Swipe Right for Employment? New App Is Tinder for Job Seekers

Switch is designed much like a dating app, and pairs anonymous job seekers with interested employers.
3:45 | 07/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Swipe Right for Employment? New App Is Tinder for Job Seekers
that new way to search for jobs, an app that works a lot like the popular dating app tinder. You swipe right? I don't know. I asked Michael. I have no idea. You swipe right if you want the position. The employer swipes right on you. It could mean a new job. Linzie Janis has more. Reporter: When it comes to searching for love, tens of millions of tinder users are regularly swiping their way to a hot date. Now a new app promises to let you choose your next job with that same ruthless efficiency. What the internet did to dating, you want to do the same thing for job matching. Reporter: Switch allows job seekers to go through positions anonymously swiping right if they're interested and left if they're not. If an employer is interested too that's a match and the app puts the two parties in touch. It's the latest in a new generation of apps from sites such as linkedin and monster.com. Designed to give both sides the direct connection so often missing in the job and hiring hunt. I saw there was an app that gives you personalized job recommendations so thought I'd give it a try. Reporter: Joe graham found his job at Ebay using switch. I didn't have to deal with any recruiters or middle people. Went straight to the hiring manager. Reporter: That hiring manager John Klein says the app is now his main way of finding prospective employees. With the profile I swipe right, gives us this person's name, a link to their profile and get a resume, set up a time to talk and kicks off our interview process. Reporter: The app's founder says it has more than 1,000 employers including Walmart, Ebay and Amazon and saves them money eliminating the need to go through resumes and cover letters. It plans to expand to more industries and hopefully allow people to swipe their way into as many job interviews as they do first dates. Had a very keen grasp on the type of candidate he was looking for and just a very smooth dialogue. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Linzie Janis, ABC news, New York. Joining us now with more our "Gma" workplace contributor Tory Johnson. Really wanted to get your take on this. What are the benefits? There are a few big benefit, the first being able to connect to an actual person. It's the biggest frustration of job seekers sort of wondering if anyone will see your resume or going into that big black hole so connecting with an actual person. Also it's pretty minimal effort to connect with relevant matches and that's what everybody wants to find. Is this job the right match for my skills and experience. Very little effort for that. And then the last I would say is it eliminates the need to reinvent the cover letter. Another frustration of every job applicant. Skills and experience get to speak for itself. Where does it work best. For people already employed because those are the people who employers want to reach the most and if you're already employed you're not out there pounding the pavement. But for many people there's a curiosity in the back of your mind about, hmm, who would be interested in my skills and experience? What else is out there that could work for me? So it's very little effort and you can learn that information. Drawbacks? So some of the drawbacks, it is right now very concentrated in specific industries especially technology. Another drawback it's also very heavily concentrated in sort of big cities on the east and west coast but I think that in time, that is going to change and the more that we're talking about it that's going to change and I would say, you know what, get your kids to download it for you on your phone and give it a try. Sometimes we're so intimidated by technology That's the point. It's actually designed to be pretty easy to use. Yeah, why not. Very easy to use. Thank you, Tory. One last cover letter. Thank you so much, Tory.

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{"id":32264237,"title":"Swipe Right for Employment? New App Is Tinder for Job Seekers","duration":"3:45","description":"Switch is designed much like a dating app, and pairs anonymous job seekers with interested employers.","url":"/GMA/video/swipe-employment-app-tinder-job-seekers-32264237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}