Tips To Survive a Crash That Goes Underwater

Demonstration shares some survival tips that may help save your life if you're trapped in a body of water.
4:29 | 11/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips To Survive a Crash That Goes Underwater
And this morning, we ask what would you do if the plane you were on plunged into the water? Or if a beat capsizes in rough seas? ABC Matt Gutman is back with a terrifying demonstration. The bravest man we know. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning. This was the coast guard to put us there the wringer. Simulating a plane crash using their Dunker. It's like a giant washing machine spin cycle. And I picked up tips that if you're ever in a crash, you're going to want to remember. This was a Normal flight for Ferdinand and nine others gliding towards Honolulu. Suddenly an alarm. Your life goes in front of you. Reporter: That loss of altitude, and that shattering impact. Life jackets. Reporter: As the water rushes in, the passengers manage to escape before the plane sinks. And if you think there's nothing to do but brace yourself and pray if your plane crashes into the water, the coast guard has another answer. Prepare. I was invited to be the first reporter to ever go through the coast guard's grueling crash survival training in north Carolina. My training ground, this beast. The Dunker. Which simulates a plane crashing, sinking and flipping over in the water. If you get the I'm stuck signal, pull thetology, all the seat belts come undone. The divers give you fresh air quick. Reporter: First, can I tolerate being strapped in underwater as I would be in a crashed plane. I didn't expect to be disoriented at all. But it happened instantly. You did great by coming out. Staying calm is the key to getting out alive. Reporter: Now to the Dunker. Wait, all motion stopped, release that window, grab a reference point before you undo your seat belt. Reporter: If you're about to crash, here's what the coast guard says you need to do, hold on to something, like your chair. Then after the crash, remove any obstacles like arm wrests, and only then unbuckle your seat belt ask get nd get to a door or window as quickly as you can. Frightening, but I made it. But now it's more difficult. Jets on to simulate a storm. The water engulfs me. Now I'm upside down. Hold on to the seat, clear obstacles, unbuckle and head for the window. But it won't open. I slap and push for 40 seconds. Finally, with some elbow grease, it pops open. I passed. But now the really hard part. A different scenario all together. This time the dunger simulates a boat capsizing in the open ocean. It's dark, the wind howling. But the coast guard says the steps to survival are the same. Door, seat belt. Reporter: The boat capsizes, get the belt off, find the door, there are three handles. Nearly a minute in, and I'm running out of air. I have to tap out and allow the rescuers to do their job. They yank me out. Watch again how quickly they pull me from the boat, pushing me through the door to the surface and safety. If that had been in a real world situation, could have been a bad day. Reporter: I would have been dead. Could have been dead. Reporter: So before you take off or get in a ship, know why the exits are. If you crash, don't worry about staying calm. Think about the small tasks, hold on, find the exit, get your seat belt and get out. Think about what you need to do instead of need to stop freaking out. It's like the new stop, drop and roll. You knew they were out there and it was fake, but still got a panic. It was frightening. The water was not comfortable. But they were so good at their job, nothing could go wrong. At least I hoped. One last thing. Everyone makes fun of it, read the safety information cards on the plane. Deal. Great tips. I have so go check my pulse. That was awesome, thank you,

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Demonstration shares some survival tips that may help save your life if you're trapped in a body of water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26854197","title":"Tips To Survive a Crash That Goes Underwater","url":"/GMA/video/tips-survive-crash-underwater-26854197"}