First Look at Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour Film

The pop superstar and Apple Music are teaming up to bring fans "The 1989 World Tour LIVE" film.
3:49 | 12/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Look at Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour Film
He's amazing. All right, thank you, robin. Get ready, Taylor swift fans. We have a world exclusive you'll only see here on "Gma." The singer just releasing the trailer for the 1989 world tour live concert film, which you'll be able to watch on apple music starting Sunday. This morning, we have something more for you. Jesse? You have the details. Get set. We have your exclusive first look at a behind-the-scenes interview with Taylor swift for apple music while they were filming in Sydney, Australia. ? Been waiting for you ? ? walk to New York ? Reporter: She's performed around the globe. ? Shake it off shake it off ? Reporter: Even showing us how to shake it off in times square on "Gma." Getting ready for this, I wondered about a lot of things. Reporter: And over 1.5 million fans have seen her latest tour. And if you haven't, now you can, too. I wonder what it would be like to perform for 70,000 people. Reporter: Taylor swift and happand apple music teaming up to show us the film. ? We never go out of style ? Reporter: The seven-time gammy-award winner giving us an exclusive look inside her world. And now, swifties can watch the show on their big and small screens. What would happen if I invited the most amazing artists in the world? Reporter: This Sunday, people with access the film. Including appearances by Justin Timberlake. Mick jagger. Is there this was an indicator of which musicians love music so much to pop up on stage just for the love of it. It was collaborative, fun. Hey, you want to come out? Cool, we'll learn your song. I have so many memories looking back. I'll never doctor I'm going to hold on to them for dear life. Reporter: Swift saying how she reached out to the rolling stones legend. I had no idea Mick was going to be in town. I had a hoe the next day. I said, hey are you in Nashville? Do you want to come out and sing? He writes back, oh, what will I wear ? now we got bad blood ? Reporter: A swift show wouldn't be complete without her squad. Stars making appearance as well. It would be weird to not include my friends. These are the people who helped me get to this point where I could make this album. We had some of the most amazing memories, just around the tour. My friends would fly out. It became a way for us all to get together when we're all really busy. We would be like, all right, meeting up in London, Hyde park show. Let's do this. You can see Taylor's full interview on apple music's beats one radio station at noon eastern. And apple music members around the world you watch the 1989 world tour live movie exclusively starting Sunday at swift. Is she 25 yet? She's 26. Yesterday. Texted Mick, we're all meeting up in London. It's okay. Her birthday was yesterday. A year ago, she was here. A konser at "Gma." We were just talking about that. Here's the video. Time flies. She shut down times square. On her tour, you never knew who was going to pop up on staple with her. She's just that kind of person. My daughters said it was the favorite moment of the summer. She puts on a show. It's a group effort. You know who else puts on a

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The pop superstar and Apple Music are teaming up to bring fans \"The 1989 World Tour LIVE\" film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35753323","title":"First Look at Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour Film","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swifts-1989-world-tour-film-35753323"}