Are Roller Derby Workouts the New 2013 Trend?

Fans of the vigorous workout say it helps shed pounds and increase confidence.
4:54 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for Are Roller Derby Workouts the New 2013 Trend?
If your new year's resolution is like so many others, to get in shape, and you're tired of the same old workout. I feel like I'm about to do an infomercial. It's time to exercise your need for speed on roller skates. It's roller derby-inspired workouts. Cameron mathison got on skates to show us how to help you lose weight and gain confidence. Really? Oh, my goodness. Confidence? Whoo! Reporter: It's the original all-girls full-contact sport, high-speed and hard core. Skaters like janice chop lynn, gori spelling and skeev jobs whipping around a track at lightning speed. You don't need name like suzy snake eyes to join the party. For people bore at the gym, this might be the ultimate full-body workout. Derby-inspired classes popping up all over the country. Cardio, squats, core straining of real roller derby without the body slamming. And the women say, it's addictive. It's the only exercise I have ever been excited about. Reporter: At derby light, women of all ages suit up and they're seeing results. I lost 80 pounds. Reporter: Not as brutal as the original sport, it still looks dangerous to me. Some new girls come in and say, am I going to get hurt? I say, 100%. Reporter: But they keep coming back? You don't feel the pain. Here at the l.A. Derby kols, she offers a fitness program for girns like me. You're moving fast, it's exciting. Your endor for instaphins are going. It's like fitness is a byproduct. Reporter: It's intim dagt. If I can do this, seriously. What they're doing looks hard. My teacher, lace and arsenic, shows me this. I don't have name yet. You have is to stay low. Reporter: What if I really stuck with the knee slide. It's on to the banked track. No, no, no. Don't. Side step side step. Reporter: We're not doing falls yet. Lungs, speed drills, jumps. Falling. I'm okay. Lots and lots of falling. Oh. When you started, were you breeting as heavy as I am? I still am. Reporter: No, you're not. We cheer each other on. I'm sorry, guys. Do I get any points at all? You did. Reporter: Jess has been taking the class for six months. What drew you in? I don't love the gym. I had seen derby before. I decided to come in. Now I'm doing it. Reporter: What changes have you noticed? I've lost 50 pounds since november. All of a sudden, my body changed shape. My muscles and legs are incredibly strong. Reporter: That's not all you build on the track. It helps conquer fears. It's helps with confidence. Some people come in to lose weight. We don't encourage that. We encourage getting in shape. You can push yourself in ways you didn't think you could. Reporter: For me, after my wobbly start, I like I was flying. The derby dols want to give you a shirt and a name. Reporter: Okay. Flyin' lavery. Reporter: A kickback to my character on "all my children." We are sitting here trying to come up with a name. In fifth grade, they called me aby baby. It's not reallytough. You can use razor blade. Yeah. Coming up, celebrity caterer

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{"id":18100414,"title":"Are Roller Derby Workouts the New 2013 Trend?","duration":"4:54","description":"Fans of the vigorous workout say it helps shed pounds and increase confidence.","url":"/GMA/video/years-eve-2012-2013-health-trends-roller-derby-18100414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}