The Truth About 'Baby Brain'

ABC News' senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton gets to the bottom of "mom-nesia
3:44 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for The Truth About 'Baby Brain'
Now to our series "Baby oh! Baby" and this morning, we're tackling baby brain. So many moms-to-be including myself talk about it. But is it real? ? pregnant women often complain about a phenomenon called baby brain. We'll have much more coming up, Dan. That's just one of several flubs I've had. Since I learned I was having a baby I've been more forgettable. My memory seems just a little different and when I tweeted about it, the momnesia moments started pouring in from all of you. Iing cooed a frozen pizza and couldn't find the cardboard it came on. Find it when the timer went off in the oven. The struggle is real. I threw a library book in my washing machine. It's real enough to make it into "Modern family." I have the brains in my bhoed but I've never been so dumb. It happens. I get. You have another human being inside competing for resources. Reporter: While there isn't much science to support it there are contributing factors during pregnancy that can affect memory cognitive ability. Sleep deprivation, stress, depression, anxiety. All these factors alone can cause problems with learning and with memory. Just kind of the ultimate multitask before you have the baby. Right? I tried to make excuses mere and joining us now ABC news senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Dr. Jen, tell us, I know you've delivered more than a thousand babies and have two of your own. Momnesia is real. How common. Don't shoot the messenger about 75% of women complain of this but there is scant to no hard data, no test, no scanner I can put you through. Nothing I can hook up your blood to. No blood test I can say, ginger, you have it. The good news by a year postpartum it's all back to Normal. Okay, well, that's good news. I did go under some cognitive testing to test my memory. You should have seek this. More than an hour with one of your colleagues. This was incredible to see. But, you know, the question is, I guess, can we tell anything from a test like that? Unfortunately not yet. We're not there yet. We have great neurocognitive tests to look for Alzheimer's, for brain injury and concussion. Not for momnesia and you passed with flying colors. Even though you feel impaired you're still functioning at a high level. We know hormones change so hormones could be impacting -- There are huge changes in the brain hormonalal. This is the major circulating hormone. Stradiol and they affect gabba and dome mean. There's not good consensus on what they do to our brain. Finally I have to think that the blood flow and you've heard this before, blood flow is all going here so does it go away from your brain in this is not blood but food dye but the major, major blood flow changes. This is how much your heart is pumping per minute, seven liters. This is how much increased blood volume a pregnant woman gets an gets distributed among the organs. This goes to the kid economy, half a liter to the uterus. Almost a liter goes to the brain, that's kind of the same as prepregnancy so we can't blame it on this. We can't blame it on anything but it's real. You're growing a human, so be patient with yourself. Thank you, Dr. Ashton. We'd like to thank our sponsor, ddrops. Later this week we will tell you tips on how to prevent pregnancy back pain which I've also had. We'll take your questions, of course, Dr. Ashton will be on our "Gma" Facebook page and on Twitter @drjashon. My last decade of excuses

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"ABC News' senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton gets to the bottom of \"mom-nesia","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34622698","title":"The Truth About 'Baby Brain' ","url":"/GMA/video/truth-baby-brain-34622698"}