Yoga Teacher Gains 40 lbs to Teach a Lesson

Trina Hall says she packed on the pounds to teach others about accepting their body.
3:51 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Yoga Teacher Gains 40 lbs to Teach a Lesson
index, the yoga instructor who says she gained 40 pounds in 4 months to teach others about accepting their bodies. And instead, wound up learning a very tough lesson herself. Abc's reena ninan has that story. Reporter: The celebrity bodies you can't help but covet. From jennifer aniston, to gwyneth paltrow, even sting. And it's all thanks to yoga. Why did this texas yoga teacher intentionally pack on 40 pounds. It began when trina hall received a call from her best friend and yoga teacher and was dealing with her weight issues. My best friend called me, crying on the phone. She didn't want to be known as the fat yoga teacher. That set hall on a mission, to prove that being fat didn't matter. What is life really about? Are we concerned so much with the physical? Or is it something else? Reporter: In four, short months, hall went from 135 pounds to 175. I was eating a lot of mexican food. I'm a big fan of cheese. Inhale has you come up. Reporter: But would yoga students take classes from an overweight instructor? I was afraid that people wouldn't take me seriously. Reporter: In a surprising twist, it was hall who distressed at her left. The 40 pounds weighing on her self-esteem. There were days I didn't want to leave the house. One day, I was crying for no reason. Reporter: Experts say it's dangerous to gain weight so quickly. It's negative on you mentally. Reporter: Hall is getting back to her thinner, health self. She went from a size 14 to an 8. I'm eating a lot of leafy greens and vegetables and fish. Reporter: Hall says she was surprised by some of the lessons she learned. We want to be loved, regardless of size, shape or beliefs. We want to feel that. Reporter: For "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. We've been buzzing about this with our chief medical editor, richard besser. It's never good rapid gain weight or loss. You put on weight too fast, it's going to throw off your metabolism. You lose weight too fast, in addition to losing fat, you're going to lose lean muscle. One to two pounds per week is recommended for weight loss. And she talked about the psychological effects of gaining the extra weight. That's incredible. We are an anti-fat society. And in young children, it shows up with bullying. In adults, there's job discrimination, health care discrimination. I thought it was fascinating to see how she felt differently about herself, as she put on the pounds. You posed a question on twitter. What was the question? I asked people if they felt comfortable that they would feel comfortable taking an exercise or yoga class from someone who was overweight. It was pretty split. Some people overweight say i feel uncomfortable going into an exercise class because of my body. I would feel more comfortable if the instructor looked a little more like me. Yeah. As long as the person looks healthy. As long as they're healthy and can do their job. I practice yoga. And for years, I would never do it because I'm not flexible. I don't feel coordinated. And my wife got me into a class, yoga for the stiff guy. It was perfect. And so, I didn't feel intimidated. And no one could do it. We were all the same. And having an overweight instructor would be the same thing. I want to point out, seeing the photos. She looks normal. There's a sense of normalcy that people see there. I think it's more power to her and everybody else. Dr. Besser, namaste. You have to go.

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{"id":20367479,"title":"Yoga Teacher Gains 40 lbs to Teach a Lesson","duration":"3:51","description":"Trina Hall says she packed on the pounds to teach others about accepting their body.","url":"/GMA/video/yoga-teacher-gains-40-lbs-teach-lesson-20367479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}