Viral Basketball Star Sisters Appear on 'GMA'

The pint-sized Caylie and Maya Lopez dominate on the court, plus inside "Undercover Karaoke" with Jon Bon Jovi.
7:30 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Viral Basketball Star Sisters Appear on 'GMA'
because you were so loud and happy. Great Wednesday crowd here. On "Gma." And Michael, let's kick it off. Let's kick it off. Here's what I'm bringing to the table. Getting ready to see these two kids with some serious basketball skills. They're sweeping the internet right now. Maya and Kaley Lopez. Look at them go. ? You know me just bust a move ? Wow. How old are they, Michael? They are 8 and 9 years old. And they're killing it on the court. I can't get my girls to talk to each other and they can do this together. They rock the same drills at Steph curry, an NBA mvp and are amazing and are joining us live, everybody. Maya and Kaley. So, Kaley, when did you fall in love with basketball? I fell in love with basketball when I saw my dad play basketball so he inspired me to play basketball. Maya, what position do you play on the basketball court? I play my sister plays point guard and I play point guard and shooting guard. Oh, wow. We just watched your youtube video. You both are amazing. So can you show us a little something? Yeah. All right. ? Pump it up while your feet are stumping and the jam is pumping ? Oh, wow. ? Pump it up a ltle more get the party on the Dan floor ? Oh, boy. ? Get your booty on the dance floor make my day ? Look how cute they are. You two are so arguized you even finish perfectly. They nailed it. Look at that in proud smiles. Who is your favorite basketball team? Our -- my favorite basketball team is the sparks. The sparks -- oh, really. Yes. Well, it just so happens that we have a little message for you from your favorite team. Check this out, girls. ? Go Maya, go Kaley ? ? go Maia growth. Kaley, Maya, we're so happy you're sparks fans and got the whole gang here. Hope you come to our next sparks game back at home. Whoo! So you girls, you get to go to a sparks game and I'm sure you'll meet the team there. How does it make you feel? Happy. Happy. Well, I tell you what, you keep on practicing, keep on dribbling. Keep on shooting. Keep on doing all those things because as you say your father is an inspiration to you. You're inspiring a lot of other kids out there yourself so thank you both very much for waking up and joining us on "Gma." Okay. Bye. I could watch them play and I could watch them smile. I'm serious. They're doing that together. I can't get my kids organized to do anything together in impressive. And I know you're bringing something to the table today. Something that makes me smile. Something that makes you happy. What would that be? I might like a little karaoke on the side and this might be my song actually "Living on the prayer." I have to say. Yes, bon jovi. And speaking of bon jovi, can you imagine you're out there singing "Living on a prayer" and thinking you're good and bon jovi comes up and surprises you for a great cause. Seeing it here first. Take a look at what happened. Let's do it. ? He so hot. No, no, no. ? I'm a cowboy ? Like that. ? On a steel horse I ride. Who is that guy? Wanted. ? Dead or alive ? ? halfway there ? oh living on a prayer ? Aaagh. ? Take my hand we'll make it, I swear ? The beard is real. The beard -- No, it's not. Knew you were too clumsy -- You didn't think it was me? That is so great. I would have screamed too. Me too. I did scream when I saw it. I love that it was incredible and amazing for a cause. You can enter a chance to meet bon jovi yourself and win so many other cool prizes at owe and watch the entire video on our website on Yahoo! $10 well spent. Exactly. Yes. Michael Strahan's go-to karaoke song. ? I believe I can fly ? That's a good one. You like to slow it down. I love bon jovi too. I usually need a partner and go a little "Islands in the stream". ? Islands in the stream ? ? that is what we are ? George, what about you? One that anybody else is singing. Who would be your dream partner? John Mayer. Oh, wow. You didn't even think about that. That was a plea. What about you. Michael Bolton. He can sing some pretty good stuff. ? When a man loves a woman ? There you go. Or maybe just Michael Strahan. No. My -- my dream karaoke duo would be, you know, me and George. I was going to say that because you could kind of help George and come -- I just want -- I want to see him belt it out. Same day I dance with you. One day. So in other words, it's not happening. But, you know, recently I went down to the Jersey shore had a chance to hang out with John, interview John. It's going to air next week on "Gma" -- Jon bon jovi. Just in case. To you it's just Jon. You sing with him. I sang a little bit which was a dream come true. I keep talking over because I don't want you to hear it. Wait. What are you singing? What song? "You can't go home." How does it go? No. You talked about a lot of things also -- We talked about a lot of things about his charity work, about the band, about Richie leaving the band. Something he never talked about and his new album "This house is not for sale" which is coming up and going to be released soon so it was great. Great time to hang out with him at the shore. Got on stage and rocked out if you want to call it that. See it all next week.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":" The pint-sized Caylie and Maya Lopez dominate on the court, plus inside \"Undercover Karaoke\" with Jon Bon Jovi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42570641","title":"Viral Basketball Star Sisters Appear on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/viral-basketball-star-sisters-gma-42570641"}