Crufts Dog Show Murder Mystery

Owners say champion Irish Setter died after being poisoned during the competition.
6:13 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Crufts Dog Show Murder Mystery
Steel company check right commanding that they less keep it neat indeed troubling that letter and would point then. Murder mystery and a prestigious dog show in England and three year old champion Irish Setter known as jagr. Who went second place in this category crops died one day after the competition has owners believe. Who ever did this was acting on a grudge. Oakland Dan Butler in New York crops. Is compared to the Westminster dog show here in new York and two other owners have since come forward so that they're dogs may have also been poisoned. Here's the BBC's Daniel around. Three year old Jack a much laughed and prizewinning Irish cents a he stated his belief he was poisoned at the world's most prestigious dolce. This is jacket in training and he came second in his class last week. The when he returned home to Belgian he suddenly died. He's an essay a post molten chase he was cut chunks of meat laced with poison wanted to show and. He would you know I think I have asked anyone buy a ticket and I respect that identity chaps let's say I'm. Not. More than 21000. Oaks too possibly she is crafts rivalries are intense competition it's tough. But allegations of a suspicious dump that current fast. It cannot coveted seat he shops and sadness hit that jacket and I sent attack and died some 26 talents often leaving profits. We spent continued sadness and off heartfelt sympathies go out to them. We understand that the toxicology reports this team next week but until that time accountant at the course of its testing. For animal lovers everywhere at the idea that dole could could be police and at crock it's hot to princess. Probably every week we see one empty cases that don't between things they shouldn't and being poorly from that. But in my eighteen years of being of that happening in every county story west and these deliberately poisoned the patent. You know for that to happen is it's just supporting intact tenets. The results of toxicology tests will be named later this week. It and it's say they had his death was a random acts Raza the Nowak of the craft compact attack. Tanyon a Ralph BBC needs it. ABC's Louise do lost is standing by now with more on this report and Luis. We just heard that the toxicology report on jagr is not going to be out until later on so wire officials think in fact that he was poisoned. Well as you've heard it we know that wandered that has to fall into an examination on the dog. And found pieces and meets with poison and his comic. That was still waiting for the full toxicology report which could take some time OK and what are police and doing looking into the cause of this. Well no not yet we we know that good bounce him and British cookies are aware of incidence. That they haven't received an official complaint yet says there's no investigations have fox. And effective breeders of jagr came out today and they had this said. The price has done this road of passage of that town life to this vote we love. I've done this to raise and when this of the heinous crime that took place which resulted in the death Jack. I would like to thank everyone from around the wild side very much for your overwhelming supports. Messages and kind lives. We're waste news about outrage in the vote of dogs with some ice and for your support for the last few days is being Trudy Hyundai. I sensibly don't want to abduction is the place as we work so hard to get to become a ground of finger pointing and suspicion. I bet for need to Walton. But we can't countrywide think it's an act of another exhibits. If we thought this we couldn't go on. And the last Fenty is of raging and shedding beautiful job with being a complete waste. So I ask you to unite in finding the path it's very sad it did it. And let's continue to produce and read out gorgeous dark and we oh clip absolved. I thank you gain your support to an Aaron amazing success on study without doubt and our politics. And at devastation today. But please let's reports on the positive side of crop. Oh I know I can't forget how proud. I have at this and Darren achievements but that's this year thank you. So at least that's the response from the breeders' heavy owners mirroring the same kind of sentiment as far as going forward any kind of potential investigation in us. Yes well this is not the bus council heading dog Shays in in the U case as a general feeling. And his are a bit worried four hopeful that dogs but as you've heard in the statement the phone is Oz every want to unite. In finding the pocket traitor and said that they will continue. To breed their dog. Now if in fact that this does turn out to be a case of being poisoned with what then it. Would be done or is there any kind of talk. That this might not happen again in the future. Right well that the group that organizes. This competition is called the kennel club. And I'll be spent to them argued today ending saved that they take this incident very seriously that they have to wait. A full day the report from the toxicology. Before they can told even told about taking any any man. Harris in the weeks to us from our bureau in line at Louise thanks so much appreciate that. You can give up with a certain real time Mike Allen ABC news happened star and story for updates on the go on down that's where Neal.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Owners say champion Irish Setter died after being poisoned during the competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"29502912","title":"Crufts Dog Show Murder Mystery","url":"/Health/video/crufts-dog-show-murder-mystery-29502912"}