Determination Helps One Woman Lose Hundreds of Pounds

Iowa’s Rhonda Martin goes from 457 to 163 pounds in 2 years; now she is a triathlete.
1:50 | 11/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Determination Helps One Woman Lose Hundreds of Pounds
Alison exercise and diet judgment are things a lot of people have trouble sticking its U. Rhonda Martin's story is an example of one diet and exercise program that you can't buy on CB or in stores it's called the termination. Rhonda Martin likes to walk. It's easier for her now but two and a half years ago she says it was nearly impossible February 7 2000 and ultimately 457. Pounds. After discussing guiding the friend Rhonda said it was time for change weight loss journey began after taking one small step. I can only walk about a 150 steps at a time without being tired exhausted. So I got myself with a diameter and eight challenged myself to luck just a humorous Pepsi today. Along with the change in diet the waits are dropping. But she felt walking wasn't enough so she then decided to dust off of medical lectured bike she bought two years prior to working out. I laid bike for you know panel for a while they use that motor. Why rested up and then paddled smaller and they fell in love with cycling. Again the pounder dropping to run a stilts that could add another level and started training for try at the lawns. It started paying off and now she's 280 pounds lighter in his maintaining her new figure. Aid cone I completed four straight trapped once this year. And terms so laid to I do work out six days a week. And work forty hours a week. She's in silent about her journey but documents everything on a FaceBook page called living instead of existing. And on Saturday afternoon she broke her silence and spoke to her hometown of breed about her journey. Her transformation. Is incredible my. I am so proud of pass. She's thinner and 280 pounds lighter but says she's not done yet it will finish like she started. One step at a time Ron does that school is to run a half marathon in January answer become an arm and tri athlete.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Iowa’s Rhonda Martin goes from 457 to 163 pounds in 2 years; now she is a triathlete.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26793346","title":"Determination Helps One Woman Lose Hundreds of Pounds","url":"/Health/video/determination-helps-woman-lose-hundreds-pounds-26793346"}