Fan Favorite Song That Made Dionne Cringe

“I was crying all the way to the bank”.
13:31 | 10/27/14

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Transcript for Fan Favorite Song That Made Dionne Cringe
Our guest today is one of the most successful hit makers of all time having sold more than a hundred million albums. And now she is back was our most classic tunes on her all new album called feel so good featuring a collection of duets and we are delighted to have. Five time Grammy Award winner Dion Warwick in the studio today. Thank you for stopping by to thank even in 190. Listen to the invitation is always open to any time you've got a free moment please by all means to take fun. Stop for a minute and reflecting the fact a hundred million albums could have imagined back in 1961. When you first got onto the scene. That she would have that. As your record no room at the second Vatican at all yet. When I was standing recording back in the sixties. It was so completely different than anything was being heard radio. Thanks in two in the sunlight is back in Aden yeah. And lieutenant conduct whom Walsh musically. So that you know and when and then in June we have won it missed us. The Yemeni descent came along one entity and so to think in those ten rooms in the continent and change anything. C burst onto the scene and in the 1961 and 1962. Don't make me over was the big hit that kind of got everyone's attention he was was that kind of the point that Burke opera and and and how David when you all kind of collaborated as a you know what we've we've got something we've got a message we've got kind of unified team. I don't think we editor we realize it until. Guns to lump them. Grant which was a lot easier to sing and dance to Lynn moved to red known time changes in the middle whistle. And think. I intend walk around nineteen. Alone and Kenneth L community. Even in anticipation of the route through lightning can strike more than one act is that a favorite walk on by. One. All alone things have been going it basins at fairs and they've written specifically for me. And then Jane like my children began David. I think he's what you can treat when a little better than. Goodspeed was speaking of children your two sons are doing phenomenally their own businesses are well say and. In this CD I and so Pratt I'm me is truly a family affair millions Sunday evening produced the CD. My eldest son David is single a duet with me and hasten his his daughter. Men and is also threw three generations kindness with what can begin to studio Jeanne Gerri good do you ever have to pull yourself back from giving. Some some motherly advice for some grand motherly advice. No. No lag ellington's Indio within the maintenance of produce it. And you can leave the UND fingers in my mind material if he wasn't I just out right and only difference unsigned and according within. He's saying he's island Sunday glance and in the studio. And cynical media because nominee. Oh yeah and and I defendants due to do his job because Icahn bid to increase. In addition to collaborations with your son you've also worked on this album with C lo green Cyndi Lauper Gladys Knight changed fox on behalf really up who's who and a big variety add voices on this collection. He's wonderful. You know led Damon made the phone calls secede they be willing to record was me in their in the Seattle out. And then told them. With Chris who ask when he wanted to sing. And Jamison when you choose from your favorite song parodies typical. And that's how the CD in the. What has has a very special meaning to these individual art has as well as these are all your children as you said. I wanna play a little bit of of the song with UN Billy Ray Cyrus can't. People who signed its. Fans went home. Oh. Okay. Yeah. It's such a great feel it's such a new wave of listening to these classics Yang you know we'll hold this distant and it is. A summoned billing me that yes and he wrote it. As he says out of frustration. As soon what is going to within. Society Wednesday's. Kids are just going bonkers if it appears. And you added I think they come and incidents. At them that such a pleasure to sing a song with. Hope. You know and that's exactly what to some residents. And hope is just. Now an island. Hopefully people listening to wheel and stay in the success when news. Who is the use of hope I mean you have endured a lot you have seen alive then obviously the death of your cousin Whitney Houston. How are you doing. Condemned it within reason. And think wouldn't consider your position it. She's okay. In kindness and mean steak she spoke. And regulars here let's zoom. Dealing with his madness. What what is your data Dave like what does Dion Warwick Hugh Everett my goodness is going to look at them them into about lurking. My name you know they sites and weigh in. And usually in a plea and sentence and sincerity and and getting to a place where and is in the world whenever I get there. Off the plane into the hotel. Usually into the venue. Take a look and into the sound check. Accidental it's personally and strategic places. And then mountain vineyards and constant. Hunt. Getting sleep then at four and one. Or five hours Sicily if I'm lucky. If elected. Are some of these locations San Jose by the way one of them happens in which you knew I was gonna post some kind of question and then an Italian and the that if you let this settle once and for what was your reaction to that song when it first came out. I didn't we typically you didn't want to record it. I didn't I personally I. I'd tell how they've you didn't think this. Any attendees of the things I did at the song. As soon. And you lose hi. I'm aware and reach out for me and welcome night and unanimous on that whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. I don't believe that this. It's been years ended as a lot of women who latency the issue gauntlet. And will be costs and in this mine. They is a reason and did report. And there's an love Fuller sends. He happens in the station there days naval base in. With Edmonton and then traveled Wheaton event and today. It's not elicits not a bad tune as you're skipping anyway is. What it wouldn't listen to every day. And listens in on resilient and so again presenting news news yeah hundreds of emotion in us me. And then Nina and low altitude and friend of talented. People within instinct and Aniston's and in music lessons and to not use them. And win and then it's basically. That before. And I know people sometimes react to this with a bit of a cringe when you say legacy. I say it with the utmost respect I think it what it means is a great body of work not necessarily. Time has been a great body of work that is still in the works yet. For fifty years though you've been entertained you see any when the current landscape right now that you think has the potential to have that kind of staying. I don't see any minute in this this particular. Area. That would be an instantaneous fill in the beating in the business for fifteen really I mean known them. And I don't. And prisoners here they don't get within. The scope music. You know it's this funding for today Clinton. And turned the gun used in them. When we know what you think that this. Simpson's. Name. In the end she has changed I mean there is no longer about an. It's about working. News and how many couldn't get him on sage in June. And these smoke bombs again going wrong and well he can Wear a top but how high demand I don't. It it's just not there and you on there is not the air. Anderson is not the heir apparent bill. You know it's not our air is the area you. Maybe seven the industry. In addition these fifty years again you know you've you've you've you've had such an expansive. Career. Tell me how the psychic friends network got started. Was at a time when I was recording them and I was and we June and one hosting a show for me mile it. And then came to me this friend Clinton climate. So think it and I found went into strength in the Lansing. And in London England seeing anybody else did. And as a stand out as. And went bonkers to help I will run out anybody want to see this thing well but they always say wrecked the ultimate flattery is when there's imitation and and and and there's parent has also played at a resident shows kind of that the significance. Will influence our agency was people who owns this week I didn't want them to. I closest Brian as independent study looking at and the maintaining begin you hear me say and now. Residents psychic good Linda Georgian. He is a you don't the psyche is being tell me when I'm wounded in Lansing you hope will get. The crowd. Listen as they've been getting that that's about under the act Edward by the here gee do you believe do you believe it's like it's too few do you. Zionist entity isn't any innocent and think everything niacin which is silently as you know it's sure it well Capra corn but I mean you know. I think oftentimes you can look at and an astrological reading you can kind of tailored to what it is you're competing now and I can admit. It no way. Yeah you don't get on the plane a year ranked woman and its Cincinnati. They exist if it it'd be a good overdrive. The so it's a feel so that is out now what's what's ahead. Well doing promotion. Fortunately he had me do that buttons and the agents of the Russian Whitney yeah. And then to see how we do. You you have played for some of the largest audiences for some of the low in some of the largest venues around the world. You played for the queen. If you flee for king's you've played for heads of state you his slate for every when I mean this there's the prominence the this very important that thing that you've played in the American public high. Has grown so much over fifty years. Given that was it difficult then when you were going through a financial situation for all of that to play out so publicly known. You know then that I sent in and it leaves out in the missile and infamous. What's that ordinances. All of me. Madness I have been doing owns and has written time. In is it's taken them off themselves discusses. Read. You can treat. You know that can deal with the man in this and you didn't do you do and where I did decide oh I record as saying. And then asylum in Houston. It did do it to file for bankruptcy did that weigh on your mind as you were performing as you were no pre I know naming game in the second thought until. It was proposed and is it okay that's still lit. You know and and that's land law was written them full of people like me and you and the world. If they didn't want that to happen and with written about the law fluent. And it doesn't mean you know. Just he's unions and small business that would ordinance fifty billion some time. In two feet. Are you feeling right now he. You feel actually your feeling so good as what you feel I'm right very it is out it is out feels so good go get it the on what we're thank you so much for stopping by from my. Collision thing happening.

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