From the COVID-19 vaccine to a cancer cure

ABC News’ Eva Pilgrim reports on what the future may hold for the promising MRNA vaccine technologies as Moderna and Pfizer announce commitments to future MRNA vaccines.
4:43 | 03/24/21

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Transcript for From the COVID-19 vaccine to a cancer cure
From coated it to cancer revolutionary vaccine technology called MR NA has produced two Cohen vaccine so far and tonight. Doctors scientists and companies like Pfizer I'm a durn. Are excited about what might be possible in the future. That revolutionary coded vaccine technology from Pfizer and adjourn the first options are on the market. Now going into arms across the country. It was a game changing development that has given America a path to in the pandemic. You look back to the days and we went from this sequencing and artists here releasing our first she and he back and less than two months in fact within sixty days if it started its first clinical trial. But dirt it was founded on the idea of MR NA vaccines a reality now saving lives and turn this company ten years ago because I solo this idea and I think we'd have the moment we're just having the jury president Stephen hope believes this is only the beginning we do see that there's going to be. Waves upon waves. Medicines that are brought forward by our company and others using this technology. And I don't say this he went application seeks looks like in the years ahead. Doctors. And scientists are hopeful that messenger RNA or MR NA could one day help eradicate aids change how we treat the flu. And cure cancer in essence ever marinade helps steer our immune system directing yet around the bumps in the road while it patches up the pot. Pulls in millions an instruction set for what itself should make it what assault should do and so you can use that information to tell the body techniques on this year and immune systems towards a certain target. For Cote didn't MR NA is able to replicate a critical part of the virus launching an immune response telling our bodies how to target and attack the virus. And has a really active strategy as a vaccine for coping and so the thought has been can we use similar approaches to steer the immune system to actually attack cancer. Adding that senate really promising happened doctors at Dana Farber cancer institute at Harvard are already hard at work. Healing pretty good that this could be breaking cancer treat cancer. Yeah we're really excited but also cautious with cancer the current treatments while often affective. Can be painful and difficult when you talk about it currently is that we treat are here it's pretty patient. Oh yeah now you're absolutely right I think. Especially people can get these sort of conventional type of chemotherapy to suck that make people really nauseous and sick. It's essentially squeezed infamous cells that you really hope that affects the cancer cells more than and it acts the person. And the companies that delivered the first covic MR NA vaccines aren't stopping there a new race fast developing. And the winners here will be all of us. We have about 24 programs in development 12113. Dixon another two dozen vaccines. The company's 24 programs include efforts to treat cancer the flu and HIV. We've been trying featured answer her forever. We've been trying to cure HIV aids are forever. Do you think this is going to be the answer to those. Really hope so I think we can now we are testing and HIV vaccine clinic this year in collaboration with you know each again because we think there have been advances. In basic science and in the technology side allow us to do this cancers are more not a typical bonus as we all know we are we have several medicines and chronic looking to try and treat. Cancer today Pfizer announcing it is developing more MR NA vaccines. The company confirming to ABC news it will work on a vaccine to target the flu the European company Pfizer worked with the bio in tech also confirming it plans to use this technology. To try and tackle cancer. The international effort already producing promising findings Dana Farber Cancer Institute this month announcing encouraging the first signs. At a possible vaccine for kidney cancer. It shows that. One b.'s actions in the cans triggered the new system to recognize the cancer they recognize that rumor and that second it looks like that immune system reaction might actually be long live. As vice president now president Biden led a moon shot to cure cancer. Thanks MR NA that and so much more may now be closer to reality than ever before. Don't really sad to think about what the next junior science strings with this technology we now have tools in our hands as scientists says this commission's that. That sounded like science fiction a few years ago. Some hope on the horizon.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"ABC News’ Eva Pilgrim reports on what the future may hold for the promising MRNA vaccine technologies as Moderna and Pfizer announce commitments to future MRNA vaccines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76642521","title":"From the COVID-19 vaccine to a cancer cure","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-vaccine-cancer-cure-76642521"}