Walk With Wounded Vets

The Walk of Britain: Vets Walk 1000 miles to raise awareness for issues facing veterans today.
9:47 | 09/23/15

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I'm Bob Woodruff I'm here in Wales in Britain walking down that hot the highway right next to the coast actually the waters right over the chilly in the second. Walking with a one that these guys are for Brett. And two Americans are wounded. There in his last two wars Iraq and Afghanistan. And this is one of these organizations. We've actually doing this one called block of Britain. Which is part of the walking with a wounded. And a thousand miles across Britain. And this is going to be taking how many how many. Along the taking us ten weeks yet and we examine days until all went yeah it all. So imagine that an assistant prince Harry's a huge supporter of this and he's gonna show up some time. And a few days to walk as well what these guys. And that is gonna close down Buckingham Palace. Later in November 1 around an idea so we're gonna do this. And it's going to be here a remarkable trip. Just real quick when your world was accidental look at his agonizing one high. Bull. To block you do announced. My some people all golf. Eligible. It is engineers. Seoul deal. On the Pomona in my injuries we've got people homeless the me. Verizon has lottery Melbourne I want to remind everybody has to be big supporters of this organization it's just doing so many things for those. The wounded over here in Britain and the United States as well. We went down the most beautiful clothes that they got long time looking over it amounted to fjords. Really this one counts. So far this. But definitely one of the most dramatically. This is C immediately. It's slowly evening. David Carrey's ability he has the ground is no flap over Roman road now loom. Getting that he yet. And Odyssey this is the hood but the. By the way are awesome producer Bruno is now walking backwards on a very busy. Highway right now it's it's like these are really got to do is looking. Against bill and I'm. Fundraising you see. Stewart right behind us and shows they. That's. So and so as we're walking along we and those out to these cars go by how much you think you've raised. About 500 pound today 500 at all today. It's about one point 52 the dollar on camera with exchanges bases a lot of that's a good. Almost a base hits and number eighty. I just. Coming in clueless of what it. But along these people I haven in Wales they they know what this organization has the knowledge you guys we're representing as far as I could tell. But. This walk is actually to experience mobile people with autism charity itself is mould no hole doing expeditions. As opposed to you won't charge does which is to help those who have been injured unemployment self employment voters from homeless veterans there's about prince. Justices. The reason for the charity. Expedition such as it is to highlight what charity. Is about and you were badly hit in Afghanistan. Now I can see here. Los allotted hearing it's I was gonna keep it that I had after years and in need of vigor as you can hear anymore. That's why have this stream all the way from work began here grew up it was a where was at exactly and battles. It's bull. And by the way we have about 35 seconds anyway. But the items without getting behind him for Monday and goes against Houston tonight. Those questions about what rate. And and right that is right dysfunction. Recycling vote. Some forces. Experiences. Only to citizens. And you know we should actually she stole all it can show all of you out there this beautiful art you can turn sort of a look at this post. Of this is flat compared to where we were before an easy credibly high. These high fjords and Alice up and down it up and then down. Which I got in a district. Of our Americans could soon. You can see that again explain your leg to us too because that's Mon amputation. But maybe sometime will be. That's not and her husband and helicopter crash happened in the fifth. IA operatives themselves a job ultimately there's advantages that left but. I don't think that Helen NC Adam. It looks continue on the island but it was. Nobel. And having and it mats when. It was an inspirational acidity can walk. A thousand miles across Britain that went after his reputation. Some eight. A look at him in Ireland he's an expert at his. Faith in communities with you talking. Legitimately falling asleep at this point as think he's the same symbol that I. What's your life tell me exactly what happened to you too is and you're one of those very rare. With the female donors that we had and our helicopters and military correct. And I am I think it's going back in the helicopter that future history. And now on the second Afghanistan. And more than halfway analysts home. Let me operations. And here in Oakland. He did not have it's called a Mike I dale and dale it's one of the most amazing things and know early on it was hard. They see explain it to because it's your for your foot will not lift is that right back the last made. A few nominees. If they take all in the house and whether that's inflection. The rate the cards I've earned a black and it powers might it spring back. So if you do not have that would you've never could Deutzman. You know a quarter mile. Without it. Lap Saturday. Right. I have to say if I could show if I wish we are still on the in the mountains right now of the city that to you a lot going extremely steep. Extremely south. Hundreds of down. And I think that it was and it shocked me you can actually do it. I'm being honest and eating on pivotal. And. Look ridiculous and it's. I salaam Italian amazing story of our whose. After being and that's seen the pictures which we really really honestly can't show right on television. The destruction of year. Have your face and in this surgery isn't absolutely amazing there's a woman from from from Britain had volunteered her a Doctor Who. Volunteered her time. It. And lenient not that passion. For the rich. It isn't volunteering her time plummet Nathanson captured. Got together undated. Job. Thanks that is exacted. My dog eat it's either. Not even. I. Harris and you know the usage incredibly humble. And to tell you one little stories and people can on this. That you are now not gimme at this is the numbers correct that you had never gone snowboarding before you're wounded and now. Olympics here are number five in the world in terms of snow snow snowboarding. Back I meant that it actually lower. And it it's. How the hell did that happen. Honestly and I want to have a hospital man was really tired of my injuries. And seemingly in the disputed and a plant. He is currently. So overcome and I was the opportunity to learn how to do this sport and government I have to. Realistically to be able to live. The top right banner.

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{"duration":"9:47","description":"The Walk of Britain: Vets Walk 1000 miles to raise awareness for issues facing veterans today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33985538","title":"Walk With Wounded Vets ","url":"/GMA/video/walk-wounded-vets-33985538"}