Vaccine shortage: several US cities running out of vaccine supply

Dr. John Brownstein discusses how an increase in vaccine eligibility is contributing to the shortage, plus more on President-elect Joe Biden's plan to fight COVID-19.
3:59 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine shortage: several US cities running out of vaccine supply
Let's bring in Bob for more on the vaccine roll out our ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein and actor Brownstein. Yes several major cities are now saying that they have a shortage. The vaccine including New York just yesterday a friend of mine who's a teacher. Got notified that her appointment is canceled due to lack of supply but we know there are roughly twenty million unused doses in this country right now so why is this happening what needs to change. Thanks to add. I mean yes. There is a real concern about shortages NASA some hospitals are reporting should they can't keep your point isn't. Really clear right now what the issue is is that a citywide concern or do they just need to redistribute supply is a part of the issues that we see changing the recommendations for blending these troops were including new age groups pre existing conditions and this is what happens when mr. frank science we start to hit. Or relax. Ash and so people are reaching for claimants and they're just not there remembered the state has about 300000 doses a week and asked us to go through April but now we just. I did a lot more people that are eligible. An increase in problems. So of course we want to start releasing those doses but we also have allowed small problem much get the doses to the right places where there's an leash the State's child how. The figure this out rightly identified party populations they also have to build the networks of providers bush and really identify NASCAR nation say bush we just can't be in the situation we're now some slight change is an issue you need all this man. And then president elect Biden has unveiled a 400 billion dollar plan to try to fight co that he also just selected former FDA head. David Kessler as chief science officer for coded response what is thoughts on Kessler and what should his top rarity be. Well Kessler is a great choice he is a longstanding. Economic experience in the states and I think he can bring that acknowledged she thinking about this hundred million doses and hundred days it's a massive operational challenge right it's. It's a lucky goal I think you can get their that is how. The population needed to get to herd immunity by you know right now we're still light on specifics there's twenty million to twenty billion dollars for national vaccination campaign that's putting real money to work how the State's role the vaccine bush clearly got an idea about finding infrastructure improving vaccinations science community vaccination centers fuel centers that are allowed for mass vaccination are really hole that's funny -- can go to -- he shouldn't we know that it's all about shot in the arm in people's willingness to get the vaccine bush so of course the society is the challenges we just discussed the challenges of people booking appointments and identifying eligibility age ten. In cancer come in and how think about building infrastructure so people know when it's their time in line and begin to think about how efficiently roll out this acts inch yet. Aspect of the funding is. 100000. New public health workers that are gonna come in to help support the State's that's huge yet these states are so stricter team right now responsible pandemic so more resources is going to be due such good for them. Then we are not gotten in say that some people are traveling to Florida where anyone 65 and older. Is eligible to get a dose and he referred to this is vaccine tourism what do you make of that and what's your advice for leaders in this area. Yeah. It's a real concern right that it isn't expected we have fifty state. So fifty different rollout plans and so people are desperate for the vaccine age if I live in a vaccine desert because there's just no. Access arm and go to where the supply is artists worried about mobility united spoken about this a lot more people to move around this country to more than this clears up this pandemic right so we don't want these vaccination sites to be super spreading sides and so we can't battered face is how preached bitter. Access in all parts of this country improve reduce disparities. A do you think Bruce Seymour consistency. Has more types of our choices open to do delivered vaccine each national pharmacy chains as an example so our whole that is tourism concept of sorts army a slowly slip away as we get two or more efficient and roll out. Help playwright actor John Brownstein thank you.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Dr. John Brownstein discusses how an increase in vaccine eligibility is contributing to the shortage, plus more on President-elect Joe Biden's plan to fight COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75277313","title":"Vaccine shortage: several US cities running out of vaccine supply","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-shortage-us-cities-running-vaccine-supply-75277313"}