Bionic Suit Helps Paralyzed Veterans 'Walk'

Donated Ekso suit will be used by five patients at the VA hospital in Massachusetts.
1:24 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bionic Suit Helps Paralyzed Veterans 'Walk'
A paralyzed veterans standing and walking with the help of a computerized motorized suit. Just three years ago. Army Sargent -- broke from Wisconsin was injured in Afghanistan. And -- just. You know well it may be that -- -- us that went off underneath my truck. -- was paralyzed from his chest down doctor said he'd never walk again. Then came the -- so by -- suit enabling patients like Dan to stand and -- As he shifts his body weight over onto his front leg. The device automatically step pick up the opposite legs so that he can move his legs are separate emotion you know for Sosa live coming a little misty -- you know that malignant. You know. -- -- you know. This morning a crowd of military and rehab professionals were at the VA hospital in West Roxbury. The demonstration was part of the ceremony as the charitable organizations -- Sox donated 150000. Dollars sent to the hospital. -- -- -- the identity can stimulate the nervous system to make functional isn't it strange that exodus suit donated today by the -- Sox program will be used by five patients here at the West Roxbury VA hospital. This high tech by Alex who can be programmed to the specific needs of each of those five patients health benefits are great but -- psychologically and -- just. Peerless sandy level people again is this you know it's also taught to students double BC DB news center fox.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"Donated Ekso suit will be used by five patients at the VA hospital in Massachusetts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"23567819","title":"Bionic Suit Helps Paralyzed Veterans 'Walk'","url":"/Health/video/bionic-suit-helps-paralyzed-veterans-walk-23567819"}