True Blood Gets Staked

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer talk about the end of a cult favorite with "Popcorn's" Peter Travers.
12:46 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for True Blood Gets Staked
If we can go through this plan. And you can have to take my blood. They -- won't help you. I have a boyfriend. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in that culture that -- -- pop culture out there. And for me this is a time of intense sadness because season seven of true blood. Is the end of true but I don't know why this happened I think it's wrong that it's happened. And I I asked two people to come here today to explain why they did this wrong. They are associated in some way with troop. Maybe you'll recognize them but let me introduce them Anna Paquin Stephen. -- -- -- -- Why did you do it -- I mean -- seven year raises and very good long run for for any show on HBO wanted but sky cable networks. And -- -- is kind of a certain point with these genres where he ran out of weird things -- have happened to the characters and become a kind of. So you two when this began. You fell in love with them not -- and you with Steve or tell the truth -- Because he was. Pretty -- -- and amp T did. He was hang on this is -- -- -- hiring without that everybody was that he was. Is elegant you know this -- -- Compton is a very attractive character -- written that way and -- the description was. Really hot cheek funny actor I -- sorry -- -- -- In -- that that was obviously what -- I don't four. And and they do these like chemistry means to -- -- event like -- two -- you can delay not be taking it to. Just you know he really born together. And that the thing that struck me straight -- because that this was. Fantastic writes for the thing mister mister -- it was just it was like. -- You know it was any time. Out of her something to me that was different from the way I may have expected it. You know you -- back into the way and then she -- back -- down. Does. That I don't -- It was. Food -- and life. And it was you know it was just one of those things where we just go on and -- and often. And the next day we went through experience -- The -- -- where we did it in front of. It do it did we get asked is -- we never have had to do different -- he. -- -- something that we haven't quite got -- in the bucket list and they'll get to it. Organized realities what is now the show's finished with -- -- anything can pan am flight what. But that's for half freeing it is wonderful -- that's happening what was the very first I know. That show was called strange -- that was the beginning that was it but was the first scene used to -- -- play -- I believe if I'm if I'm -- and out of Peru remember this but me but I think it is the very first thing -- when they meet -- -- walks into the Bob. And I was up and I about -- -- about you and at a lunch at an expansion that. And and he sits in his cubicle Lincecum that -- -- things in she finished her off. And it's less about -- -- comfortable on -- that she's met and and that's the beginning of the as the story and Angela. Stevens seems. He seems -- any valuable support in life where this the second time I've met him. And yet when you become a direct this camp when. They can become monsters. It does happen. And he's directing you -- so how does that change how does he treat you differently he doesn't -- -- I try to keep that light and his. Funny and as warm and that's creative. As it can possibly be it seems that way even from the photos that were released about it I mean you did they. This decade you were chair that said mr. Paquin. Yet that was my very respectful -- -- -- department can -- it I'm not that that that. But in the first episode that Stephen direction and he directs you in quite a little love -- moment didn't -- -- -- and played by gentlemen to. -- -- -- -- I mean. It honestly it's G apps like and -- others in this choreography it's you know who's gonna put what where. While broaden. Its quite technical outside. And worked but you know -- not. This became very big at the magazine who work for remember that. -- -- And that was just something that I like this you just keep next -- only -- You know I try it when Clint Eastwood was here and he said well what is this yet and said it's just a show Clinton that Clinton loves that he loves that congress and that it would there is tremendous sexuality. I would like by the time it can actually directing has seen a spike and wealth -- everything and everything if those -- at exactly how. It just happens -- well. There are thirteen oh six year old of his -- it happens to be in his episodes -- and John I -- friends and I thought it was hoping it doesn't one of those things work. We in in the vert both love -- he had it was with another wolf care so we really wanted this to create. The idea of the super human strength. And so we we had real fun when that hot sexy raunchy yet let the politicians -- -- between them when they where -- There in the -- they weren't cable from. They were running. Arnold for -- and jumping and stuff but that -- since that. Barry birthday that we worked together on that sequence. You know next year we tried it again and then. With without charges that let you know that's that's -- -- -- what we can. Come up with them on my harness that there was a lot of -- that this that -- -- -- more -- shot a lot more than was actually shown that. How do you do when you've got twins you'd military sort of just put some Benadryl and their milk and then you sit down. My humor -- it's like I know what it's like -- to have won at I don't know what it would be to have two at same time that seems. Yes anything about this way once they get it done to handle her alleged that you know but once you're done with diapers and sleepless nights and -- -- You're done with there's not like another round if you happen and I thought my friend to have like toddlers and a ban might have another -- -- that looks -- Credit. And can't -- authority opened packages. Leapt to two charities knows. -- -- what do you do with that tightness. Allowed -- mean we're gonna have to use them pillars of something and stuff them into. Actually I've kind of been really good for cleaning. -- -- -- -- -- they've. Take the 58 is the -- -- not like that said nice really blunt let's get to that name. -- he came from a horrible. Rescue situation. He had a very -- such as life. But he is a beautiful and majestic looking now at how he -- after a real man a good solid man. He has to if it -- You would if you didn't win year academy -- -- yum because I don't know what happens when that at a live it I mean she sometimes hold that -- now say announcement Riverhead with a. Did just that I would think it's it's like I have this Oscar and I have this Golden Globe and hot and I'm gonna plug -- directing me. I remember her speech because he didn't have breath. It was it would cause me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But before -- spoke I've never seen an Oscar acceptance speech quite it was us. I'm just in retrospect kind of shocked that they didn't play that -- how -- music that is during the course yes you're child they would do that -- So -- really seriously lake you know real actors who won lots of -- and politics at Merrill. As I wouldn't allow Merrill could break the shopping list and then they would never play but also she would probably -- Oscar for -- -- Terry and denominations. -- with the it would be it and it was -- all of us didn't but you know like they they think. To that music people -- well actually it earned the right -- have we if it's. -- -- can actually thank the people worked. I just want to know why that was like on the set not what happened. But what was that last day for that to view life after. It was what did you do with their party -- go -- he hugged everybody there. That was it yet well because mr. -- western governments -- -- sleep with everybody -- -- but you've done. I think it would be greater chance the couple that I hadn't. It was dark and I didn't like it's -- But you go home and -- -- himself this show's over. It's weird. Was it -- -- that may do we or was it something that you just accept -- and you're on to the next thing. But my in my last night was different -- but the but the First Lady did a speech and and -- and I could feel myself getting upset about it and and -- and -- night that -- report tonight was expected to make his speech back. And -- -- department for over before it. The state and yet so -- crime problem occurred. Doctor. -- -- up up up and yet you did or did. Wal-Mart Wednesday which was actually plastic -- Was two days after about twenty of our past members -- rapper. And but we were out location like -- app outside LA. Annan's it was an adult and I -- It was in a kind of weird because when you're not like. I knew publications that we own Iranian. Now there really quickly this -- are done so. All of you know. Very lovely heartfelt stuff was said -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Well. OK I hope. -- -- -- -- Thank you can't make it quick but she's making a speech is overlooking the Atlantic. And gone yeah -- yeah that's okay. I did not make its patented. A. -- a week. We now and as always on the show in song. I'm sure there's something you sing to the baby's. But she loves hard hearted Hanna which I sang and seasons there. -- you hearted man. The man -- and. I don't listen. To children or in my -- Aren't so we're -- that is in the and a pat Quinn's call love it after that -- I felt I hope they yeah I could. Just give again you have a whole day ahead of you so I can't just sit here staring at you and -- companies I can't really do it but. It makes me sad and happy thinking to say you know -- bill -- Thank them.

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{"id":24995591,"title":"True Blood Gets Staked","duration":"12:46","description":"Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer talk about the end of a cult favorite with \"Popcorn's\" Peter Travers.","url":"/GMA/video/true-blood-series-finale-interview-ana-paquin-stephen-24995591","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}