Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From All-Star Chefs

Dream team of Food Network chefs answers your Thanksgiving questions.
1:10 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From All-Star Chefs
Exactly in decide for yourself. In social square we have our Thanksgiving dream team of food network chefs. I love that. Gobble. Seated in their Turkey thrones, they are ready to answer your Thanksgiving 911 questions about Turkey, sides and dessert all morning long. Right to it and begin with Alex. Alex, what are your thoughts on cooking the bird breast side down and flipping to crisp the skin for the last hour asks one viewer? I love that. I actually take my Turkey out and rest it breast side down so the juices flow back through. The white meat needs the love. It's dry. All the juices pool there and keep it nice and sexy. And then you turn it over, crisp that skin and got that kind of great combination, moist meat, tasty crispy skin. Love it. And a sexy Turkey. I like that. Alex, all right. Thank you so much. And we want to ask our viewers, keep sending in questions. Get all of Alex's troubleshooting tips at

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{"duration":"1:10","description":"Dream team of Food Network chefs answers your Thanksgiving questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27216397","title":"Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From All-Star Chefs","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-turkey-tips-star-chefs-27216397"}