Americans in S. Korea sound off on nuclear tensions

One American said, 'The anxiety level is starting to become palpable.'
2:33 | 11/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Americans in S. Korea sound off on nuclear tensions
No I don't think the regime is crazy their nuclear program as defensive. Understanding their position doesn't mean and Doris and so should be critical of North Korean regime while understanding. Their military posturing. In relationship to what seems like very aggressive. Activities on the US and South Korean military. A. Area. Ends it feels more true than anything. Because my friends in the US the Billick I'm so worried about chancellor much over there. But I'm not really worried about North Korea I'm more worried about how the unites his government's Clinton may be provoked something and so. Enough hope not to my decree event with that's ridiculous well. I am a little worried. Lead the current US administration because it's so erratic and so little bit inconsistent and especially how. We're kind of used. Is that it seems to be really increasing tensions. In general it doesn't feel like people are concerned about it. Here. That's what I used to tell them until a couple months ago that people don't care and South Korea what's going on. But I see I don't think that's true. The anxiety level is starting to become palpable enough but those of us who live. Here. It sound. As. The idea of preemptive strike against North Korea. Probably means a full scale war if that were to happen I mean. To be complete chaos over here honestly I would just ask him to consider. The fact that there are people like me there are American citizens not just. Regular American citizens who teach or study where things that we have troops so the idea of a return to war was unthinkable. The past couple months and. It's become thinkable. And so I am tense I think people are more tense now than they have been ever since I moved here. I mean I don't know if Americans can imagine if China in Cuba held joint military exercises in the Gulf of Mexico. That would never be tolerated US would blow them out the water. If there was an attack on North Korea. In I don't want to think about what would happen it could mean a return to all out war and that would mean millions of people die. My students. In the university might male students all do their military service. And that means they would be on the front line. And that's terrified I can't imagine losing my students to another. Korean War.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"One American said, 'The anxiety level is starting to become palpable.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"50981477","title":"Americans in S. Korea sound off on nuclear tensions","url":"/International/video/americans-living-south-korea-sound-off-nuclear-tensions-50981477"}