How Store Dressing Room Design Can Affect the Way You Look

Lighting and mirror angles can change the perception of how you look.
4:18 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for How Store Dressing Room Design Can Affect the Way You Look
First up next, our new series on super shopping secrets, all week long we'll be sharing what you need to know to shop smarter and better starting with dressing rooms. Looking in the mirror, we know, can be a humbling experience but if you've been avoiding them, think given. Trying on clothing at the store can save you time and money. ABC's Becky Worley is here with that. Good morning, Becky. That's right. People who use fitting rooms actually return less, saves time, money but we've all been there trying on something. It's a bathing suit. Fitted. You look in the Muir enand think, do I really look like that? The answer may be a resounding no you don't. The dreaded dressing room. It can really mess with your self-esteem. A reporter from buzzfeed decided to hit 20 dressing rooms to see why some make you feel worse about yourself than others. There are so many variables that go into the fitting room equation. There is no real standard for fitting room design so each brand has their own way of approaching the fitting room. Reporter: To see for ourselves I wear a fitted outfit and head to my local mall for a series of comparative pictures. Every bulge and wrinkle jumps to the forefront. Overheadlighting not working for me. Now this next one is dark and, well, pink or is that peach? The only thing you really can look out for is dimly lit rooms. You're not going to really be able to see if something is pulling or cinched or if the muffin top is hanging over the pants. Reporter: Dressing room three, brighter but a realization. When I pay attention I realize how hideous dressing rooms make me feel. Blech. But then now we're talking. This light is awesome. Lights on both sides of the mirror in this dress many rook make a huge difference and then finally, wow. Okay, I could shop here all day. It has even white light and it's bright. I want to move into this dressing room. I look pretty good in here. I'm just saying. So, remember, next time you feel bad trying on clothes, it's probably not you. It's the dressing room. All right, so my takeaway, I should just shop at dressing rooms like that. The takeaway, you have to try the clothes on. It saves you time. It saves you money. If something doesn't look right in the dressing room, walk out on the floor, find natural light and find out whether it looks good in real -- Because lighting is everything. We are in TV. We know this. Yes. So let me show you this demonstration. So this is your down light. Okay. Bad. Not flattering. I mean look at this. My every bulge -- You look great. My muffin top has its own 5:00 shadow right here but if we switch to a front light where the light is coming separate on. Please, lighting, oh. So much better. Now, this is Orange light which some stores do in the winter to make you look tan. It's okay but you can't tell the color as well so the optimum is switch to our daylight lighting, cue, please, gentlemen. Ah, looks nice, much better and it shows all of the -- go that mirror I had in the '80s where I could switch the lights, daytime, nighttime. You want that in the store. Now it's not just the lighting. Come over here. It's the mirror too. It's also, you're right, the mirror so we've got a bad mirror here, okay. So here I am and what happened -- I'm long waisted but what happened to my legs I am like all torso in this mirror because it's bowed, low quality warped mirror but let me show you the good mirror. This mirror is all of the good quality and it's a bigger Muir he so I can see and you can see the proportions are right in my body. There's also slimming mirrors. I like those. Okay. I buy everything in those stores, right? I'll buy if at the lie to me a little. Ignorance is bliss, Becky. That's right, that's right. Kidding. That's not what we're trying to get here. But we do feel better about ourselves in the dressing room because it's them not us. Head outside to ginger for a check of the weather.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Lighting and mirror angles can change the perception of how you look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32847292","title":"How Store Dressing Room Design Can Affect the Way You Look ","url":"/GMA/video/super-shopping-secrets-trusting-dressing-room-32847292"}