Superstorm Sandy Firefighters Surprised With Funds to Rebuild

Habitat for Humanity and Direct Relief bring materials, volunteers to help rebuild their firehouse.
5:28 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Firefighters Surprised With Funds to Rebuild
Hey there, sam. Hey, good morning, robin and see we're edging up close to the firehouse, by the way and pumped up the tempo on the drums and got the bagpipes ready to roll. Here in breezy point, well, there was a rough storm that moved through this area, by the way, and you may have heard about it, superstorm sandy. Not only did they have to go through the storm themselves but a fire broke out through this area and took down what the storm left. It was so tough, we got to show you the pictures before we show you the big reveal of the morning. First the wind and then the water. And then a furious fire swept through. A triple shot of destruction by superstorm sandy, unleashed upon the small beach community of breezy point in queens, new york. It destroyed, it feels ke -- it's like the apocalypse hit. We don't know where they're going to take us. We don't know where. Reporter: Today, those who lost everything remember their volunteer firefighters who never stopped battling to save their community. All of a sudden the water just kept coming in, coming in and the guys said, this is bad. This is real bad. Reporter: 'The water rose marty and his team had to flee the firehouse in -- we had stoves, sfrij raters, a fireplace over here and all this stuff was lost. Without the waves, the water rose to this level. Reporter: And then in the midst of all the flooding a fire sparks, quickly growing to a six-alarm blaze. Marty and his crew members never abandoned their neighbors even as hurricane-force winds carried the embers setting house after house ablaze. Flames were 40 feet in the air. At points there was a cave of fires and propane and gas tanks exploding. Reporter: Is 25 houses in all reduced to ashes. These are the foundations of some of the homes that burnt to the ground. Reporter: Today breezy point is still recovering. Of the almost 3,000 homes leer, most are either vacant or demolished. The volunteer firehouse which was nearly destroyed is being rebuilt. A symbol of the heart and soul of this tiny community. It's what we do day in and day out. Reporter: But the community seems to be determined to recover. Everyone pitching in. A long time they'll be here saving lives and saving houses. Let's knock on the door and meet the chief. All right. Hello. How are you? Nice to see you. All right, so come on, guys. Come on out. I don't want to crowd you in the door. I want everybody to come out and say hello. See the firefighters from the point breeze fire department. Come on out. Keep coming out and the fact is it's all volunteer. You knew we were coming by to say hello. You couldn't help but hear the bagpipes and drums all morning long. Where are you? Resident of direct relief. We know you want to build a second story that makes it flood proof and tell us what you got. We got -- it what, before you do that. I forgot the big payoff. All: You're not dreamin that's my fault. Marty. Well, I brought this -- ♪ -- small check for you on behalf of direct relief. Thank you very much. Very much appreciate what you've done. People around the country -- there's a lot still to do on the first level. You've got to raise money for the second level. The other thing we've got for you, jim caloren from habitat Jim, what do you got? We're going to give you -- this is by angels. Thank you very much. Big help. Look at everything. My gosh, the second floor flooring, sheetrock, insulation, paint. You deserve it. We love you. We'll be ready for the next storm. All right, guys, let's all g over because we actually have stuff going on over here. All the businesses taken down and only one re-open. The blarnny castle providing food for the guys. So come on, everybody, let's go over and grab a bite to seat. Thank you for everything you've done. The whole teamwork. The fire department, point breezy. We're all members of the community and thank you very much. For what you went through and how you helped these people they just wanted to say thank you and give a little back and take a look at that building because before soon it will be two story. When it's two story come back and we'll show you around. Back to times square with lara. Good job, everybody. Good job. Looks like sam said they have helped so many people it's wonderful that people are stepping up to help them. A little overwhelmed there. The pictures, what happened just six months ago and to think about all the work that still needs to be done so glad they'll get under way. There is a feeling of this whole morning that breaking news and this story of never giving up. Right. And tomorrow.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Habitat for Humanity and Direct Relief bring materials, volunteers to help rebuild their firehouse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19124571","title":"Superstorm Sandy Firefighters Surprised With Funds to Rebuild","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-firefighters-breezy-point-surprised-habitat-humantiy-19124571"}