The Elio Gets 84 Miles Per Gallon

The new car available next year owes its great fuel economy to its slender design.
3:53 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for The Elio Gets 84 Miles Per Gallon
I want to introduce you guys did Helio -- -- I was outside right now -- this is a car by the way. It's the car the future I would say -- only four miles per gallon on the highway but clouds cool 84. Miles per gallon on the highway. -- 7000 dollars. -- -- They are on your highness signing high so okay so tell me about the whole idea and by the way ladies and gentlemen made in America could you guys took it out views. Car factory line. Cracked and turned it into a production facility for you guys so maybe Louisiana right right -- not -- parish Louisiana had sat format has worked beats a sport percent bigger than the Empire State Building an enormous sizes. So we've got American jobs on the line here we are where this cars less than 7000 dollars 84 miles per gallon how did you get the technology how does that all work -- all known technologies the the secret to -- -- the front the vaccine right that's what we get vehicle miles per gallon OK don't want to hear that -- As well enough at highway -- must repeal goes into an -- What happens why didn't happen -- Jerry -- -- -- right -- there's no magic here but not a lot of stories again if you want you can get one a driver you wanna get back. -- -- -- -- Nintendo are not driving do you say that you're not easy to drive -- -- not even nice. It's -- matter how it's just true you all -- you don't like Tyler while I was able and they almost killed. I don't plan on certainly I don't. An important and not allow customers -- -- on the gravy. And -- -- -- and the basic premise is that most households have at least one via -- harnessing allotment right there's going to be that Vietnam Qaeda and and eighty miles county residents. Sixteen -- -- -- movement together at this gas giant has only want to make your payment that's right it's a free on the element you know yeah. One dealer will -- -- what will happen. -- our friends and and I'm enjoying watching Josh into this time actually fighting it's like -- him up you know I didn't didn't suffer claustrophobia Vietnam awesome ride -- yeah what do you. It is not only did -- clearly aren't out there. We're we've had big guys period expired -- us. No he's he's he's been dramatic -- yet and we know how -- it was real claustrophobia and got -- -- -- are -- attempting -- And not a bingo dominos and even the boy's -- in the -- NN. I had to leave me and I ran back it's amazing isn't it Susie yeah and watched -- -- -- -- car is yeah. Terribly accident 36 -- the cause you see it's a really great and it's. The new car what I love to see him sitting at. -- I'm holding John just my opinion shot yeah. Any ground by the way I have plenty of anger and I'm active I'm yeah so much an awesome everybody -- tell you check out. If you hello Leo motors motors stock time -- -- you may be seeing. Here first on good morning and I -- I don't yeah yeah -- end up driving the women we -- so. Still waiting I don't know I gotta get out of the what I don't believe you already know we're ready and remember you. The break. Nobody -- -- you -- have a leg you can really gotten away. -- Not when we got a Japanese. I just don't revving the engine on -- -- -- Yeah everybody. I believe and I don't know how I don't want -- Everywhere we don't know I don't know. Clearly going. Yeah. Okay.

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{"id":19904155,"title":"The Elio Gets 84 Miles Per Gallon","duration":"3:53","description":"The new car available next year owes its great fuel economy to its slender design.","url":"/GMA/video/wheel-car-elio-84-miles-gallon-due-slender-19904155","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}