ABC News Live Update: New concerns over COVID-19 and kids taking school buses

Plus: The city of Beirut is searching for survivors after that deadly explosion, and a SWAT team raids YouTube star Jake Paul’s house.
24:21 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: New concerns over COVID-19 and kids taking school buses
Good morning I'm Diane Messina thanks for streaming with us. In today's update new concerns over Coleman and school buses as schools try to ensure kids are spread out in class how do you keep them safe on the bus. We'll have a look at the steps schools are taking in what experts say is the key to bus safety. Also ahead the city of Beirut is searching for survivors after that catastrophic explosion. At least one American is among the dead and this morning we're hearing from the bride who was thrown by the blasts as she posed for pictures on the wedding day. And FBI and swat teams raided YouTube star Jake called LA mansion. Officers led men away in handcuffs and say they sees multiple guns here why the FBI says it may be linked to one investigation in Arizona. But we begin with the new FEMA report showing a disproportionate number of nonwhite children are dying from corona virus in the US. Black and Hispanic patients under eighteen or at least 9% more likely to die from -- nineteen than white patients. More than 50000 new cases were reported in 14100 people have died in the US in just the last 24 hours. But there is some good news the national surge could be leveling off funeral reports of new cases infant deaths were down last week. Compared to the week before. Meanwhile Twitter temporarily blocked president trunk from tweeting last night after he posted a clip from an interview claiming children are nearly immune to the virus. FaceBook also removed up post calling it harmful misinformation. ABC's Marcus Moore has the latest on the pandemic from McAllen Texas. This morning cope with nineteen ravaging the US Mexico border and threatening the traditional returned to school across the nation. And there is nothing normal about what's happening at this hospital in the Rio Grande Valley and roughly half the beds here corporal corona virus patients including in the delivery Wu. Yeah and again they've showed it to me. And rarely it took him this new mom has only seen her baby to her Smartphones is delivery then Paul had a good evening. Extension acres. Me that I am being a first hand won't. And an oasis county Texas official saying the number of babies testing positive for Covert. Has doubled in the past two weeks nearby in Rio Grande city Starr county memorial is almost a cup power. Have city. Transferring patients out as far as 700 miles away. And hardy stretches just as far in these border communities. Fifty Veronica dream pastor Daniel Cutley at a loss for relatives to Covert nineteen in just two weeks. Including Sarah his wife of nearly 49 years she spent 21 days in the hospital before passing away. Her family not allowed to be by her side in those final moments. Uncle who do you. By hundreds dying but I for over. Casey. Bonobo. As a much loved but like Canada and federal retirement and I had this feeling raked in Israel and you gotta figure precaution. The situation is sold dire in the regional field hospital has finally been set up at the convention center in McAllen visiting doctors also answering an urgent plea for help. But doctors across the country to also having to deal with an anti science sentiment among so many Americans doctor Anthony found cheek discussing death threats against his family in this Harvard Medical School life street. I would never imagined in my wildest dreams. People who. Who objected things that are pure public child's principal. So set against good and don't like what you UN on 88. Mainly in the word of science. That they actually threaten new. In California the mayor of Los Angeles threatening to cut water and power to any homes or businesses hosting large gatherings in violation of health orders. But just hours after that stern warning. This crowded wedding party kicked off and one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods large groups of guests dancing and partying up close most not wearing masks. These large house parties have essentially become nightclubs in the hills and beyond the noise the traffic a nuisance. These large parties are unsafe. This morning we're back outside the field hospital that's been set up here in McAllen. Dozens of people are recovering from cope a nineteen inside the convention center where there are our tents that are set up inside this place big enough. To house up to 250 patients a gives you a sense. But the situation they're dealing with here and how many people. Have all fallen ill at the same time the US government announcing it is making a one billion dollar investment. In pharma giant Johnson & Johnson that's for 100 million doses of a vaccine. For clinical trials Diane and then that as we mentioned this morning is hope they can't come soon enough. We have so many of us hoping they get that vaccine as soon as fossil mark is thank you. And Chicago's mayor has announced that the country's third largest school district we'll start the school year all virtual. Chicago originally propose a hybrid model of both in classroom and remote learning but some parents and the teacher's union pushed back over safety concerns. Alex Perez is in Chicago forest with Morales what happened between mid July when the mayor proposes hybrid model. And yesterday when she announced all learning will be on line. Hey Diane checking out this school building behind me a high school here one of many school buildings that won't remain empty the next few months and no big group of students will be in this building or any school building. For that matter of the some 300000. Students here in the Chicago public school system now what happened from July to now while officials say. Co big numbers here in the Chicago area have been as slowly creeping up and because of back it just does not make any sense. To get students back in the classroom also the teachers union this did threaten. To strike and now officials say what's gonna happen now this semester this a fall quarter is going to be different than what we saw. In March and they say students are going through the teachers are going to be armed with up plan. To teach their students are going to be coming into classrooms and they're actually going to be teaching. Remotely from their classrooms they're even going to now be taking attendance Diane. And what's the reaction been like me know that to some teenagers and parents obviously pushed back when the plan was originally presented now that it's all virtual. What's the reaction from the community. Well you know today and for a lot of parents this is going to be tough there are a lot of people who still. Have to go to work and leaving kids at home means they have to figure that out for them but we did speak or hear from at least one teacher and when parent and here's what they had to say. This year from game you know from the get go my husband and I decided that we were gonna go live remote learning. We agree that it's CPS did not have a deep curriculum MRSA planned for remote flirting that we would have to pull it children. Thank you look you know home school program ourselves. Luckily CBS's. You know. Gonna figure something out here and I and we you know. Hopefully they'll be better than black street numbers are too high we should not be throwing her children and teachers in there. You know with this new virus nobody knows how old Howard's gonna golf. Our reaction to hearing this CPS would it be online this follows. One of the great relief. I'm relieved to know that teachers are no longer being forced. To choose between their lives in their livelihood we know how to roll with the punches. And were initially the job done right. I want you to know that public school teachers who'll always file for our keys in their fan base. I'll come hell or high water. No matter what rotavirus. It doesn't matter who we are going to fire car fan base. And their safety and their learning. And you heard that parent their say they just don't know how things are going to go and that's it officials are saying it's very hard to predict where things will be in the next couple of weeks. The next several weeks so they say they have. Have to take this precaution right now. But they also say this is temporary right now on the plan is to have this remote learning only through the first quarter through November. They plan to re evaluate things that and hopefully they say they can get students back into these as school buildings. And this is a conversation in these are questions that school districts across the country. Are having right now Diane. We have lots of people and during that conversation Alix thanks we should mention. LA schools are also going online only cents to the country's largest school district saying kids will not come back to the classroom this fall. Former Georgia though it's a different picture and there's new fallout now over images of a high schools packed hallways. One image shows students shoulder to shoulder many not wearing masks this morning there's also a video. Of students walking through that hallway and now the mother of the student who took this video says her child has been suspended. Also around the country parents aren't just worried about safety in the school but how to get kids there. Our whit Johnson takes a look at pandemic precautions on the school bus. This morning school is back in session and some parts of the country raising major questions about how to safely transport kids to class amid the pandemic. Social distancing and masks aren't just for the classroom every student that rides the bus. Must Wear a mask and for many students this new routine will start on the bus slowed the bus. From the back to the front this video from Casey county schools in Kentucky shows what that might look like. Parents asked to check their kids temperatures before they board. And children asked to use can't see advertiser as they head to their seats. Once they leave a team fully this infects the bus doctor Mary Beth sexton with Emory University School of Medicine. Says the risk of spread on buses is low if the right precautions are taken and ventilation is key. The main problem with a bus is that you don't have a lot of circulation there's nothing that happens. Actually unless you're in a position where you can open the windows. The CDC also recommends students Wear face coverings and sit one child per row skipping rose when possible. To achieve that the national association for pupil transportation. Says there should be fewer kids on board. All are saying is being done. I don't need is love to run ball all around. Drew a day to give students who. Some superintendents encouraging parents to avoid the bus altogether. But that's not an option for some families especially with working parents they have the ability to transport their children's school. I would do so another proposal walking school buses a pre pandemic program that could be a big help in Kentucky. But apartment of education says this could allow groups of kids. Who live nearby to get to school safely led by an adult chaperone picking up other children along the way. One primary concern for a lot of school districts is that if they cut back on transportation options. It would disproportionately impact low income families with fewer resource is the same communities that have been the hardest hit. By the pandemic. Diane. And those communities UV services more than ever with thanks. And at the college level the University of Connecticut is the first top level football team to opt out of the season. Now other college teams are facing pressure from players and fans to make a decision will Reeve has more on that. This morning the future of college sports is in question to the growing concerns over the corona virus. The University of Connecticut announcing its canceling the entire football season. We came through the realization that this just wasn't go to work from a health safety and well or standpoint. Or cute now. Please college teams across the country are already fighting outbreaks the university of blue oval now suspending activities for its soccer field hockey and volleyball teams after 29 student athletes tested positive contact traced to an off campus party. At Rutgers at least 28 members of the football team have tested positive and eight UCLA football players as well. One player who has already opted out over health concerns Minnesota star receiver were shot Bateman a projected first round NFL draft pick. Shots were me in my gramley the only concern their reunited Lewis built. I have that's more soldiers topic tomorrow family and we tell you the best decision for me. And some programs are now facing accusations they're not taking athletes' health seriously enough. After the Colorado win reported allegations that student athletes were being discouraged from being tested for covad nineteen. And that its athletic department was ignoring guidelines for quarantining athletes who may have been exposed but student athletes are now refuting the claims. Saying the university is taking measures to keep players safe if you are symptoms. Meeting darker. The school's athletic director issuing a statement saying in part it was troubling to read that any student athlete is concerned about our department's commitment to their health and safety as we have reiterated daily with our staff and student athletes their health is our top priority. Players are also speaking out on racial justice reform and the ongoing issue of player compensation. As the NC double a tries to form a return to play plan. Players are doing whatever they can to empower themselves. Diane. I will re we appreciate the report thanks. Let's go over to Beirut now we're more than 130. People are dead and at least 5000 are injured after that massive explosion on Tuesday. And that number could climb as crews searched through the rubble for those still missing in panel has a closer look at the destruction and the investigation into what happened. This holding. Global warming signal that could have prevented debate root blast this is all the remains of the polls amid growing questions about what's. This city in the states of emergency counting the dead and searching for the missing could instructions amends massive piles of metal beams went buildings once stood. Hundreds of windows live now to do still standing broken glass everywhere. People now returning to the was. And finding them told a pounds. This massive grain silo a main food source for the country completely destroyed by the explosion this satellite image shows the warehouse where the explosion originated before and then. After completely decimated the land underneath simply go wrong. Without letting do more than two and a half thousand tons of ammonium nitrate stool via a highly explosive chemical. Confiscated from a Frazier it was too old hippie kids. But not open pit at the customs department speaking on Lebanese TV claiming they were released for it let's isn't boarding to huge stockpile was a danger and asking for a way to remove its. Officials appointing two gross negligence. The blast change tens of thousands of lives in a matter of moments. It was should have been the best day of allies took to stress of Blarney poses for her wedding photos. As the blast rips through she seemed running for headlined. We want and into my mind that mall. In my mind how she. In lieu. On small mom mom and daughter. Some of the digs apartments a mile from the polls completely destroyed it was absolutely terrifying the whole place like it was going. It move is almost as if it was an Craig and a ball. At least one Americans known to be among the more than 113. Dead many more people are missing a group of 5000. Injured. On the timing couldn't have been worse for a country already on its knees. And in panel joins us live now from London in there is governors of the country will need to rely heavily on foreign aid to rebuild. Is this city getting the help it needs. They certainly starts commandments out we've seen some cargo loads all of humanitarian assistance some from the UN the World Health Organization. Starting to come and the French presidency Manuel MacWorld is currently in bay rays. Also promising a large package of assistance some incredible scenes. House on the streets that him being mauled by people. Desperate call that assistance. But also desperate that VA doesn't go into the hands of the government and this speaks to the lounge a difficulty in Lebanon the political crisis at the country's being going through as well as an economic crisis. People lost faith in the government missing large scale protests going on and a significant days they do walk they say to come and but that worried that they'll be people officials skimming off the tall police that kind of taking. Short cuts. That people who are involved and mismanagement. Negligence that the elusive the kinds of things that led to this accidents in the first place. And so yes they won't be a of those awards it to go into the hands of the people who really need it. And that doesn't mean the government's. In as foreign governments who want to help religious form people who want to help patty you. Give that help and still ensure that it doesn't go into the wrong hands. Yeah I mean a good question right now there are agencies on the ground already Dara and I've seen people said he'll line on social media sanguine that the Red Cross the red crescent for example a very active than those organizations. How good infrastructure. But he's very very difficult to do especially when the main ports is being destroyed if you can't just fly Congo loads of agents of the country and then just hand itself. And not involve the government in some way perhaps this will be a wake up call for the government they desperately needs help. We seeing tens of thousands of people now homeless many people who already struggling to feed themselves. Many of lost their life savings all that practically with nothing because the devaluation. All of the Lebanese currency and so people are living hand to mouth already and now when they've lost their homes they don't have the money to rebuild the infrastructure isn't that they do need that tape and -- to be managed properly but without it there are significant political risk here that a country that was already on the brink people were already talking. About eleven and collapsing about that big. A return to some of the Darko olden days not a civil war but certainly some kind of conflict. Those risks a rule also increased by this tragedy. And in what's the latest on the search for survivors in the investigation into wide tons of explosives were just left in a warehouse. Yeah I mean that's subsidy BK and again the Lebanese people will rightly demands. Clarity transparency and real and only stands as a tool of those legitimate questions of the search is still going all. We've seen some countries have sent teams of rescue dogs into those areas to search through the rubble looking for people. The au authority so why do in the couldn which shed the exclusion zone around the blast site. Because they believe that that may well be voting said the reading and searching out to see this being a suggestion that some people literally blown out to say some people who are all the craft near Barr right will also swept out to sea so the rules are searching. Ounces save but that investigation is apps to BK we know that this. More than two and a half fast and tons of this highly dangerous substance. Who's beings told that we also now on that there had been repeated warnings from pool to authorities. Looking for some kind of judicial rulings essentially saying look. This stuff is highly unstable it shouldn't be kept him he's advises helpless tellers won't to do. And clearly those warnings when T didn't I would just add to the anger I was talking about we have but. And now it's rebuilding its recovery and a bubble VA that they desperately needs. My wishing them a speedy recovery from all of this in we appreciate the report thanks. And a few more things to know before you go the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Coleman nineteen fears are not a valid excuse to vote by mail in the presidential election. But absentee votes at listing that reason will still be counted for today's primary people who are more vulnerable to the virus will be allowed to vote by mail in November. And the FBI raiding YouTube star Jake calls mansion in California. In the video obtained by TMC you can see officers leading men away from the house other officers could also be seen carrying multiple long guns from the mansion. The FBI says the raid was linked to an investigation in Arizona. But the warrant is sealed by a judge. And two new baby girl as have been discovered in a national park in Uganda. Wildlife officials say they're part of a gorilla baby boom in a protected forest that's popular with tourists. Those experts believe the babies were born last month in the same week. Gorillas are an endangered species so activists say this is great news. And instant Graham has rolled out a new service to rival the popular video sharing app tick tock. It's called real son with take tax future in the US potentially in jeopardy. The question is could reels becoming for tick tax users here's TJ Holmes. Gave yeah. Take doc has taken over. A favorite for -- the years on average kids are spending eighty minutes per day using the app. But that's ticked up faces an uncertain future after president trumps threat to ban the apple where security reasons. A new competitor is getting in the game on as to Graham called wheels. When it's kind of figuring out what exactly are real can successfully launch something similar enough to kick it would be Billy keep the bad hop over. Miley Cyrus released a teaser of her brand new song midnight sky exclusively on reels so what's the difference between the two reals or 152 video while tech talk can be up to sixty seconds tick tock is its own half well next time into Graham's one billion users open up their apps. Real will be and their explore page so will this succeed. These which. On this again is notorious for copying other apps and there's a popular I can't he's likely going to want and it. It's a Graham saying this about the new format no two services are the same in this responsiveness to consumer demand is competition at work. And one of the longtime hallmarks of the tech sector increases choice which is good for people. But tick tock made their stance in the industry clear last month saying that tick Todd we welcome competition we think fair competition makes all of us better. To those who wish to launch competitive products we say bring it on. So let's try it out first my first ever tick tock. Now my first ever reels. And I. Can we may eighteenth did syncing video and all the TJ thanks to ever service you choose very entertaining. And that doesn't even if ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us everyone remember ABC news live is here all day. But the latest news context and analysis up next Johnson Johnson scientists. Take our Bob Woodruff inside the lab where they're working to find a vaccine for of the nineties. Have a great day everybody.

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