Time Magazine Reveals 100 Most Influential People

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:14 | 04/16/15

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Transcript for Time Magazine Reveals 100 Most Influential People
Time for "Pop news." We begin by looking at the most influential people in the world. Here's a look at the five magazine covers about to hit newsstands. Can Yi west, Bradley cooper, misty Copeland, Ruth bade R Ginsburg and -- Taylor swift made it. She got the profile a fellow honoree, the barefoot contessa, Ina Garten. Also on the list, Laverne cox and president Barack Obama who is making the cut for the tenth time. And guys, must mention, Disney's bob iger. Cited for his entrepreneurial nature. He's hip. He's hip. He's influential. And we always have time for you. Legendary NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez will share his story on the big screen in the documentary play it forward, premiering at the tribeca ESPN films festival tonight. Brought you to by executive producer Michael Strahan. How does it feel to have a film you feel so passionately about be shown at tribeca? It's amazing. This is great to follow him around in his life. The film, pay it forward. It's about how you have so many people support you and play their life forward to you can advance in yours. And the way he's giving back to them as well. It's a very, very good film involving his family. A very touching story. It's wonderful how open he is talking about that beautiful family of his, who he gives all credit to. A lot of athletes are like that. They don't hold anything back. You get a great understanding of what it takes sacrifice from everybody else and how they don't lose their dreams. How many jobs do you have? I love to work. You produced us, too. So I'm trying to travel the robin Roberts' path. I'm swimming. You got mama fish. You got lickle Michael fish right behind you. Come on. Coming to you, mama. It's a great, great time for people, if you're into films, to support the arts. Let's hear your best action! Action! I brought you news yesterday of an amazing josh groban heldky Clarkson duet. Today, another dynamic duo. Possibly Ryan gosling and Emma stone, nearly four years after fans fell in crazy stupid love with that film, deadline is reporting that the duo is in talks to star in la la land. It's an old-fashioned musical set in Los Angeles. Stone would play an aspiring actress. Gosling a jazz pianist. Me like. There's a new rule in college tennis that will serve up a rowdier crowd. It now allows heckling. The big 12 conference, including schools like tcu and Oklahoma, has instituted a policy that allows fans to yell during rallies and serves. I mean,ky barely serve as it is. Let alone -- the rule comes as an attempt to boost attendance at games. Students are getting into it. One college junior telling "The Wall Street journal" that tennis heckling is better than football, because the players can actually hear me when I yell at them. What about the athlete trying to focus on what they're trying to do? And tennis is a mental spot. They want to boost attendance? You don't want them there. If they can't appreciate the match. I knew you would not like this. This is in that one conference. The one division, once you get to the ncaa tournament, it's back to quiet again. Wow, wow. I knew that would be a talker. Oh, for sure. We're old people. When I played tennis, you know, there was no heckling.

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{"id":30360717,"title":"Time Magazine Reveals 100 Most Influential People ","duration":"3:14","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/time-magazine-reveals-100-influential-people-30360717","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}