Twins Born in Separate Years to Celebrate Separate Birthdays

Mother of twins born in separate years discusses how she plans on celebrating children's birthdays.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Twins Born in Separate Years to Celebrate Separate Birthdays
This is a special room. -- Hernandez -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report as the world -- in 2014 several women brought twin babies into the world but. What happens when -- and that being born in different years. Washington DC in the rain -- Gaza gets bragging rights over her twin brother Brandon Jennings Portland 50 PM and 2013 with branded. In a few minutes later 2014. And that same thing happened in Canada as well. You with us now I was new mom to two beautiful girls born in different years -- -- gear -- And secrets about congratulations how are you feeling. It. I think -- isn't happy -- He -- value Phelan OK. Yes give. -- -- recovery motive. Thank god -- entirely. I'm getting getting there to be sued -- -- Okay now we're you do on New Year's hey did you expect this would happen all along. -- -- ebitda catalyst -- had January. Act in nineteen. Silently morning begging they would add actually. Not happy -- in India and we're having what -- -- Barrett C. And that's -- that's really -- surprises rolled up and one and nineteen days they're eighteen days before you due date. When you -- in that hospital room and the clock started ticking down to midnight. Did everyone realized what white people -- well -- twins are going to be born in different years. I think he became. I would you -- that an illegal yet but -- and I don't think that -- -- And I'm try to -- about it. Go down as it is. Adding it it and respect it -- -- out. That's where everybody that I -- what I did it and then that's where everybody I think realized that it was battles with 38 back in. And that she had been born in the new year. So how you can handle this with the girls -- is still celebrate the -- on the same day here you -- -- Wednesday and she's older than her sister. Well he's talking about -- my -- in and out we're gonna be settled in Arab. A separate like but they have to -- -- -- any. We think that literally -- that's better than it it be cheating -- guess they get their. Let's celebrate and one -- shot is that. That's how they wanted it -- that's -- they game Iditarod appreciation. That's right today they have the brits are giving it to prove that well that's it that's -- great plan. -- thank you so much for joining us best of luck to you and your new family. Yeah it. We also have on the phone doctor Michelle Silva she deliberately writing Brandon and the -- that reportedly seen before midnight -- -- -- -- and -- few moments later -- 2014 doctor sell back power mom and babies doing. They're doing very well. At this just seems like. You know not -- -- we hear about -- obviously we always talk about the new year baby the first baby born in the new year but how do you get this situation with twins. -- aren't that fame and -- in separate years. And counting will get and -- days but and yet can't deliver -- better spent three years. And -- again and when did parents realize all of this that and they're not a lot of the moms -- -- not looking at the clock frankly. It didn't. Look for a look at the parent the thought they would vote can be boring and when he thirteen. It just so happened that. The second baby. We got out and then when he fourteen. You sounds like it say excitement all over is -- the talk of the hospital. -- definitely as. And the talk of the whole area. Well it's it's nice to have such beautiful news to start off the new year congratulations to you for being part of that that. Interesting situation. You don't. And they have a little bit when news for 24 -- separate stories of twins being born just moments apart but in different years. Stay right here -- Q&A BC news to -- congress has been an ABC news digital special report on time Hernandez -- New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mother of twins born in separate years discusses how she plans on celebrating children's birthdays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"21403352","title":"Twins Born in Separate Years to Celebrate Separate Birthdays","url":"/Health/video/twins-born-separate-years-celebrate-separate-birthdays-21403352"}