Weather Cancels Two Events in Sochi

Severe fog on the mountains stops men's snowboarding and biathlon.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Weather Cancels Two Events in Sochi
To the olympics now. Weather has been an issue. Today, again, two race, in the men's snowcross and the 15 kilometer biathlon postponed today. Amy robach tracking it all. We see the fog behind you. Yeah, George, I mean, the weather still the big story here. This time, not the heat. It's the fog up in the mountains. But all was bright if the iceberg skating palace last night where the ice dancers put on a dynamic show. Especially three exciting pairs from America. This morning, weather conditions left many of the competitions postponed, due to heavy fog, including the men's snowboard cross competition. Alex deibold saying they're literally running the fans on the snow guns to try and blow away the fog. It's not working. Sunday, simply dazzling. American favorites Meryl Davis and Charlie white, flawless on the ice. Earning the highest score ever recorded in the short dance. Here's a look at the twizles. The show-stopping twizzle. A one-foot T turn moving across the ice. Judges looking for speed, closeness, and synchronicity. They could capture America's first ever ice dance gold. The American brother/sister duo also spectacular. And team usa's Madison chock and Evan bates bringing ballroom to the ice. Both Paris dancing their way in the top ten. The red, white, and blue also commanding in the super G. Weibrecht for the silver. And bode miller with the bronze. Afterwards, the record six-time olympic medalist overcome with emotion. Tears for his late brother, whose dream it was to compete as a snowboarder in these sochi games. Losing my brother was hard. In the finish, it just came out. Reporter: From bittersweet to simply untouchable. After the shootout win over Russia on Saturday, the U.S. Men's hockey team slapped Slovenia, 5-1. The more we play, the better we get. Reporter: Their eyes now fixed on the quarter finals this Wednesday. Tough times for women on the slopes of Rosa khutor park. One competitor taking off the slopes on a stretcher. Two others as well. All of this after Russian skater Marie broke her spine. He's been air-lifted to Germany for further treatment. All of the accidents happening on the same hill. The U.S. Bobsledders got into the mix. They take the track again this morning in a bid to win the first U.S. Bobsledding gold in 62 years. New in the mix, the high-tech sleds customized by BMW. The Jamaican team. They are currently in last place. They have a worldwide audience cheering them on. They're like rock stars here, guys. Etch waiting in line to get their picture with them. I have not gotten the chance. But I still have a few more days. I'm hoping for it. Never has last place been so good. Let's get an update on the medal count. That hockey game from the U.S. And Russia, the great Michael Farber called it the most meaningful meaningless game in the history of the sport. 48 hours, it's holding us rapt. Let's take a look.

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{"id":22546542,"title":"Weather Cancels Two Events in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"Severe fog on the mountains stops men's snowboarding and biathlon.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-extreme-weather-cancels-events-sochi-22546542","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}