Vaccine Watch: Nations engage in vaccine diplomacy

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on how China, Russia and India are providing vaccines for countries around the world, spreading their influence on the global stage during the pandemic.
5:19 | 03/02/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: Nations engage in vaccine diplomacy
The emergency authorization of Johnson and Johnson's coated vaccine means that there are now three different vaccine each that will be available to Americans in the weeks and months ahead as we try to finally take control of the pandemic. But globally vaccines from Russia China and India are being used by countries unable to secure the limited supply of vaccines produced by American companies are Bob Woodruff has been reporting from Turkey where he saw first Spanish how these shots are making it around the world. Here's this week's acts seem much. Here and adjustable city of almost eighteen million people. The vaccines are not from the United States or Europe these are from China. The company Sino back you pretty confident that this is gonna keep you from getting code we are. Then and he should fill all on the and it need to chip DA didn't TNN national guy you look. With cope a nineteen vaccines scarcity still a massive hurdle for the global community. Countries like Turkey are looking at solutions closer to home. And nations like China India and Russia are stepping in to fill the vaccine GAAP. It is a form of diplomacy. As they seek influence on the world stage. In fact Turkey has a history of relying on Chinese vaccines according to doctors there. Blue tech corridor promote can't be a huge difference they're relaxing officer into a kid. The station its charter schools vaccinations. Last week China's pharmaceutical companies sought approval for two additional vaccines. China has not yet purchased any vaccines produced outside their country. They only use their own experts say between eighty and 85%. Of the world's population. Would need to be vaccinated before they can reach herd immunity. And to reach that much more vaccine supply will be needed. We live in a global community. And if really really want to talk about. True approaching. Normality. And we got it with tact is at the global level. Whenever there is transmission. And viral outbreaks throughout the world. United States will always be in danger no matter what we do. Although this pandemic has swept across the world wealthy countries like the US the UK and Canada have essentially prioritize their own citizens. Buying up hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. No purchase drawbacks who supplied to vaccinate all Americans. In January the World Health Organization Director General condemned what he calls vaccine nationalism. Boxing nationalism might set short term Politico involves. But it's odd teammates in the short sites it. And self defeating we will not and that funding weekend whoever I'm too weak and needs heavyweight. To help meet the global need last week WHIO. Began distributing vaccines through global program called Kovacs. And last week the US announced it will provide four billion dollars for poor and middle income countries who just can't afford it. But so far other countries such as China India and Russia are supplying more vaccines to foreign countries. In the US's. Already China's vaccines have been welcomed by 27 countries around the world. Russia's sputnik five vaccine which they claim is more than 90% effective against the krona virus is exported to at least twenty countries abroad. India's contributions have reached over sixteen nations according to the WHIO. This week in the Philippines which has suffered one of the worst pandemic outbreaks in the world. They finally received their very first batch of vaccines. These ones from China. We would've done disdain with high hopes of finding the offending vehicle over at main theme when Demi. In they. Sadly there are still many many countries that have so far received nothing. But Russia India and China are still facing an uphill battle when it comes to trust. Some doubt that their vaccines are quite as effective as those from the west a little people I spoke to hear an Istanbul said. There are nervous. True peachy may seem at Belmont remains workers daily that you connect or mitigate could feature the government will be. You'd think you'd be better to get some rooms from from America got a really good. Tragic. I had more mobile more powerful. Army they. In Decatur. Moment she. For the good old heat up the hope that. For now the urgent need for more vaccine supplies remains in the forefront. Which the WHO predicts will remain a problem at least until the end of the year more bucks in sending Dave little. I approve and produced. That would be enough for everyone but for him out and put that are put to rest of this you. But students would be a limited resource. We must use them on strategic elite as we cut. I'm Bob Woodruff and Istanbul tracking the vaccine.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on how China, Russia and India are providing vaccines for countries around the world, spreading their influence on the global stage during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76192872","title":"Vaccine Watch: Nations engage in vaccine diplomacy","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-nations-engage-vaccine-diplomacy-76192872"}