Helps Users Sell Used Fashion

Website founder Tracy DiNunzio joins "GMA" to discuss selling used clothes.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Helps Users Sell Used Fashion
Thank you. If you have a closet full of stuff you're not wearing, we may have a way to turn all those clothes into cash. There's a website called tracy.Com. The founder is here to show audience members how much they can make. Sound money. But first, abc's abbie boudreau has a look at how to cash in on your clothes. Reporter: We all have clothes we grow tired of. And fashion sometimes gets ahead of us. But there's a new tool with an app, of course, to hold your own rummage sale with a few taps on your computer or smartphone. eBAY AND AMAZON HAVE A NEW Neighbor on the block. Rebecca jonah, attorney, entrepreneur and mother of two, showed us what she was planning to sell on her next visit to the site. Time to move on and give it to someone who can enjoy it. This, you'll get $100 for. This one, another $100 to $120. And this top is worth $50 to $75. Reporter: That's $300 for stuff she wasn't going to wear again. Next, college student and fashionista in raining, lauren mackie, has pulled out her old outfit, ready to sell. Like the dress she wore only once. We all have one of those. And what about the blouse that jumps off the hanger. Emptying her closet will bring her $500. That's a lot of textbooks. Meet elyse clark, a personal assistant who knows her clothes. She keeps updating and staying fashionable. Elyse has figured out a way to make a profit. This shirt. Beautiful. I think I got it for $30 out of a gift shop. And I could sell it and make a profit. Reporter: You're going to sell your closet? Probably most of it. Reporter: Her wardrobe clearout, a what happening $12,000. We thought we would find a woman who didn't know about tracy or our story. And would do a closet cash ambush. Meet sade, an executive. I bought them with the idea i could wear them again. Items like these that are very fancy and you don't get a lot of use out of, are great for resale. Reporter: Sade's payday, $1,200, not bad. Our booth has been busy. And tracy is here. You had a closet full of stuff you weren't really wearing. We all need money in these tough times. And some of our audience members have brought in their things. Let's start with vicki sullivan. And found money for you. Vicki brought in a very fashionable gold purse, a beautiful designer scarf. And the total of these two items is $130. 130 of found money. That's fantastic. Money you can use for a lot of things. A lot of people could really use the money right now. I want to talk about nell. You brought in fancy designers like diane von furstenberg and gucci. Fill us in. Found money? Found money. 260 on three items for nell, our fancy girl. Can you hold up the dress for $60? I'm sure it was worth more when you bought it. But if you're not wearing it, that's a lot of money. If you go to tracy.Com, you can find terrific things. And kind of everybody wins. I want to show an example. We have a model in some of your wares. Talk to us about this. This is one of our best customers here, lindsay. She bought this j. Crew coat for $40. She's wearing a zahra top, top shop pants and jessica simpson shoes. And the entire outfit cost her $95 on tracy. It's a $500 outfit in retail. We love finding money for our viewers and also find great deals. Win-win, tracy. We thank you so much. For more tips, seven of them to get the most money for your clothes in your closet, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Amy, sounds pretty good, right?

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{"id":17624790,"title":" Helps Users Sell Used Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"Website founder Tracy DiNunzio joins \"GMA\" to discuss selling used clothes.","url":"/GMA/video/tracy-dinunzio-tradesy-helps-users-sell-fashion-17624790","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}