'Motivated' podcast: A parent's guide to fitness, health and wellness

Balancing work, children and meal prep while scheduling time to work out can seem impossible. ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe share their guide to balancing it all.
29:11 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: A parent's guide to fitness, health and wellness
Talk about all things mommy I'm business related to health and wellness and just kind of managing these trees have two amazing mommies and women with me today to inspire mile. First ginger you guys know her from Good Morning America I'm is tendencies she's ABC's chief meteorologist. A former Dancing With The Stars competitor came in second high heeled. But there here's your -- second and I ours mine in my mind how they don't have a also is going to be featured in the DIY network renovation reality show band and generic premieres NG and the island and most importantly of course mom telling hurled it. Saddam and the same time. Our baby boys are funded. And this Jenna Wolfe. Fitness expert and personal trainer women's daily magazine's new editor of the general Shalit is weekdays on your social norms that Japan you know walks and months at old harper and two year old and catastrophe here. Pictures it's yet to kids are kids cute. I remember years ago we were talking. Before I started like that mr. Buteau means that happy is pleased for you was that him yes I was horrified yes and I had to you you Glasser and I picked up off the flow icing up off the Lamar used that I would go twice a day of -- and yes and I said winds that that's where I'm happy steps so how do you get back into now having two little kids right. So I get that. Asked that question allot one where do you find time to do I think the mistake a lot of mothers make is they feel like once they have key aides they have to. Stop being who they are so they also. Take on a new role of just being mom. I tell them is if you stop being who you like you're never needed this month to those skits the person that you were before decades is what got you to appoint. I've now been the best not to baskets of you don't take your view. You can't beat this month does keep I don't work out I feel terrible quite likely. Appeal the same amount of energy. I can't give my kids a 100% so by. And it's a plea for my kids. And take ten minutes late for something else and steal ten minutes from something else and with thirty mean it really hard work out. Where nobody is bothered me I'm not checking emails from not doing anything sweaty and burning calories in getting stronger. I could keep everything else my life a 100% so what is your fitness routine how often working. So because I have two little kids and show and everything else also busy at work out when I cat. I don't designate sixty minutes that I don't have those sixty minutes it's not like I guess it worked out so this morning there were twenty minutes before its stake Harper's school. I duties. Body week by a metric. Up here it's ten exercises. Various reps various different you know different muscle groups. And blasts calories working as hard as you possibly cash in after twenty minutes it's equally split of forty administering. Rates and it changed the way that you do your work ask you had kids are more efficient write more efficient work focus and that's everything in life not time and has around you don't and you camper -- saying I would think that that's the biggest change but it sounds like that's at Tuesday as did at this morning at twenty minutes when you current. Did it harder. Yes and I know that if I had sixty minutes it's been ten minutes stretching and then it quickly check my picture is OK and then bought him to see what I want to do and it. Twenty minutes apart where an equal them for twenty minutes and into another ten minutes of so what you're doing is just like it's your prioritize. To do. No BS accused in the you're in it due and you use whatever tiny space you have. Yesterday at 8000 mountain climbers in my living room thousand tests off the carpet we have hardwood floors took two towels I feel totally adequate. I think Mike hit right fiercely had to skeptical any activities that are. Of course my lectures are still. Happening eat at me you're out of line. But Mary. How often do you working out. HI five days if I five days and then didn't think they've been doing is this yelled line and that has saved me because those couple of days on the same way if I don't do something I feel bad but it was solid lake strong thirty minute yoga now. That somehow makes me feel it's a completely new Paris and and I think what it's ended up being planned listing you know I'm just listing right now. And figuring out even in my head it really is our own meditation it's a meditative moment because that's the time we get to ourself for its attack and year. Turned off from the rest of the world you're not checking a phone you're not doing anything for somebody else it's for you. And your breathing and years focusing on brat than all the things that really is meditation in the first place so as long as I get that in. I'm happy and that when I let go of the fact because there are times in my life raft then. Beyond obsessive I mean ridiculous. Where her life because I was so into working out. Now lights and a really good place where my focus it got to get done otherwise not as he you know whatever it is and I think that's it five's out of seven and strong with that. When it when I tell people in people ask me off and our camera on the time and tell them is pretty much every day it's like five to seven days a week. I often feel a little guilty in admitting it because I feel like I'm announcing to the world that I leave my children for the New England coach shallow reason of going to missiles like a class. Ever deal with any of that mommy guilt and and having to Tenet not be apologetic about putting yourself. First there's not for salt that's. Pete rock yeah Madonna knows how about saying you're going to work on yourself whether it's therapy whether it's him whether it's a walk whether it's coffee with your friends. It's. People laugh that sanity is over rated but there is something to be said for getting your mind your soul and your body right so you can have your mind your body and universal right to when you were in front of those kids who by the way like. Mike drive me crazy sometimes if I know that I worked out that day and I took care of myself. I have better better schools to handle that so to like get mommy guilt it. Maybe it's out there I don't listen to and I don't hear it can because I've been far worse shaping up Coleen. You know to the gym or not doing that thing for myself and if I listen to them and spent time with my kids and exercise. It makes a better mom. Is adamant and I say every time as people say it mostly with work not as much with working out is that when people don't get done as much. But I am gone fire traveling from where. Even this weekend I was working all weekend at the one day we had had a beach picture and you at aid you know let Adrian enjoy the suns injures. Yeah you're an altitude of Avian and and and that that was kind of reminded that there are a lot of judgment about about a month as the then you know and as actually talking and one eat at my here's Alice you know. And she said. Few out there who kid he went there with your friends who cares if you. You're allowed to be you know you're allowed to be the person that you're before you had a baby yet a year and a half and yet that's that's remembering that and having an accurate head. Is so important I would think about my mom. My mom worked more than I ever could me she was not. Around a tunnel when she was there she is present she made you know that you are loved she made and she was at Crete. You know model for immediate follow because. I'd trying some things you'll be better than parents of clips you want to do it better than I've liked and we screw up in other ways I excelled at issue is there. And other things we didn't see coming but she showed me that you can do it and she was way into working out I remember at images of my mom on a mini trampoline. This sounds so fake but she was so excited they do in the union jumping on the fans rightfully is up in lakes let me answer and they Carrot Top half cup. That image because and I remember her telling me this is please stay healthy this is so impact and it it meaning land self. But that as positive actually speaks. Really ample of summing it's really important for me one of my key motivate yours and living this lifestyle is so that my daughter sees me living this lifestyle. Because I know that their little eyes watching house of a son. But for better for worse it's a little easy little. But it's less important to me because he's a boy if you Lancaster from messaging he's gonna from his father but in terms of modeling what of a woman should be it's really important to me the my daughter sees me living a particular lifestyle. Do you guys feel that that that's part of the motivation for it for don't know what we do every day. I know for me the minute I put on the sports bra without even thinking they could be watching TV like money's going to exercise it and I love that. And I said before they were born I want them to know how important assisting I want it is it was not due for letting. I don't care what I do you want them to say exercise and they do I pick my little ice what happened and three times and she says essence laugh when I know you have actually doesn't even know her name and she can't tell. It's a joke and I love that I get down on the ground in a plane they get on me and they close up close up enough. They don't do pushups and you're right if the EC house due in it. They wanna do you know like they'll get down next to me try to do it downward dog they'll try to push up mitnick mere something and as long as it becomes part of your daily life it'll be important to them because they see it's important to you and we've X. Dennett where we have a great to him and I building and will go down as a family already and he's one. And he believe he hasn't little locker and we make him walk all the way down only make them go into that they. And he sees us where he house legal owner room where it's kind of an open only to pranks and nearly all body weights aft. And he plays and so that's attack and where we all work out together and love those days because and I feel like a apple. Yet I feel like an ill as a special thing is the hit not everybody has an opportunity to have that even space and for those animals the days I feel more guilty them like health and. Even though it got lucky day yet out when it comes to the food that I feel like things get a little trickier because I I tell my daughter all the time this is not arrest okay. You eat what we eat at cook dinner this year and eat and I say that I get pushed back on that nine times out of ten she's complaining about the green beans is she's you know the word hate hate this hate that I'm tired spent wiring of its common examined again. But what you put to you get the food when your kid who you know wants to eat grilled cheese and him but everything a night and you want them eat thinking line and vegetables. So Mike older so I can't answer that point three and two but we serve dinner it stare me you don't need it. The you don't get dinner today is it well received that into we're not yelling at them but they get it like will cheat a little bidding give them you know can seek me believe me they get theirs their share treats there at the day April when it comes to dinner like we want to make sure they get everything but if they're not eighteen. You know. Salmon noble or. Hamburger will pull it you know a little bit catch ups they can ticketed but they ought to eat their vegetables me you know and and that's dinner and for lunch I'll get a teaser for breakfast I'll have you know there angster whatever it is. But we started this thing with that's that we don't give them choices we give them dinner I don't even opened doing it right it could be doing wrong. We make dinner put on the table this is what you gutsy and other certain foods they each don't like we kind of avoid those like some lenders like avocado it was like blueberries. But we just sort of work around that and if the county where no one ever died from not seen. There you know no one ever died from hunger like a cattle eat when their hungry FT that's sort of and then we've taken and you're giving them the same things your evenings if you're eating pale in things that might be considered exotic for kids they're still trying. Yes look we I just let me try to get vegetables and they get protein and then have some sort of heart that's all I'm looking for so they always get the same thing we hear but they get whatever were anemic for so if tonight and give them a piece of salmon. With you know steamed broccoli in a couple of actual stakes in some promise in mean like a mock Somali whatever it is. That's there we don't give them so much of a choice and I think sometimes children. Whether we know it or not they light the structure right date we think that they what we want these kids that can make these creative decisions but sometimes when they're so young they need a little bit of structure. Like it my kids don't know that they have an option to order whatever they want to eat whatever gets put in front of them. Eventually they'll sort of figure that out. But in the we went through this thing or if you don't just you're gonna sentiment hungry so come back eat it so sometimes they'll leave the table and come back in and finish their food but that's again on but you probably a lot more likely than I do. I am not agree NM and I am a big and the big believer and putting things in front of her and forcing her to try to force her to head the company like it but you have to try it seems that the plan of reasoning I meant it Adrian right now. When he. He really doesn't like it late I can tell they're consistencies. Sweet potatoes is one I've tried some intense thinking that's like a nice fight terrorists and others. The Kennedy and Italy take. Every time. It. He really doesn't like he actually built. The baggage she's like you must like it's this I think it's the when their when their tastes come in you know if it's if it's something like that that's not. Necessary in life he's Canada sweet potatoes than he still loves factly he loves avocado and loving a lot of these great things. And yelling get to eat everything because they do figure taste but change an anti that they developed and it takes a little time something like seat it is Sunday may be well I don't know. Lot of people know probably won't dad on the I don't happen definitely politely declined. That would make for awkward Thanksgiving. Lady right now doesn't salmon that's the other when he walked in I loved and I eat all the time and he. Right out thing every time so that you a different now because your husband. I mean can you got the healthiest eater that a fair is for insomnia cookie today that should give everybody an I didn't I didn't want to call them out but it's. Dust up to have that influence at all and that's a question actually get a lot is how do you sting on track. When you have other people living your house and maybe eating and some Icrc would be to bat well the insomnia I've I've really needed a box that I am not allowed the tax. Making an about that Adrian never going to be a touchy hasn't yet we haven't even ventured into cookies yet we're very rare early. I can see it he watches him night at he's eating you wanna see what that is you want to appeal it's their bake cookies sent their names to English until they are Anderson softies and get summit doesn't it time goes Tyson week. As sell their it has something to them if that was sprinkled cracked yeah a little something back but bill as does. That's what I worry about is having having at around 48 in its added about any ethnic and appoint from the I really want to splurge inhabitants on its cookie it's going to be the ones every other week that I am doing and is confident he. What do. And then make a trade of something else that I would have more online planet Asia and Africa for the none of them online seven years strategy is just too resistant Estes daily from it and the hard part though is the meal so then would have passed it with every meal because that's how he eat he and I got to know how he's millions and wheat process so. Baby steps up any meat pastas a year at least once that day and there I was out stuff was. On the same page you is she. What page so that they expect here's what's your thoughts. Some economic ailing king live now that AP in cheeseburger I'll let the French Fries because she's never been a pound we'd like. You know there's a minute when they statement that likes together you could see Harold that's that old England I've never seen that's never. I am so it's part it's definitely coming pizza shall disorder peet's at what's great matter is. If she just wants to slices Chile two slices you put an entire continent to scan. Asking you to listen or pizza left when I don't have that discipline I have to do not have any because I'll have all so I do the same thing you'd have to chest just recessed. Yeah that's enough the same way too but I'm lucky because my husband doesn't love food that much he likes it but he doesn't love it the way that I left it. He can take it or leave so yeah he might get a burger or what have you but it's it's rare it's not a big thing for and eat that things that you're doing I have completely ventured into a mean then had fairly the other day and he really left and the least he made affair lawsuit that was all vegetables and it was Keylon. So there's ways to do it. It but we said earlier it's kind of like another attack them you know Atlanta China violate work in on. And heat and now he's gonna get there he is not to Nikki while playing and he does not like Mikhail like chips. But they witness accounts ships that's that's an acquired taste that should I allow and they it can't I love something weird aftertaste. You know I just eight for her harper cream or banana chips ruling out meal and a little spray of I'll plants and cinnamon. Alternately in the oven and honor and have a great great and watch a story they're confident is what inspired to write inspired by general soap so some practical tips the other thing you know women look at them and it xmas openness because LC our own flaws. I'm more than other peoples but what I look at the two have you I feel like. His momentum look like they've had children in the imperfect your apps are crazier after crazy. So in terms of practical tips for getting in the best shape possible after he's had a child but what are your go to news for me. And that's our mommies have trouble at the time Trenton you have that skin you know what are your go to use. Yeah give you my two most important tips and and these really work train number one no simple cars after 6 PM. Done with it it's finished. Game over to fit you wanna have cars have a five have a 530. By 6 PM you're done with your sugars you don't what you why you're done with your past that you're don't we why all the ordinance are all of it. Am not telling you do from 3 o'clock until you from 6 o'clock on this is that 82 things one it's gonna force you eat it eat earlier keep your body enough time to digest it. Or you act your weakest night. Right when we're exhausted indicting all day mincing no everything all day we will all day all day all night sit down the bread basket comes in the ordered a passing. You cozy amazing delicious Fuji you most your damage at night no simple cars after six number two. Water now it's the least sexy the heck Italians I do this I tell people don't worry about ounces don't worry that counting cop story about the numbers. So while two point times. That is you're serving a walking into that a couple times a day peso twenty sips of water first thing in the morning before you do actually anything. So that eventually you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. Those two most important things those two things that sort of got me on my way. Towards really seen some change and once you see change that it becomes easier to continue want to change and you start moving. Because the basic chest is move more and eat less. But it's not sexy enough no one wants to sell. So little water and aircraft and let your target of water so hack your body weight in ounces and get a 160 pounds eight ounces of water investment and if you're working delicate crazy woman and sweating and it's a little more. But it's not as easy easy think it is generally ounces lot of water I think your ranked about a month that's my only for the first week. That your body understands what it's doing your body is like okay we're going to be getting water I don't have to let this go off might await news organs and stored a little bit better. Also the slow you drink the less the New York. Ginger and kept adding what's most important is coming up what you said gently you know you asked where I was thinking in my head you're thinking exercise but she said its most important and that's focusing on nutrition. So the nutrition of what you're doing that's gonna change a body. Not necessarily not that working out isn't but at the Federation's 88 when he pretty pretty yeah received yes as what matters most an antique focusing on matzo has that's an easier. Easier maybe. But that might be more approachable to a lot of people right after they had a baby is -- lot like how are you not do that Venus I think that those things getting that done. And that's say the one thing is very hard and still hard I was doing it you know on the work trip that was just and it looked around and I still. That advanced skin and my belly. Down put it still different and I have to ask mentally tell myself. Don't stop because there that don't you know late that's that's my motivation is not that the skins gonna change but went without extra week there without all the things they can do for ads. Especially food. After six ran I don't know home may all the other simplest and here's an I don't line. But that that that. That is allowing yourself that. Time. Because it's not to tack and I mean I did Dancing With The Stars seven weeks after I had Adrian. After had a C section that is not an opportunity pretty hats and it went. It's aiming it was is so it I don't know trying something new needed at the man attacked as I'd never done dance in my life. And my body was like wall holding your. Gonna try. Professional dancing but maybe it's time that it's not trapeze as crazy as that but it's something shocked her body orbit because he becomes a new hobby you know becomes part of you now. And starts dance now dancing together and that is a night where I consider myself. This in the work out because it mean in an hour of dance hard dance is here in the frame you're doing all the stuff you it's clearly you know. I some metrics. As you're moving your entire body so it's now. But I also look would you say about kind of being forgiving you know it yet to really put in perspective what you just. Your body. That this amazing feat nobody has accomplished that gears a little bit and yet he at least a year for you feel like yourself again. But in times of you know. Exercise and I grew 200% diet is everything in this isn't it preach all the time I say diet 7% because I'm thirty for the other stuff but like I agree 7080 even 90%. Year outcome. But for exercises that are best for mommies like are we static holds planks like what what are the things that are really can firm up your. More so that that the course tough because you're asking is different than what people here easier asking firms up record people hear your hat right at Whitman Alley. Natalie meet my belly theater that's what people are hearing. And there's no exercise on the planet that's gonna meeker Alley there so that the belly fat is all die. Anyone tell you that and if anyone doesn't it and they translates differently that their raw. So once you get rid of the belly fat then you can start working nine year court which the muscles underneath your belly fat. But as far as an exercises go up. I went back to the basics after the baby which as I got on the chat moment started walking. And I walked for an episode of law and order and then when I was able to do that no problem I walked uphill for an episode on nor that when I was at the problem. I walked five minutes and I ran one minute and then walked five minutes and in two minutes and and it will run for five minutes walk for one. Next thing you know when I was able to run for like twenty minutes or so. Got off that started doing some light weights and I started mixing incorporating everything else just don't rush it. Your body like you just said winter something very traumatic. You're now changing everything again right you just nine months ten months each teen a little bit looser and and relaxing a little bit. You're now combining Smart diet with Smart exercised typical crazy killing yourself ease into the way you sort of easing back into your diet and take time and be patient. Two to ten months to put that we and it's not take two weeks to take how long anti started to feel like your old self again not necessarily the way to an immense scale in genes but and he started to feel like yourself in the gym again. In terms of what you could do you how fast you could Ronald those those things. I was I did something stupid and I competed with Dara Torres. Olympian and computers like yeah have highlights net I felt an eight day in Amman. So I really was trying heart to seat within three months if I could. If within three months to get my my full body back and I the first baby I was able to do and with the second baby took like six months and months. Before I really felt strong again I got not to say that my weight was back but I felt like a little bit we have recognized myself and my strength again. And those nine and ten months to lessen was penniless immigrant feeling like mice like not acted to my jeans a performance. And in eagle strong element tenements that takes awhile to get that back and the mental part is the part I think I mean I know I had it fit Nancy with the lucky that the idiom well that really went very quickly. But I am sitting here no joke listening to you guys like what I have a lot of work to do sitting on my body in my mind that they. Are all learning yet when he. My kids about their fifth grade and open a slime at IKEA model or elsewhere for the first time. The last couple weeks have actually complained to the Tran and where you know if he's never heard you do it is silly gonna have those. Ups and downs and I think doing that the mental part is huge US talking about gone order as years you know tie and sent I use. A lot of times meant little on their games with myself cell. I started with running and I just did it because I just ran a five came only Iran fired trip. And I'll start to saint for the next. You know five minutes it's all Katz an hour for the next minute squads and Mike the time goes very quickly if you put your mind somewhere else sometimes and I I say that. Most mileage I enjoyed him. Close to as much as you probably not as much home but a lot of I've loved working out. I think that's changed as I've gotten older and it changed with having Adrian. But I found other ways that those elements of the aims of the little panel and plane in on enjoying myself and find the enjoyment and it's not salie is the tries that minute. And Alec really pushed by transit through around the than at the end of that I just ran 25 minutes and it is -- decade and it's over and and even at looked up and I had a metal in my handedly. Yeah why not Wear and one thing that I found interesting and in this journey into motherhood as I was at the impression mother but softened me. That's actually made me much tougher much harder much stronger. In a very practical way you know what I'm pushing my body I'm remembering when it's -- accomplished and I'm also pushing it for the benefit of someone else and a little as a watching me. Anything that you in parting words for a for a mom is listening it's easy to get discouraged easy get overwhelmed exhausted feeling guilty. You know we just want to take care ourselves any parting words of encouragement and wisdom. I mean. Look motherhood is empowering your bringing a child into the world it's not that's no small feat it's an enormous thing in the PG nothing else but. Shelter feed and love that child that in and of itself is an unbelievable accomplishment and more than. A million people would ever do you. You add to that taking care of yourself and making yourself stronger and making yourself smarter and making yourself better and trying to sleep in trying to care for your spouse and trying to. Keep your family together specially when your children are little. I mean I'm just giddy perfectly honest with you right now. You have a five year old and it won't ointment world and you have a one year old so you got your. Kind of out of the worst evading your not quite there yet like I feel like 23 year old it. Three need to Alec were in the were the worst area it's really hard and really stressed like I don't sleep and I'll step is constantly traveling. And we kind of look at each other sometimes like. This is the island we did this email now. Like there's nothing less like seed also for people out there that feel like they're at their wits and never get back in cheap and never it is. You're not in a race. But you need to carve out time for UN I don't care it's thirty seconds or one hour if you do not carve out some period of time for you. Every single day your system will fall apart. It has to be you don't find the time. May the time. Meet the time I don't care if you wake up five minutes earlier even if it's five minutes of sand of just meditate of doing nothing and that's where you start. There has to be day one because of there's not a there can't be 82 if there's nobody to ingenuity free so you have to start so if you're listening start today school for a five minute walk. That's sick at least she did something an everyday sit yourself something is better than. Take care of yourself first and tenderness at the and then you had on the meditation but to me that's what's changed the most in May be and motherhood is wet and it and it's not like I didn't work with Dan Harrison didn't you know. The hit here about meditation a long time ago. But having that the approachable things that you can go to on the days that feel overwhelming having those moments they say all right today's the other day and that's going to be okay. And knowing that there's strength in that and there's but he still moved and he's still a well you still that that checking off that the positives that you -- much more helpful. In saying this is what I didn't do and I've gotten that a lot better in the mental space with myself because if I was how I am today. Not just body lies or whatever but you know ten years ago. I would be a puddle I wouldn't yield and that's but that's the strength you talking about that's the motherhood and I think I've become not only a better woman. A better partner for for pan and a better just. Person in general because I'm on the lighter person I have light in my eyes I have purpose everyday and giving yourself a little pat on the back is pretty important. Billion dollar mommy's pats on the back and I believe in you know. The sister and an encouraging one another and that means others so thank you guys both for being here as a reason to me at ginger underscores the as general still has ads injures it. Pocket it and talks just relinquish it now that. Thanks.

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