know he Condit you know. Having sex with an whales whatever. All those things did the matter at that time what did matter to them was the health of their unborn child and then you had to be tested yet. But courthouse here to death about the baby. Finally the results came in and what they told me was that if the mother is negative then the baby is automatically negative. The couple made it their mission to educate themselves and the public. We've got a river this is 1991 and everybody thought death sentence and there was backlash yet. And you were taught to you could not play ball in lord. How did you all find as a family. That straight to say we are goal was to fight. This woman here. God let me know why I'm there because of losing her I wouldn't be here party did. Today magic is living a healthy life and together they have raised three children Andre EJ analysts. Cookie writes candidly about helping magic come to terms with PGA's sexuality. I think a lot of people are gonna be helped by how you write about your side each day the thankfully I was born shortly after the diagnosis healthy. And that you all realized early on. That your son was K ultimately you want your child to be happy. New Darren didn't understand it your very artists magic that you had a tough conversation with them. About it you didn't want him to be. And then you change to end the U apologized to him for some of the things he had said to him. I had to come to realize that this is who he is and he's going to be happy I knew he was looking for me to us who wiwa. And I had to get out of my home way. Right in and out of my mind so the whole. Anything that needs talent you know he had come to terms with it. Yeah DJ is now a reality show star he has a combination of both of us use this so come from her. Who's monsters like these days and that's what I level bombing and so. We're blessed. We know the religion says no and I did have a big problem with that. That's me this trading data to guide you deal to me how you feel about this and he was like man. He loved his tax and that's what I'm that casino that split. Cheeses is about the blood. Well as well I was that's. And a lot of love between them a lot of love. And that home they've been married 25 years have known each other almost 45. How and in through so much to notice again what we rarely hear from. From cookies and to hear her voice and you do hear that her book believing in magic which is out detective beautifully great family.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"In an interview with \"GMA\" co-anchor Robin Roberts, the wife of the NBA legend recalls the moment her husband told her that he was HIV-positive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42210502","title":"'We Started Crying': Cookie and Magic Johnson Talk Revelations in New Memoir","url":"/GMA/video/started-crying-cookie-magic-johnson-talk-revelations-memoir-42210502"}