Victoria's Secret Models Offer Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

ABC's Rachel Smith speaks with models to get their opinions on what women really want.
3:00 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Victoria's Secret Models Offer Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Forget cupid. If you really want to know the way to a woman's heart, you might want to listen to these angels. Guys, we're going to get to understand. Reporter: Did she get your attention? On the heels of an oh-so sexy christmas caroling video, where the angels fa, la, la, la to success. ♪ Deck the halls with balls of honey ♪ Reporter: This promotional video burning up the web aims to educate. When I say nobody's ever sent me flowers before. Reporter: Ditching out little doses of love-filled wisdom. What that means for you is -- send me two dozen of the most gorgeous long-stemmed roses. Reporter: One, by, one, they tackle some of the common misunderstandings between the opposite sexes. When I say I'll be five minutes. What I mean is, I'll be ready in a half hour, 45 minutes. When I ask you, my friend, she's so pretty, isn't she? What that really means is -- tell me you haven't even noticed because you only have eyes for me. Reporter: I decided to hit the streets of l.A. And find out for myself what women really want. Or at least mean. Do you think guys really hear what their ladies say to them? No. I hear one thing. And he hears another. Reporter: I'll be five minutes. What does that really mean? I'll be like an hour. Reporter: What's code for I'm fine? There's definitely something wrong. Reporter: And even though women may send mixed signals. I don't know if women really know what they want. Reporter: At the end of the day these lady lookers say, every once in a while -- ♪ love you ♪ Reporter: We really are saying exactly what we mean. When I say I love you, i really mean, that I love you. Aw. So, with all that being said, men, you have one week to make plans for your valentine. If she hints at trying out a new restaurant or lingers over a beautiful pair of earrings, chances are it's code for what we really want. Sam -- the "f" word is fine. I'm fine, you're in trouble. Nothing is fine. That phone bill --

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{"id":18439813,"title":"Victoria's Secret Models Offer Valentine's Day Gift Ideas","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rachel Smith speaks with models to get their opinions on what women really want.","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-victorias-secret-models-explain-perfect-gift-18439813","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}