Some Say Girls Too Young for Wedge Sandals

Critics say shoes sexualize young girls and expose them to the typical perils of high heels.
2:51 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Some Say Girls Too Young for Wedge Sandals
All right, well, it's a hot new trend. You know, a lot of gir, you have a daughter. You have two daughters and a lot of girls are wearing high heels and wedges so we want to see is this too much? Are they too young to be wearing heels? I went out to new york to check it out. Yes. ♪ Reporter: Celebrities parade the red carpet in high heels. Pop stars dance in pumps and women even work out in stilettos but little girls. Thanks to suri cruise high shes and wedges sported by girls as young as 3. Girls, they love shoes. Reporter: Rusty catamaran manages children's shoes at lester's, a chain of department stores in store. He can't keep shoes for little girls in stock. We caught up with him as he showed sara and her 8-year-old daughter talia fall's hottest trend, steve madden wedges. She picked the highest heel. Reporter: Within minutes she declared her love for the shoes. They make me fetal. Reporter: Others respect so thrilled. On mommy message girls they lament the growing number of high heels out there. Roughly half of steve madden kids' string/summer collection has an elevated sole and making waves at gap and target stores nationwide. It concerns many that say it sexualizes little girls. The fact that word sexy should never apply to children. Reporter: Podiatrists think they pose health dangers. It could affect their balance, tendon development and mechanics. You make it look so easy. Reporter: But talia shows me high heels for her at least don't seem to pose a problem in walking or jumping. Mom sara says while she wishes she could stave off talia's high heel cravings for a few more years, she believes heels for girls today are just a sign of the times. As long as it's just a treat to be able to put on on a special occasion. It's not as if they're wearing them every day. We have lots of young daughters here, 5, 7, 10, 13 and they're all begging for these. Marketed everywhere. Nope, nope, nope. Look, I think this is the sexualization of young girls and the problem is when an 8-year-old starts looking like a 13-year-old they will get attention from 13-year-olds and in my house we have a simple agreement. My daughter and i. She promises not to dress like an adult and I promise not to dress like a teenager. I love that. I love that. Real medical concerns, as well. Their balance is not mature. Their muscular system is not control. They're more prone to fractures and strains. Not easy to walk on these things. Why would you want to start at 8. There's enough time for that as we're all looking at our heels right now. Childhood goes too quickly. Just so we're clear, sarina, not for happening for years and years. Get a pair of hockey skates

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{"id":19870784,"title":"Some Say Girls Too Young for Wedge Sandals","duration":"2:51","description":"Critics say shoes sexualize young girls and expose them to the typical perils of high heels.","url":"/GMA/video/young-girls-young-wedge-sandals-19870784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}