TOMS Shoes Steps into the Coffee Space

Social entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie on how his brand is tackling the world's No. 1 problem.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for TOMS Shoes Steps into the Coffee Space
Hello I'm Mike Boettcher and this is newsmakers from ABC news and -- Since Bret Michaels he began -- in 2006. The company has donated ten million pairs of shoes. Now the social entrepreneur has expanded to eyewear. And a brand new product to a program he calls 141. You're coming out with a new product the third installment. Of one for one we're launching the -- roasting company. That the introduction of -- into the coffee industry so what we're doing is we're selling coffee that we extract from these countries. I'm creating economic development for the farmers there and in giving back. Clean water systems to communities and I lived in Africa several years. Clean water was. So are defined and some of those places. For the past seven years I've been shown all these countries giving shoes it's something and I see time and time again and it breaks your heart you see these kids. -- specifically women with these yellow jury's hands and they're carrying them you have 234. Hours to a source. That sometimes has -- -- but many times it doesn't and and they're getting you know I mean there's more illness in the war from waterborne diseases than anything else and so. As someone has been working his country first for the last seven years that's the number one need that I see. Over and over again I think rolled driven by some image that we perhaps have -- is there is there an image and bit. That early on -- perhaps in Argentina. Or other places or or in Africa. That's this frozen in your mind that says this cannot stand and -- images the conversation sticks and. My mind the most -- one woman that I I was leaving the clinic and I was walking carrying extra issues. She came running around the corner and she's crying and she shot -- in Spanish should street boy different -- that we had are given brand new. Read Tom she's just. But which is trying to tell me was that these three boys are sons and that for the past year -- it and sharing busing orders -- And it wasn't even like a pair of shoes it was appropriate it was an old black. Kind of the leather Oxford millions dress you that this summer it probably given. But the thing that was so amazing -- mean was she said her oldest son. Would Wear -- her -- to school on Monday. Come home give them to his brother -- he would wait until Thursday -- the issues were rotated through all the kids to go back to school. That's when and I came home in. Ended up selling my company to 100% all in Thompson and it's it's it's -- it's that it's him it's a decision that never looked back. In your eyes -- -- rich dean you know with the answers the question now -- a you know I mean. I think that that first time my experience true. -- you -- -- well there was was when I was in Ethiopia. And never forget this is probably two years we've started Thomas. And I was with people we use here horse of the important you know living in it no plumbing no electricity in his mud huts -- -- -- mountains. And and these people have these people oversee. And I never coming back tonight Lofton Dennis stance and optimism that -- all the stuff and I was always worried about these things and I thought you know. -- people who. All -- used in wartime the family's more time of their friends there. Having community all the time and -- is being is being you know three to to -- -- you we care the most about and and to actually have time I mean I think that's the that that -- most important resource in the world you feel when. Rich today. I feel very blessed is that I the word I would use -- -- -- not partner -- my first company has eighteen years old. And dropped out of college start line business and I got an outdoor advertising and then. Other media businesses I love the start something I loved when it's small when you happen to be out there hustling and you're doing the sales calls like that is really fun for me. And I have a very long vision for -- I've got to be focused votes in my time on the next that. The new products and new ways that we're gonna help -- this food. Hospitality here -- who knows where we go next but it but it but that's really where the best use of -- Kind of background action is to have an opportunity. To gets to do something so disruptive. And fine. And it's going to be packed full. Is is not something -- take regret.

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{"id":22903421,"title":"TOMS Shoes Steps into the Coffee Space","duration":"3:00","description":"Social entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie on how his brand is tackling the world's No. 1 problem.","url":"/GMA/video/toms-shoes-steps-coffee-space-22903421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}