Twitter Co-Founder Shares 'Things a Little Bird Told Me'

Biz stone discusses his new book and his rags-to-riches story.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for Twitter Co-Founder Shares 'Things a Little Bird Told Me'
? go ? He is the co-founder of Twitter and the CEO of the brand-new company jelly. It is so great to have biz stone with us this morning. A brand-new book out called "Things a little bird told me." Welcome, biz. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. You have an enormous rags to riches story. When you were first working with Google you couldn't afford a mattress to sleep on. People were passing around a coffee can to give you money. How does that impact your success and how you live your life? It just takes away so much anxiety. I mean that's really -- the biggest change for me and having money now is it just takes away the anxiety I've lived with all my life, you know, being a kid, you know, being on welfare and then just being in debt my whole adult life and now finally just being sort of free of that. It's just incredible. Thank goodness you have that little bird talking to you. Exactly. Exactly. Tell us what the bird told you. This is a journey about how you got to where you are. This book basically I started a lecture about a decade ago at oxford university that I was invited to give it to a lot of other places and found it resonated with everyone from high school students all the way to CEOs and they would come up to me and tell me that so when someone proposed I turn it into a book I thought, well, yeah, that's a great idea. There are significant lessons in there and there's so many interesting factoids about Twitter. I love the fact that Twitter could have been named a myriad of other names such as jitter, flitter -- how did you come up with a name. We had a hat with names in it and a thesaurus, something suggestive of urgency because it was all about the mobile phone and texting and when Twitter was thrown out there, I knew instantly because my wife is a big naturalist and lover of animals that Twitter meant short trivial bursts of information like birds and the second definition, laughter and I thought perfect. Perfect and it took off from there. 140 characters or less changing how we communicate today and we thought it was so appropriate given you are one of the founders of Twitter that we would take some questions on Twitter from some of your fans. How about that. Great. We'll move over. This is the social scare so we're mobile and I love this Vegas jackpot thing. All right. Do we win anything? I asked that but -- if you could do something differently when you guys started building Twitter, what would it be from Assad. If I could go back in time -- there's a difference between going back in time and doing it now. The true answer, I wouldn't do anything differently because it turned out great. It worked. So that's my honest answer. Okay, we have one more. Let's -- there it goes. We got it. And the question is, what was the defining moment when you knew Twitter was a huge success/source/tool for connecting? The big thing was March 2007 in Austin, it can, with we first saw Twitter in the wild and a guy tweeted a bar was too loud so let's go to this other bar and eight mens it took him to go to the other bar it filled to capacity. This was just a party but what if it had been a serious situation. This was like realtime -- Yeah and you have a new one. This is jelly. The new baby. Tell me what jelly is. My co-founder Ben and I realized that no one has completely reimaged the way we get answers to questions in the past 15 years so -- We designed a better way to Afghanistan a question with using maps, using photos, using people from your social network because we're all connected now. This is an example. I asked -- I had to get up early to do the show. Where is the good place to get a strong espresso and somebody answered the question. They answered my question and state cafe grumpy and put a P.I.N. For me. And guess what they delivered. Pie face was the other one. Pie face. Things a little bird told me. You don't want to miss it in stores now and we'll be right

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Biz stone discusses his new book and his rags-to-riches story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23140326","title":"Twitter Co-Founder Shares 'Things a Little Bird Told Me'","url":"/GMA/video/twitter-founder-biz-stone-shares-rags-riches-story-23140326"}