ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 4, 2021

Georgia voters brace for end of fiery runoff to decide Senate balance of power; Vaccinating the risk-taking trial volunteers; John Ridley creates first Black Batman
50:06 | 01/05/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 4, 2021
Concerns that this moment could eventually lead to war. Iran's revolutionary guard were season. South Korean tanker speedboats flanking the ship and detained in the intern crew of the move comes as Iran announces a renewed effort to enrich uranium. Leaks and bases and claiming election. President trump is now taking a step further potentially committing election throwing himself in a phone call. I use one of the high. 111007. I didn't eight. Love. Taking an hour to pressure Georgia's secretary of state will be recalculated results outrage on both sides of the island some Republicans rushed to Trump's defense. And the mounting tensions in the nation's capital. Brown's senators are bound to reject the electoral com. And the control of the senate is at the center. Frenzy in Georgia right now the runoff election tomorrow rumbled around and life campaigning today. We'll give you an in depth look at the players in one of the most want to run off seems history and the impact results may. Says first confirmed case of the highly contagious and it will be buried now detected in New York as well as multiple states. British prime minister imposing a strict lockdown. 50000. Deaths in less than three weeks. Heat urgent race to vaccinated images from Florida show cars stretching for miles people waiting overnight for a chance to be vaccinated thousands. Anyway plus paying back the placebo patients concerns that some volunteers who stepped up the vaccine trials are now getting left behind. No one in a placebo group is asking jump the line and go ahead of anybody in the public public vaccine. Houston and another woman accused of attacking and wrongly accusing a black teenager. Tell here in New York teen's family demands she now face charges cash and breaking barriers in the super hero. We're screenwriter John. Project and common knew that man. Happens to England. How important is it for young kids in particular to see themselves represented. In coming books. For young people to be able to see that the north to know that would sort it on their own. That is. Year seeing drama while we have turned the page on twenty Tony those first days of 20/20 one still painful and still a white knuckled ride between. The pandemic the president and politics as usual. President trump touching down in Dalton Georgia for rally ahead of tomorrow's critical runoff elections which will decide which party gets control of the senate. And more than two months after the presidential election the president is still focused on his own failed reelection as he continues to make baseless claims that he woman. He took those claims to a new level on Saturday with an hour long phone call to Georgia's secretary of state Grand Rapids burger. Where an audio first obtained by the Washington Post the president is heard. The times pressuring other times begging and threatening Georgia's top election official to change the results of the election. Asking him to simply find 111780. Votes to put him ahead of Biden in that state. Tonight to fall out our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl starts us off. Donald Trump's campaign swing to Georgia tonight. Is now overshadowed by what may be the biggest political crisis yet of his presidency. Are secretly recorded phone call where he urged Georgia's secretary of state Brad rapids Broder to overturn the presidential election there. By finding enough votes to put him ahead of Joseph Biden. There's nothing wrong with saying that you know you. That you re calculated tilt left all I want to do it says I did one of behind. 111007. Ended any. Lumps which is one more that we have. Because we wanted hey don't what are we can do it I only need 111000 about a palace I need 111000 votes in here right. Again and again nineteen times. Trump mentioned the number of additional votes he'd need to win Georgia offering up an avalanche of all unfounded conspiracy theories. But rapids burger bluntly corrected him. The president to challenge that you have. It that they that you have to. Well trump tries to appeal to wrap its breeder as a fellow Republican. You know what I haven't accurate election. And you're Republican. Political leaders and whether the election. Period not united. He also appears to threaten the secretary of state with criminal prosecution. You know what they did indeed not reporting about today you know about criminal that it could. And you know you can't let that happen next step that they risked dealing with Iraq and yellow letters sent a big risks. To be clear the secretary of state committed no crime. But tonight there are questions about whether the president did. By pressuring the state election official to change election results Republican senator Pat Toomey called it quote. A new low in this whole futile and sorry episode. And congresswoman Liz Cheney one of the top Republican leaders in the house had a similar reaction. Still more than half of house Republicans are expected to challenge the results of the election on Wednesday. When congress formally counts the Electoral College votes. It's so or more than a dozen Republican senators. Including four who were just elected and but tonight some long time trump loyalists like senator Shelly Moore capital West Virginia and Tom cotton of Arkansas. Are sounding the alarm. Cotton writing that the founders quote in trusted the election of our president to the people acting through the Electoral College not congress. Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington John just an extraordinary phone call by the president in some legal experts announcing to the president's actions may have in fact crossed a line could the president. Face any potential legal repercussions from that Saturday phone call well. It in May be a long shot that he would actually be prosecuted over this but it's not totally out of the question. Democrats in the house have asked the FBI to investigate and also the Fulton County district attorney. I am sick to did not rule out the possibility there could be. State prosecution. Offered this as a potential crime again attempting to tamper within election. But whether or not their criminal prosecution there seems to be very little question. That it was at the very least inappropriate. Jonathan Karl thanks so much. Acuity. The battle for those two Georgia senate seats has been heated and often ugly in recent weeks high stakes as Democrats and Republicans vie for control the senate. Source inside who's based in Atlantic gives us a closer look now at what's been driving a raison whether it will drive voters to the polls. While the political circus that has surrounded the November election became more avoidable for many Americans a week after they voted. It continues to grind door for voters in Georgia who choose to US senators on Tuesday tomorrow. And in the process decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the US senate everything. Everything events. The political attack ads from both sides are to this very moment inescapable. In Georgia that's their goal. Total radical control to bring her to change to America. On television on the radio on every phone in the state if you want some of senator purchased time you gotta pay fourth. Even to get to the new Taylor Swift bidding when Eugene you have to first sit through a campaign ad if you're watching from a screen in Georgia. So many here are sick of it all the fighting and name call. On this side senator David Perdue who some. Quarantine tonight after being exposed to the corona box he's called his opponent Democrat John all saw a Communist and a job killer. Who he says plans to bankrupt Medicare. The choice in this rice is deploying going to a socialist state that they're trying to describe. And Prado. On saw his call Purdue a coward and a crook saying that Purdue argued against the science during the Kobe crisis but then traded Coke would related stocks. Purdue keeps saying that he's done nothing wrong. It's not just that Europe crux senator. It's that. You're attacking the health. Of the people that you wrapped present. In the other race senator Kelly look look one of the owners of the WNBA Atlanta dream and one of the wealthiest lawmakers in American history. Who says that her opponent reverend Raphael warned hawk is out of touch with Georgia voters because he's quote of radical liberal. In January I have one of the most radical opponents on the democratic ticket. In the whole country and the rob Gilmore not. College students who were watching this debate were playing drinking games. With how many times she used the phrase radical liberal. Radical liberal radical liberal Raphael or not you just heard. Radical liberal Raphael warn act lie again she said at thirteen times in that 1 evening. Oh she's continued. To misrepresent my record. She's loud not only on me but on Jesus. Look looks campaign has taken clips from the reference sermons and used them to say that he's anti police anti military anti Semitic. Yeah. Rough feel warn of attacks our military yeah. Ward hawk is the pastor of the church that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King. And he fought back with video of littler standing at the pulpit in the same church. Clearly on offended by the pastor sitting nearby a preacher who she now repeatedly describes as the most radical and dangerous candidate in America. The attacks had lit a fire under black voters who feel that law clerk has crossed the line. A group of black pastors wrote her an open letter telling her to stop. Writing that we see your attacks against war knock as the broader attack against the black church and faith traditions for which we stand. The tenor has brought racist out of hiding who now flooded the phone lines of this distort black church with racist messages and recordings. Solid said. Supporters should be beaten so badly mauled a man got. All still evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Esther ever Christine. Georgia has a runoff system where if a candidate for office doesn't win 50% of the vote the top two candidates face off again in a runoff election. If it were for the runoff war knock would have won in November and and off soft would've lost polls put the race as even tonight and more than three million georgians have already voted which is fewer than the number who voted in November. But a far larger turnout than what is typical for runoff election. What's also telling turnout in early voting in the mail in vote so far. Appears higher in the blue counties in an Iran Atlanta where most of the State's residents live. Hey my kill up about the incredibly large shadow over this election is coming from this man. The president of the United States who has been refusing to accept the truth that he lost the election in Georgia in November. By a slim margin of nearly 121000 votes this is a state with a Republican governor. And the secretary of state who runs the elections in Georgia is not only a Republican but a trump supporter who was endorsed for office by the president himself. Now the president can't stand the guy because he's refusing to overturn the election results over allegations of widespread voter fraud with no evidence. State investigations in dozens of court cases. Haven't found any reason or evidence to cast any doubt on the election results in Georgia. Well Mr. President that challenged it you have. Is that they that you have to well. And now there's a recorded phone call with the president can be heard trying to pressure Georgia secretary of state. Into finding votes for the president after the election is already been certified. Well I wanna do is. I use one of behind. 111780. Lumps which is one more that we have. Because we wanted to say. The president is also talked trash about Georgia's Republican lieutenant governor who has defended the election here. He says the president's phone call was unfortunate view at all worried that here. Admire. Hurt their chances tomorrow. In any way a dozen helpful I can't think of a single scenario where that phone call. 462 plus minutes and made. Any sort of difference in in getting David Perdue and Tallulah for reelected senators Purdue and Locklear were put in a terrible position signed with the president. Or with state Republicans who refused to cave to the pressure they chose the president. And I'm still shocked that a member of the Republican Party would take a sitting president in the newly dead. It's disgusting in my view president elect Joseph Biden also came to Georgia and right now in the eyes of state Democrats he walks on water his victory here. The something that President Obama was unable to achieve twice turning Georgia blue. I know these campaign this campaign has been exhausting it's been a tax. It's been nonstop. But I'm asking you give every you've got one more day Warren horror today. And had what art eight. You not hyperbole you can change America. It is not lost on Georgia voters in any way that the rest of the country is watching this election closely. And that this decision is significant every day in the male voters here are getting hand written reminders from voters on other sides of the country. It's an overwhelming. Amount of attention and people here can't wait till it ends. For ABC news lock on Steve Wilson sobbing in Atlanta. Our thanks to some innocents on me for his reporting and for more on the race in Georgia we're now joined by congresswoman Carolyn Ford to know who was sworn in Sunday as one of the newest democratic members in congress. Represented Bordeaux thanks so much for joining us happy new year to you as well. Trenton and then you're rep represent parts of northeast metro Atlanta and some of the surrounding counties that were critical in president elect Biden's November victory. What are using on the ground there as far as interest in turn out for tomorrow's senate runoff elections it. Let's get you know looking dear crystal ball here for a moment what are the chances that Democrats are able to pull off two victories here to ultimately get control of the senate. Well we are her. Very optimistic about things look right now how you have to recognize this is Georgia and we have to fight for every that we have to fight to make sure everyone can vote. But right now you can look at the numbers in the democratically held congressional districts and turnout is. Significantly higher than it is in a good number be Republican held congressional districts. So what we're seeing is a real surge in democratic. Voter turnout and we just need to keep that going through teaching betting. Theory Democrats often are more likely to vote earlier than Republicans right. In this case yes in the past few elections in Georgette the Democrats had voted earlier that. Has not always been the case. But it is now and we just need people to keep on turning out to keep on pushing all the way through the line. But we are feeling very optimistic about where we are at this particular point going entities to. Then you're the only democratic congressional candidate to flip a red district blue in 20/20 so say two Republican or independent in your district. Who may have voted for president like Biden and also for you but they now plan to support one or both of the Republican senators as a a check on Democrats controlling the White House house and senate. 01 of the things I ran on was getting things done for the people of the state. And we're in the middle a really serious crisis right now in Georgia our hospitals are overflowing. We are seeing your friends neighbors so many loved ones who are falling sick with co they did. On and hurt filling up our hospital in and we meet people who actually deliver results and we know that the Republicans. In the senate has. They get their trademarked as to shut everything down into not deliver for the American people. And so that was what I ran on was getting things done for the people my district in Georgia and that's what John also been reverend Warren walker running on his wall. And just like to get your reaction to the president's call this week and pressuring Georgia secretary of state to quote recalculate. The results in Georgia's presidential race. First Joseph what did you think when you heard the president's words on that call and also what were your thoughts as far as how the Republican state officials handled it. I was stunned. I was stunned but of course it is part and parcel an African thing going on for months. Up from president trump to try to overturn in subvert the elections in Georgia. But to hear that so boldly on the phone him asking. Our secretary of state to find him some more votes. Was really shocking. On and you know all in all I appreciate that the secretary of state and the governor has held the line and upheld the rule law and Georgia. And he treated yesterday that quell I would use every power my authority to reject Trump's attacks on our election. Do you believe that there was any criminal action by the president in this call and if so do you support state or federal charges against him or any action by congress. Well I am waiting to hear from the attorneys who are looking into whether this is a violation of state and federal law higher arts and early indications that absolutely it was it hard for me to imagine that it was not. And we will be looking for ways to hold the president accountable. And we've seen many Republicans standing with the president on plans to contest the election certification on Wednesday. So would that being the case how difficult do you think it'll be to work with Republicans who do you believe are trying to subvert. The democratic process you think that this starts to fade away once Biden is sworn in or could this cause lasting damage in congress. I think it clearly Republicans even in Georgia who recognized fat. This election was a free and fair election. And you see Ratzenberger and the governor of Georgia saying. Biden want. Sorry president John Biden won. And does so I do think they're Republicans who recognize that and that's important starting point for me reaching out to them. I think we really have to focus on what is important for the American people we need to get asked this election. The charges that the Republicans. Are certain segment Republicans in Georgia have been raising about the elections are outrageous. We need to move past that we had a pandemic that we need to deal with we have a health care crisis me to make investments in education transportation. And I look forward to working with Republicans to solve is really. Pressing needs the America. People representative Carolyn birds out of Georgia we thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Of course is political upheaval is all taking place as the pandemic rages on New York is now the latest state to report a positive case of the new Kobe variant out of the UK. This comes just days after Florida reported its first case but the scene of the holiday weekend there is a tale of two vastly different realities on want and you have people majority of them senior citizens. Lining up for hours to get their vaccine. And on the other end you have packed beaches and large indoor gatherings were people are hardly wearing masks and all are practicing any social distancing. This is the vaccine rollout is plagued by concerns about slow distribution. Sticking rounds has more. Tonight that highly contagious variant of the corona virus now confirmed in upstate New York. The sixty year old man from Saratoga Springs without any recent travel suggesting community spread. You are symptomatic. But he is on the manned and he's doing better. That patients connected to a local jewelry store where three other people also tested positive for cope it contact tracing is now underway. Think UK Berry it's now in four states making the race of Saxony all the more urgent another variant from South Africa could be even more contagious. Our Jane Orman is with scientists in Boston course studying these Kobe nineteen need to patients to these are thinking. Mint sells that'll be studied in a microscope like this find out if natural antibodies or vaccine would be effective against a new variant. The general. Suspicion. Is that these cars variants are still likely susceptible to vaccines. However we don't know that yet. In Florida cars stretching miles hour joking and Joseph is with senior since its many waiting all night. Vaccinations are under way here Daytona Beach but the demand is so why the lights are so long thousands are being turned away. The advice and county health experts if you can't. What's the first thing doesn't want to do. What's your vaccinated. I just wanted to hug everybody and see my friends. Four and a half million Americans have been vaccinated. A fraction of the 120 million the government said would be immunized by the end of December. Operation warp speed today saying vaccinations are ramping up. We've seen a very rapid uptake just in the last 72 hours of reporting one point five million additional administrations of the vaccine. And working with our states and I'm very hopeful there we're gonna see continued rapid uptick in that. So far 70%. Of the vaccine distributed is still waiting to be put into arms. Governors are now warning hospital's New York's Andrew Cuomo threatening fines of 2100000. Dollars if they don't use their vaccines in the next week. You have to move different scene and they have to move the vaccine faster. I'm planning. Today in New York nurse Sandra Lindsay the first person in the country to get a Pfizer vaccine. Today getting her second adults to become fully vaccinated. And of course a concern as we have heard throughout the holidays is that things could get worse news surges threaten to overwhelm hospitals already buckling under the stress. That is this scenario are Mac government encountered inside one Los Angeles hospital with some consider the epicenter. Of the epicenter. A patient is dying. All doctor Jason Prosser would a team of nine. Bush in disabling. Staff are armor in his pepper helmets and PPE against the virus stalking the hospital that now has more Covert patience. In licensed day it's the scene unfolding just behind us at the Martin Luther King community hospital's icu. The patient pulled through its birth. I'm written. Yeah that I mean they've. They've for now this Latino and black community could be staggering 32% positive. We're running. Probably 300%. Over normal capacity I mean we 100%. Across the nation eight record number of Americans hospitalized. More than a 125000. And 50000 deaths in the last three weeks if you have someone going in the labor having a heart attack or who gets into a car accident on icy road. They may not have a bad because the icu their fault much at the spiky tribute to Thanksgiving travel gets seventeen million Americans traveled. Over the Christmas and New Year's holidays when point three million yesterday. That's the most since the pandemic began. Back at the MOK hospital that patient with saved but eight others died since you have become accustomed to being. I mean BAC you. In general you know there's always some amount to death in the intensive care unit but certainly. Accelerated significantly with this pandemic particularly in the last few weeks but that search. And we just heard one of those doctors say that they are already hit 300%. Of their normal capacity that really says it all Mac on the joins us now I met a local hospital where you've been reporting fun is in. Part of LA with a 90% minority population in a traditionally underserved part of the city tell us more about the challenges of the community is facing an. And not just inside the hospital. They do there's pretty much an institutional structural problem that right. This part the LA county gets less money for doctors then say UCLA. About a third of blacks which means that it draws doctors. Who lie there are fewer doctors are those who are not as good. Many people in that community are under public insurance so they don't get as much money for then as well. The people we are seeing in this hospital suffering from Kobe to right now. The vast majority of them are essential workers many of them don't have good insurance on the one hand yet. A higher population of people who has Kobe to and is more prone to getting it because they're out and about more and then. A lower number of beds to actually care for them and the CEO the hospital says it this is a vicious circle that keeps repeating itself year after year generation after generation right now there is. No way out that is why we're seeing a 32% positive eating great. In south LA that is why people there. Are dying at a very fast clip. And even starts before it because we're talking about a population that are already suffers Baden. From being underserved by the medical profession. Lots of diabetes lots of obesity problems that people come and present themselves with at the hospital and then it's. Harder and harder to treat them even if they're getting the best of care which they are at places like MLK but this what they're so inundated. They simply can't give everybody the best care that they possibly could. Lindsay right Lisa Masterson vicious cycle Matt coming thanks so much. And his. And when we come back this year to from a chairlift when she slips out of her jacket what happens next. Provocative moves from Iran seizing a tanker ship and sexually announcing an update they could indicate how close they are to making nuclear weapons. Up next they volunteered and took part in the landmark Kobe vaccine trials and also her. After learning that they got a placebo are upset that they may have to wait for the real thing why coming up. Welcome back among the many heroes of this past year the courageous souls who agreed to be injected with an unauthorized untested. Kobe nineteen Maxine to see if it would work. These volunteers had a 5050 chance of getting the actual vaccine the rest got a placebo now. Many want to know which shot they got and if it was a placebo when they'll get the real thing. ABC's Aaron rash act has this report. This sighs of relief air. Those health care workers high risk Americans and even some politician getting the highly anticipated authorize covic nineteen vaccines. And it all started with volunteers. Stepping up. Tens of thousands of men and women put their faith and possibly their lies into the hands of scientists. Through the course of the last year they offered themselves up to be in clinical trials who tested the vaccines were safe and effective. I we. Wanted to do to help. Flexing its earning bashing them or their medical histories vary from sixty. I had a history your but pressure also is lest we all ethnic backgrounds different. Wedding immediate own minority. To their well we'll do. It but it. Both women to do it. To test the vaccine being study half the volunteers got the vaccine the other half got a placebo a shot that contained no vaccine at all. The volunteers didn't know which group they belong to you. Like Atlanta and CE TE and that. Ali in mind and try out. But now as millions of other Americans get the shot they helped develop. Some volunteers have found out through in a body testing that they were possibly given the placebo coming back again sample. And they want the vaccine. Now. They plan to keep us is less rest so they're taking gathered data from India the people get sick how many people got. We are not lab rats were human billions. Jose and Laura Barbosa were volunteers and the Pfizer trial. They took consumer in a body test and think Jose it was in the placebo group we wanted to make sure I'm. Mostly in the Barbosa say that after numerous failed attempts to get vaccinated at their trial clinic. They went in got the vaccine outside of their trial. They knew it there was some pressure. To help him in three weeks go back for the second. Clearly took a few minutes it was easy. No grow little. Typically trial participants remain on a placebo for the duration of the trial to help researchers determine the effectiveness of the drug or vaccine. And in this case Pfizer says it's already vaccinated some volunteers from a placebo group and plans to inoculate all others that want to be. By march 1. In his statement to ABC news the company says the vaccine transition option will be implemented in a phased approach starting with those who would qualify for vaccination if they were not part of the clinical trial. But wit the vaccine now authorized some are frustrated they say that Pfizer is it moving fast enough. No one in a placebo group is asking that jump the line and go ahead at any body in a public public back sing the placebos. Wish to be vaccinated. Use and the experimental trop child vaccines that are located at the clinics right now. This backs ninety's other thousands and thousands mostly boats and reduce the risk. The jury got the maker of the other authorized vaccines said in a statement last week that it was going to -- blind all of their volunteers and make the vaccine available to anyone in the placebo group who wants it. I think they seem to you really don't about the book. Drug makers are caught between doing right by the heroic clinical volunteers and collecting more scientific data through longer trials to answer questions like whether vaccines work against asymptomatic infection. And how long protection lasts. John DOS in wants his vaccine that says he has no second thoughts. I regret it and steady. No I don't regret joining get in the study because right I didn't. Aerial rash F three BC news line. I think stereo for them and still ahead here on prime the police search for these two men film jumping all of the hotel rooftop bar and leaving customers terrified. And stunned. Its holiday gift return time but did you have it all those unwanted gifts could actually lead to big deals will explain. And the Tobin pandemic is not the first time Americans had to do mass vaccinations we take a look. By the numbers that first start tweeting on the day this year March Madness will take place in the Hoosier state and home on the NCAA the great state. I'm Indiana exclusively. And. Oh. Welcome back everybody as the country races to get come in nineteen vaccines into hundreds of millions of arms. We take a look at America's long history with mass vaccinations. By the numbers at least six major diseases were eliminated with vaccines in the US smallpox polio diphtheria mumps measles and rubella. Roughly 29000 Americans used to get smallpox each year in about a third of them would died today that number is zero. In 1947 New York City was able to Macs and 86 million people for smallpox in less than one month after a single case threatened to spark a massive outbreak. It used to kill or paralyze about 161000. Americans per year now it's zero. About 530000. Americans used to contract measles each year but after a highly successful vaccine program. That disease was declared eliminated in the US in 2000 but it re searched after some communities. Refuse to get vaccinated 1287. Americans got measles in 2019. The seasonal flu has stopped around a 174. Million doses of flu shots were distributed in the US last fall and winter. I now we have covic nineteenth so far more than four and a half million Americans have received a first dose of vaccine. According to the CDC that's a pasted some critics say is far slower than what this country is capable off. Still wants to get to hear on flying. We're now learning the identity of the woman who attacked a quarantine falsely accusing him of taking over cell phone we're also getting a look. At the hotel's surveillance footage of the incident. Major lockdown announced in the UK as they try to contain that new Condit strange. But first a look at our top trending stories on Well. Georgia he's today's political battleground for the president elect invited and president trump both campaigning here today ahead of tomorrow's senate runoff elections if Democrats win know it they'll win the senate majority president Trump's visit comes two days after he asked the Georgia Republican secretary of state to quote refine enough votes to reverse the resolved in his day he lost. I want to but I'm. Eleven it out yeah. Senate candidate hey days. Mountains. But the votes in Georgia have already been counted three times including an extensive hand recount and signature match audit the results are unchanged from Joseph Biden won Georgia Taylor and yes it is just plain wrong the backlash swings. Joseph Biden will be the next president of the United States wind that's not stopping a 140. House Republicans and at least twelve Republican senators from challenging the Electoral College results when congress convenes on Wednesday. Kobe in nineteen spreads rapidly across the US and vaccinations. Can happen fast enough. The first person to your guest shot three weeks ago got her second dose on Monday. California what would such high demand for the vaccine coast to coast to some people have been getting turned away and he even after waiting overnight in and three mile long lines in Daytona Beach, Florida this CDC reports more than four million people have been vaccinated despite the goal of twenty million by the end of 22 when he sets an operation works in this as a record 125000. Americans are hospitalized with the virus is warning to the Colombian tracking project. He oversees the UK is now the first nation in the world. To use drugmaker AstraZeneca is not over nineteen vaccine becomes just as the prime British prime minister announced. That an even tougher lock down on the one they put in place in the march is coming. The prime minister says UK facing a critical moment in the pandemic and the closure of schools in borders among the restrictions possibly come away. Tensions rising in the Middle East after a long season is tank girl from South Korea at a crucial straight up promotes. The Islamic nation claims the vessel was polluting the Persian gulf and strait. Here comes as a South Korean diplomat was due to travel to the nation to discuss the release of billions of dollars in Oregon assets now frozen has solved. Meanwhile Iran began today. Enriching uranium to levels unseen since its when he fifteen nuclear deal a deal. President trump pulled out of removing nuclear monitors in the process. This judge has refused to grant the US extradition WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under the espionage charges the judge ruling that sending Assange to meet US prison would be arrested because the 49 year old's mental health alert. Caught on camera was very scary moment rescuers I'm not a skier whose. Slipping off and she Carroll left. That there's an upstate New York for the skiers can be seen as an easy dangling by her jacket mishap and the Bristol mountain ski resort. Yesterday there for its key metro was able to get her quick clean. This year slowly. Slipped out of her jacket and then talent we safety TARP stretched out. They'll. I like yeah. In Belize and Nashville are looking for in these disease are now it's two men who based jungle rooftop. Hotel bar on New Year's Day the only leap from the top or railing on the 25 floor. Air into the ground below where they gotten to a hardening drove away. A it. Latest on the story that we first brought you last week the woman seen in that viral video falsely accusing a black teen of stealing her phone. Has now been identified by police and for the first time we're also seeing the hotel surveillance video where she is seen chasing after the teen and then tackling and he BC's Adrienne banker has the latest. The by. The woman behind the viral confrontation in a new York city hotel caught on camera accusing of fourteen year old herself on. Is now identify. It. Doesn't want what I in the world sources tell ABC news that 22 year old my upon said oh is the woman seen in this video viewed nearly three million times on line. Falsely accusing jazz musicians on herald sun of taking her phone. Unsettle confronting Keon Harrell junior in that hotel's lobby the disturbing altercation filmed by heralds father causing outrage. Con settle is seen briefly on the ground than surveillance video shows her rustling with Keon junior and the lobby attempting to tackle him her phone was later found by an uber driver the shaking teen and his family speaking out recently on GMA. They include these are meaner I don't know will order her partner wasn't there honestly he's classy Jay it is you know. Still kind of shut shop. Now is the NYPD considers charges duties yells are emerging about punts and those past run ins with the law. In February she was arrested for public intoxication at a Beverly Hills Hotel then in May she was arrested again this time charged with a DUY. Her sentence included probation and community service and nine months of alcohol counseling camera crews tracking pound settled down in California asking her about the incidents. When he tears the hole I don't know what. Nobody grin and he Puerto Ricans. OK thing can be does that justify what you did. The hero Stanley says ponds settle has not reached out to them when my son asked me why me mom. That. It's just heard the toughest and say that a parent has taken a child. Son. Unfortunately. It might be because you're black. Prior to onset. Are being identified the family called for racial justice all there are we asking this by the police to do the right thing. What did he do the right thing it's this moment with a saw. The idea of trauma goes the blue any charge they could ever be happy that he had a problem mustn't rule uphold. Tonight that's already want. Thanks to injury and for that my opponent said it was due in court to face a public intoxication charge from her first arrest in Beverly Hills. Later this month she has reportedly entered a plea. Of not guilty. And next in the post holiday rush to make gift from returns it's the age old tradition but did you know that it may also result in some discounts on. Popular items Rebecca Jarvis explains. The new year is in full swing and so where those holiday returns according to The National Retail Federation this year one in ten gifts are expected to be sent back but with some restocking fees costing stores more than they can make you could still get your biggest holiday shopping deals yet. Here's how it works it distort things they can't turn a profit on a returned item send them to a re commerce web site like bleak or shore when liquidators slide not. Which will inspect and photograph the items and resell them at a fraction of the retail price. Retailers don't have the processing power to resell all holiday returns at adversity and silly work with companies to figure out other ways to sell I don't often times. These products. Then end up on third party discount shopping site which is a huge benefit to shoppers who can act popular item at a deep discount. On slide by and auction site that works like eBay shoppers can placed bids on items for sale starting at just one dollar. We found everything from air mattresses to coffee makers in speakers. IRobot rumba vacuum cleaners and coveted home office items like desks and chairs. No items are returned to the retailer they go electric hookers facilities. Math. After the lesson that you put on trucks and trucks come us. Klink is another site where you can save more than 70% on returned an overstock merchandise for retailers like apple frigid air and Karen war. Even savings on make up in designer handbags. We found this nest security camera system for 357. Dollars half off its 700 dollar retail value. This use Samsung galaxy S twenty selling for almost 60% off. And these brand new skis 78%. Op. Lots ways to cash in on those returned items or things to Rebecca for that and when we return. Re imagining how are superheroes or stay with us. Welcome back John Ridley is best known as the Oscar winning screenwriter of twelve years a slave in for TV's American crime that is first passions in life. Was comic books Ridley has now teamed up with DC congress on two new projects it re imagine classic superheroes in diverse ways including. The first black that man John Ridley joins us now happy new year to you and thanks so much for joining us mr. Ridley. Now you came up with the idea to re imagine the DC universe as diverse. When did you first encounter comics and start thinking about black superheroes. A long time ago I mean come no longer kid. I've been reading comic book since I was a kid and I just remember. The first time that I saw a black lightning comic book and always loved comics never really thought about representation much. But I think we knew see what it is you're missing when you see a hero who looks like you whose day job with the same as my mom was teacher. You realize that representation does make a difference. And little. Things you mean a lot so for me this has been a long journey not just appreciating comics were heroes look like me but wanting to be an individual. Who had the capacity to deliver comics other readers. Who represented their backgrounds. And this is a bit of a leading question but. How important is it for young kids in particular to see themselves represented. In comic books. I think it's huge job as a parent myself. You know my kids are at an age where they don't merely ingests things but the common about it make comment about. Not necessarily seeing heroes or individuals are folks in the wider media. Who looked like bill. Inspiration is absorbed a lot of aren't so we can talk. About representation weekend express how important it is as adults. To younger people. For them that know that they can accomplish anything. But for young people to be able to see that soon nor too would know that to absorb it on their own that it's huge. And you are of course is celebrating Oscar winning screenwriter. What was it about writing graphic novels that appeal to you and and how different and how much of an adjustment was that. Well. I'm in the big difference if it's intrinsically fought I'm I mean I appreciate many of the things that I've done twelve is a slave American crime you talked about it TV showed the guerrilla. Documentary might fall about the only uprising. I'm deeply appreciative of having the opportunity to tell stories like that their top stories they really are. And to be able the tell stories that are literally fantastic that Tom are not. Constrained by budget. That are merely constrained by ideas and originality. There's great joy there and you know I think of my kids they're deeply appreciative of the story telling I've done. But they love things like white black panther made they loved to go out in in CDs. In incredible. Stories rendered on the big screens should be able to. To add to that mythology on the page for me it's a great joy. And let's talk about future state the next bat man the main character has his origins in the original Batman comics who is he and how is having a black Batman different from the one and many of us know Bruce Wayne. The individuals going to be playing Batman is one of the sons of Lucius fox and I think even people who just. Com tangentially just casually no bat man. They remember Morgan Freeman playing that character so it to be the sign one of that man's aren't trusted allies. What that means some story what that means on the page what it means be part of a very prominent family in Gotham city those things to me are very interesting into your question. What makes this Batman or this iteration of Batman very unique. Tom I don't you ask the question but I don't look at him as being blacked that he is a young man of very particular circumstances who happens to be bought. And I think if it weren't for those particular areas of his life of his family opens narrative then yes he would just be a black guy who's putting on the bat suit. But change is gonna have his own story is gonna happens in struggles. On separate from being that man. A lot of that is going to be about family which is important to me again as a father is husband to really leaning into aspects of spam like all of that is gonna make Jason's story very unique and then on top blew it yes he does get to be a hero and all of those things that these characters do is here. That's where the fun is that's where the excitement has put its all predicated on family. And is a good point and a good distinction you make their so why do you think that it has taken so long for superheroes who happened to be black to go mainstream and there were some some black and other diverse characters and older comics but they never really moved to the forefront. You know what I think it's the same as in any other industry that it's taken awhile for people who really acknowledged changing demographics. Come sometimes it's just a matter being hit in the face with finances and business and you see with a growth industries are you see where. I'm the demographics are we excited who are interested in spending their money look I don't think it's an ax and that the biggest films over the past year or a year removed roomy console go to movie theaters by I am their Wonder Woman captain marvel. We look at films like crazy rich Asians where people have this pent up demand CE representation. To see themselves. In the products that they're supporting with their money so I like to think that part of it is just people. Looking at the world and saying hey we need to do a better job of represented but even if it just comes down to business. I'm sometimes that's what it takes for change to be made. Irrespective of why I'm just very thankful that in that now I get to be. Part of that story we're right okay. Pleasure to talk to John Ridley thanks so much for your time and a reminder for our viewers both future state and the next Batman and the other history of the DC universe. Are available at participating comic book retailers and digital platforms such as comic psychology apple and Amazon. Thank you. Before we go tonight our image of the day now take a look this or refer leaping into the politic scene like this news cycle has us a leaping head first. In two teen 1021. This image was captured from appear in Germany the temperature outside in the time. A balmy 35 degrees. That is our show concern will be sure to stay tuned to ABC news' live more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so what's your sharing with us and did not.

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