Victims Endure Sexual Assault at 32,000 Feet

Authorities review what could be a vastly under-reported crime.
2:25 | 04/15/15

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Transcript for Victims Endure Sexual Assault at 32,000 Feet
Now to a disturbing crime in the air. A jetliner was diverted last week to Chicago ABC news has learned. But the individual taken off that aircraft in Chicago is now being investigated for sexually assaulting another passenger. It's a crime that often goes on reported an ABC's David Curley has more on this morning dated. Good morning me as you said another disturbing case we don't often hear about sexual assaults miles up in the sky but a woman here in Los Angeles. Hopes to change that. ABC news has learned it was you united jet that diverted to Chicago to remove an individual. We're told by a source that person is being investigated for sexual assault. Similar to many other cases. And you in my hat I should scream mission gal I should and should do something. I couldn't get my body to react. Dinner will rue said she was a victim of sexual assault at 32000 feet. And I woke up some time later. To find his hands. I began on my leg high up on my inner are tying. It's not unheard of last year a computer engineer who left court covering his head with a coat. Was deported after pleading guilty to groping a woman and a rabbi was sentenced in Brooklyn to sixty days in federal prison for similar charges. Authorities believe this is a vastly under reported crime the FBI says in the New York area alone sexual or physical assault on a flight happens each week. The sexual assaults at altitude usually on overnight flights. Lights down low not many people walking around. We've seen are often where the victim has taken some kind of anxiety medication and they're not responsive. The FBI doesn't even have good statistics and believes many victims are embarrassed afraid to speak up that was on a plane you're gonna prosecute if it happens in that cylindrical. Enclosed space one that wins the FBI will be waiting for you the FBI says the flight crew is a passengers 911. On a flight. Gina LaRue didn't report her case at the time of regret that his led her to become an advocate with advice. Advise anybody who might find himself in that situation make huge scene don't be afraid. Le roux has started a blog to try and raise awareness asked for that Chicago case last week. The investigation is continuing so far no charges have been filed George and Amy. I did thanks very much I'm shocked that happens at all I am too and it's certainly scary for all of us who have fallen asleep on a plane it's good to know that that happens and for people to be away at his Dana said don't be afraid to speak out.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Authorities review what could be a vastly under-reported crime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30328609","title":"Victims Endure Sexual Assault at 32,000 Feet","url":"/GMA/video/victims-endure-sexual-assault-32000-feet-30328609"}