Biden holds press conference after meeting with Vladimir Putin

President Biden remarked on his first summit with the Russian president.
36:53 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Biden holds press conference after meeting with Vladimir Putin
The Laurie one. Well. I'm just finished the the last meeting. Of this week's long trip. The US Russian summit. I know there are a lot of hype around this meeting. But it's pretty straightforward to me the meeting. One there's no substitute as those you've covered reform while known for face to face dialogue between leaders not. And president food and I had day. Share unique responsibility. To manage the relationship between two powerful and proud countries. A relationship that has to be stable. And predictable. And it should be able to we should be able cooperate works in our mutual interest. And where we have differences I want a president couldn't understand why I say what I say and why I do what I do. And how will respond to this disease to specific kinds of actions that harm America's interest. Now. I told president food my agenda is not against Russia. Or anyone else. It's for the American people. Fighting co in nineteen. Rebuilding our economy. Re establishing relationships around the world our allies and friends are protecting the American people. That's my responsibility as president. I also told that no president United States. Could keep faith with the American people if they did not speak out. To defend our democratic values. To stand up for the universal and fun. Don't freedoms that all men and women have in our view that's just part of the DNA of our country. So human rights is gonna always be on the table like told. It's not about just going after rushing in when they violate human rights it's about who we are. How could I be the president of the United States of America. And not speak out against the violation he writes I told him. And unlike other countries including Russia. We're uniquely a product and an idea. You've heard me say this before again and again I really keep sane. It was that idea. We don't derive our rights from the government. We possess them because we're Boren. Period. And we yield them to a government. And so the format pointed out to him. That that's why we're gonna raise our concerns about cases like electing a volley. I made it clear the president prudent and will continue to raise. Issues a fundamental human rights is that's what we are that's who we are the idea is we hold these truths self evident. But all men and women we haven't lived up to completely but we've always widened to the arc. Of commitment and included more more people. Crazy case. Of two wrongfully imprisoned as American citizens. Paul Weller and and Trevor Reid. I also raised the ability of Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty operate. And the importance of a free press and freedom of speech. I made it clear that we will not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereign. Or to stabilize our democratic elections that we would respond. The bottom line is I told president who that we need to have some basic rules of the road to recall abide guy. I also said there is where there's a mutual interest first to cooperate. For our people Russian and American people but also for the benefit of the world the security of the world. One of those areas is strategic stability. You asked me many times what was I gonna discuss. With food before Kmart told dry only negotiate with the individual now I can tell you what I was intending to do all along. That is to discuss and raise the issue strategic stability and try to set of a mechanism where wiping we downloaded. We discussed in detail the next steps are countries to take take on arms control measures. The steps we need to take to reduce the risk of unintended conflict. I'm pleased here agreed today to launch a bilateral strategic stability dialogue. Diplomatic speak for saying get our military experts and are are hard to diplomats together. To work and a mechanism that can lead to control of new and dangerous is this skated weapons of recovery on the scene now. That reduced the times a response that raised the prospects of accidental war. And we went into some detail of what those weapons systems where. Another spent a great of a trauma was cyber. And cyber security. I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack period. By soccer yet remains I gave them a list of I'm not mistaken that I don't have in front me sixteen. Specific Kennedy's. Sixteen defined as critical infrastructure under US policy. From the energy sector to our water systems. Of course. The principle is one thing. It has to be backed up by practice. Responsible countries need to take action against criminals who conduct ransom we're activities on their territory. So we agreed to task S experts. And both are both our countries to work on specific understandings. About what's off limits. And the follow up on specific cases. That originate in other countries in there either our country's. There is a long list of other things we spent time. And the urgent need to preserve reopened humanitarian carters in Syria. So that we can get food to simple food and basic necessities to people are starving to death. How to build it and and and how it is in the interest of both rushing United States. To ensure that Iran. Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons we agreed to work together there because as much as interest who were Russian ventures as ours. I just how we can assure the Arctic remains under regional cooperation rather than conflict. I caught part of president's. Throughout whose. Press conference. And he talked about the need for us to be able to have some kind of modus operandi we've dealt with making sure the Arctic was in fact. A free zone. And to how we can each contributed to the shared effort to prevent either reserve pre surge of terrorists in Afghanistan. It's very much in and in the interest of Russia not to have a researches and terrorists in Afghanistan. Are also areas that are more challenging. I communicated United States' unwavering commitment to the sovereignty. And territorial integrity of Ukraine. We agreed to pursue diplomacy. Related to the night's agreement. And I share our concern about belarus'. He didn't disagree with what happened these are sensitive perspective what to do but. But I know you have a lot of questions so let me close was this. It was important to meet in person. So there can be no mistake about or misrepresentations. About what I wanted to communicate. I did when I came to do. Number one. Identify areas of practical work our two countries can do to advance our mutual interest. And also benefit the world. To communicate directly directly. That's United States are respond to actions that impair our vital interest. Where those of our allies and three to clearly lay out our country's parties and our values. So we heard it straight from me. And I must tell you the tone of the entire meetings I guess it was total four hours was put was what was was good. Positive. Or was it any any S strident action taking. We disagree I disagree stated where it was when he disagrees he stated. But it was not done in a hyperbolic. Atmosphere. That is too much of what's been going on. Over this last week. I believe I hope United States is shown the world that we are back. Standing with our allies. We rallied our fellow democracies make. Concert commitment to concerted commitments. To take on the biggest challenges our world faces and now we've established a clear basis. I'm how we intend to do is Russian. And US Russia relationship. There's much more work ahead I'm not suggesting that either. Has done we've gotten a lot of business and industry. And before I take your questions I want to say one last thing. Folks look. This is about this is about how we move from here. This is I listened to again. A significant portion of what president Putin's press conference was. And as he pointed out. This is about practical straightforward no nonsense. Decisions. That we have to make her not me we'll find out. Within the next six months to year whether or not we actually have a strategic dialogue to matters we'll find out. Whether we worked to deal with everything from release him from people in in in wrote Russian prisons and we'll find out. Where there we have a cyber security arrangement that begins to bring some order. Here's a look. The countries that most are likely to be damaged failure to do that. Are there major countries. For example when I talked about the pipeline that cyber hit for five million god that bridge that we're hated the United States. I looked at him SM how would you feel. To bridge some weird took on the pipelines from your oil fields. Said it would matter. This is not about just our self interest. Sort of mutual self interest. I'll take your questions as usual folks they gave me a list. Of the people I'm gonna call on so Jonathan Associated Press. Thank you sir. US intelligence has said that Russia tried to interfere in the last two presidential elections and that Russia groups are behind hacks like solar winds ants and the ranch where attacks you just mentioned. Spoon in his news conference just now accepted no responsibility for any misbehavior. Your predecessor opted not to demand of food and stop these instructions. So what does something concrete sir that you achieve today to prevent that from happening again it will the consequences you threaten. Whether I stopped it from happening and he knows I will take action. Like we did win this last time. What happened was we in fact made it clear that we were not going to continue to allow us to want the end result was we ended up. Throwing and they went and withdrawing ambassadors we closed down some of their facilities in the United States to set her. He knows or consequences look. The consequences. That I know I don't know questions at this unfair. I suspect you may all think doesn't matter. I'm confidence matters to him confident matter to him and other world leaders are big nations. His credibility worldwide shrinks. Let's get this straight. How would it be if the United States reviewed by the rest of world. As interfering with the elections directly of other countries. And everybody knew it would be like. If we engage in activities. That he's engaged him. It diminishes the standing. Of a country that is desperately trying to make sure it maintains its standing. As the major world power. And so it's not just what I do. It's what the actions that other countries take in this case Russia that are contrary to international norms it's the price they pay. They are not they are not able to dictate what happens in the world. Her other nations significant consequence I eat the United States of America we want to. Mr. rich quick on the same theme of consequences he said just now do you spoke to him a lot about human rights what do you say would happen if opposition leader Alexa nobody dies. I made it clear to him that I believe me. The consequences of that would be devastating. For Russia go back to the same point. What do you think happens. When he's saying it's not about hurting him only this the only. Stuff he says to rationalize. Achievement and involvement. And then when he dies in prison. I pointed out to him that it matters a great deal. When a country. In fact and they asked me why I thought there was important to. She continued to have problems with the president of Syria. I said because his violation international norm Scola chemical weapons treaty. Can't be trusted. It's about trust is about their ability to influence other nations and a positive way look. Would you like to trade our economy for Russia's economy. Would you like to trade in by the way we talked about trade. I don't have any problem between his expression as long as they do it based Ben and international norms. Discern just to see the Russian people through economic I don't have a problem but. If they do not act according to national norms and guess what that won't not that won't happen with us. And will not happen with other nations and he kind of talked about it didn't need. But how the need to reach out and other countries to invest in Russia. They wound. As long as they can are convinced that in fact. These violations for example the American businessman who is in house arrest and I pointed out you wanna get American business to invest. I don't go. Change the dynamic. Because American businessmen they're not we're ready to show up they don't hang around Moscow. I look guys. I know we make foreign policy out to be this great great skill. And somehow his sort of like. A secret code. Tracked all foreign policy this is a logical extension of personal relationships. It's where human nature functions. And understood. When you run a country. It doesn't abide by international norms and yet you need those international norms. To be in somehow managed so that you can participate in the benefits of slow from them. Churches. That's not a satisfying answer Biden said he did invade Russia in and I by the way that was a joke. That's not true of my generic point is it is is as more complicated thing. David Sanger. They saw then there's. Thank you Mr. President. I'm in the run up to this. Discussion has been a lot of talk about the two countries. Spilling down into into a Cold War I'm wondering if there was anything that you emerged from in the discussion that made you think. That he should we take mark the suns. Anything to make you think that mr. gruden has. Decided move away from his fundamental role as it disrupt her. Particularly to disrupt group NATO and the United States. And if I could also just follow up on your description of how you gave him a list of critical infrastructure in the United States. Did you lay out very clearly what it was at the penalty would be for interfering in that. Critical infrastructure did you leave that they did he respond in any way to it. Com it's your first brush your second question first. Reported out Tim we have significant. Cyber capabilities. And he knows he doesn't know exactly has been significant. In fact they violate these basic norms we will respond. Side. He knows this time. Number two. I I think that the last thing he wants now. Is a Cold War. Without quoting him which I don't think is appropriate and he asked rhetorical question. You've got a multi thousand mile border where China. China is moving ahead hell bent on election as they say. Seeking to be the most powerful economy in the world the largest and most powerful military. You're in a situation where your economy is struggling. You need to move it and worm. Aggressive way noon in terms are growing and end. You. I don't think he's looking for paying. Cold War the United States. I don't think it's about as I said to him. I sit your generation Marla about ten years apart this is not a coup by our moment is used to say back in the sixties and it's things like let's hug and love each other. But it's clearly not anybody's interest fewer countries don't mind. For us to be in a situation where where the new Cold War. And I truly believe he thinks that he understands that. But that does not mean he's ready to quote for your easy lay down his arms and say come on he's still I believe. Is concerned about being quoted circle. He still is concern that we in fact. Are looking into I take him down said he still has those concerns. But I don't think they are the driving forces to kind of relations he's looking for with United States. Jennifer Jennifer Jacobs. Thanks thank you Mr. President. I'm is your particular reason why this summit lasted only about three hours we know you it may be allotted to fortify bowers was there any reason Iran shorter. I'm also did the President Putin said that there were no threats or scare tactics issued do you agree with that assessment that there were no threats or your tax tactics and also did you touch on Afghanistan and the safe withdrawal of troops. Yes yes yes yes economy comebacks in the first part. Other reason it didn't go longer. Is one last time to visit Steve dispute over two hours. In direct conversation across the table going into. Excruciating detail. You may know it's time I don't I can't think of one. So we didn't need as we got through we brought in the larger group part. Our defense our intelligence and perform well are my foreign minister whose son mention my secretary of state was with me the whole time. Our ambassadors that are brought everybody and we had covered so much. And so there is some redone my Hammond might be able recovered. Lever off span of Lincoln talked about what we've covered. We raced things required more amplification or made sure we didn't have any misunderstandings. And and so it was at it was kind of after two hours there we looked at each other like. Okay. What next. What is gonna happen next are going to be able to look back. Look ahead in three to six months and say. Did the things we agree to sit down and try to work out didn't work. Do we are we closer to a major strategic. Stability talks and and progress. Are we further along in terms haven't been down more that's going to be a test I'm not saying you're saying because. President and I agreed he would do these cities and all of us are those who work not saying that. When I'm saying yes I think there's a genuine prospect. To significantly improve relations between our two countries. Without us giving up any single solitary thing based on principle undervalues. Don't know no other known there is ever rooms restaurant. As a matter fact. I heard you quoted my mom and quoted other people today there was there was very as we say which of shock you coming from someone colloquial. On and we talked about basic basic fundamental things there was they who has and who do you know how I am I explain things based on personal basis. What happens if present. And so I'm certain there are no threats just. This simple assertions. Made and no well if you do that and we'll do this when he said. Just. Letting him know where I stood. What I thought we could accomplish together. And what attracted me it was and threw wire violations of American sovereignty what we would do. He asked us about Afghanistan he said. He hopes that we are able to. Maintains some peace and security and I say that has a lot to do as you indicated that he was prepared to. Quote help. And Afghanistan own community to come out and help on on the on the ramp. And help on way and in return we told Lott what we wanted to do relative degrees some stability. And economic security. Or physical security to the people of Syria and Libya so we had those discussions. You wish. Thanks so much Mr. President. I'm DGE say that she didn't issue any threats were there any ultimatums made when it comes to ransom where and how early you let us effects especially when it comes to these working groups on. On Russian meddling in on cyber security. Well is going to be really easy they either for example on and on cyber security organ work out where they take action against her ransom where. Criminals on Russian territory they didn't do it. I don't think they planted in this case and there are they gonna act we'll find out. Will we commit what can we commit to act in terms of ending affecting. That he violating international norms and they respect for Russia what are we gonna greeted. And so I I I think we have real opportunities to to move and I think that. One of the things that I noticed when we had a larger lead is that. People who are very very well informed started thinking you know. This is could be real problem. I have is that risk perhaps river shouldn't smarter man. And took action as I said on there they're their single lifeline to their economy. Oil. Be devastated and I like you can see them kind ago we do that happened right. Well. So it's an antenna and everybody's interest of these things be active now we'll see you know what happens to these groups we put together. The third ruinous strike. Mr. President you will when President Clinton was questioned today about human race he fit a reason why he's cracking down on opposition leaders. Is because he doesn't want. Something like January 6 happened in Russia and he also says he didn't want to see groups formed like black eyes matter what's your response to that police. I responses coming to and I communicated. And I think that's. That's ridiculous comparisons. It's one billion for. Literally criminals. The breakthrough. Cordon. Who into the capital kill a police officer and be held accountable. And it is for people injecting marching on the Capital One's saying you're not allowing me to speak freely. Karen allowing me to do ABC unity. And sooner very different country. Hum. Steve Steve column right. President. That's sorry and President Putin said he was satisfied with the entry. About your comment about him being killer. Could you give us your side on this what did you tell. He's satisfied. However your doctor. You ought to end do you believe you can trust that look. This is not about trust this is about self interest. And verification self interest. Until it's about. So I. Virtually. That I would work out an agreement with an affected the American people's interest I don't same life trust you know problems. I see what happens. You know is an old expression goes through for the pleas in the eighty Bruno shortly. Igor Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. It was a present at those who want to gonna shake UK can you see me. Yeah yeah yeah. So I think you know that's in civil society and the freeze their free Chris that continue inside Russia yes for example Radio Free Europe. Yes radio we receive Voice of America Karen time TV channel where I work. Brent that foreign agents. And as several other independent media. So. We especially being force and housing or access fifty years after president Yeltsin invited costing. My question is. After you're told space president who'd seen. How interested these seem keys in improving as media climate in Russia. I wouldn't put it that way. Terrorism improving the climate. I would in fact prison terms of how much interest to see half. He didn't burnish team. Russia's reputation. That is not that is viewed as not being contrary to democratic principles and free speech. That's a judgment I cannot make I don't know but it's not because I think he he's interest in changing the nature. Closed society. Are close government's actions relative to. What he thinks is the right of government to do was it does it's a very different. Approach. And you know there's a couple really good progress told my read a couple I read most everything he's written. And species me and and really couples very good biographers which many view that well. And I think I pointed out to him that. Russia had an opportunity that brief shining moment. After Gorbachev and after things begin this change drastically to actually generated democratic government. But what happened was it failed when there was a great great. Race. Among Russian intellectuals. To determine what form of government when they choose. And how if they choose. And based on what I believe. Mr. prudent decide it was that. Russia has always been a major international power when it's been totally united as a Russian state. I based on ideology. Weather was going back to sorry commissar straight through to the U revolution Russian revolution. And to where they are today. And I think that it's clear to me and I've said and I think he decided that. The way for Russia to be able to sustain itself presents great quote great power. Is to in fact. Uniting the Russian people on just the strength of the government and government controls. Not necessary ideologically with the government. And I think that's it that's the end choice that was made I think kids. I'm not going to second guess whether it could have been fundamentally different. But I do think it does not lend itself. To Russia. Maintained itself was one of the great powers of the world. Conversation today did you in terms of the red lines that you laid down. Is military response an option for a ransom where attack. Ends. President who had called Zhu in his press conference inexperienced. Person. You famously told him he didn't have a soul do you now have a deeper understanding of him after this meeting. Thank you very much. No we did talk cruisers. And this year resident. Dialogue and also what is it let me go to the biggest problems right now. Are Russia and China. You've spoken many times about how you've spent perhaps more time width president she then any other world leaders so. Is there are going to become a time where you might call him. Old friend old friend and asked him to open up China to the World Health Organization investigators who were trying to get to the bottom of Kobe nineteen. This just illustrated we know each other well we're not in France. This is pure business so I guess my question would be what you've. So you're gonna press trying to you send out those G-7 communique. That said you that the G-7 were calling on China to open up so what investigators in. But I basically says they don't want to be interfered with anymore so what happens now. The impact. Of the world's attitude toward China as it develops trust tried very hard. Through. Project itself is responsible. And very very forthcoming mission. That they're trying very hard to talk about how they're taking nude helping the world in terms of cove in nineteen vaccines. Are trying very hard. Look certain things you don't have to explain. To the people who world we see the results. Is China really actually trying to get to the bottom of this wanting me to discuss. As I told you and the EU and it did she 7 PM with NATO. What we should be doing what I'm gonna make an effort to do is rallying the world. Through work on what is going to be physical mechanism available. To detect early on the next pandemic. And have a mechanism by which we can respond to and respond to an early. It's going to happen it's gonna happen we need to do. Yeah. President Biden meet in Geneva wrapping up his summit stumping there are differences. It's pain better. Why didn't comment. Helped change his behavior Mr. President. Yeah. Gray presented what we're okay for every case is irreparable. Confident that. Just stating a fact. Get your does not. He don't you resemble our. Yeah. Cyber attack he hit only human rights abuses he refused to say unless it's. So how does that help today he's got. You know yeah. We'll leave him I think it's. Yeah okay. Buchanan president Biden walking off the stage after taking questions the solo press conference on the international stage following this historic. And you cannot understate the fact that this was a high stakes summit here in Geneva with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Taking another question there at the end about trustee include how could you be sure that he'll change will be set I'm not sure. But he'll change remember what I said multiple times in my answers. President Biden saying I said if if admit they now we'll have to wait he said six months with a number of these issues to get any indication that they're gonna get any kind of change from Russia. Moving forward he reiterated that this face to face dialogue was extremely important. Moving forward with US Russia relations that they need is stable a predictable relationship before words used by the president and the White House leading up to the summit. They talked about human rights superdome address selecting a bombing there he said at one point during this press conference that if he were to die the consequences. Would be dire for Russia. But perhaps most importantly in addition to being nuclear powers he also talked about cyber. The cyber attacks that we have seen in the United States pulled western intelligence and US intelligence agencies believing that there the Russian government the solar winds hacked. The halftime federal government several federal agencies and I'm by the US companies and most recently. At that the hacks on the colonial pipeline for the US meat supply. Affected meat supply gas prices in the US believed to be attacks. Based in Russia ransom where attacks he said he did press President Putin on this we all heard Vladimir food this afternoon taking no responsibility for that. But behind the scenes president Biden saying it was quite simple. We've said to believe what would happen if we did this to you essentially he said these were not. Typical us. Questions to pose to food and we did it very relatable terms he said. What if someone in Florida or Maine was able to pull off this ramp somewhere on your own oil pipelines. I set up critical infrastructure we have significant. Cyber capability. That Putin doesn't know exactly what that cyber capability is what he knows. And we have it. That was as far as he would go is is. As far as offering an ultimatum or threat that the president was very careful Martha Raddatz not to use those words and answer reporters here today he said there were no. Explicit threats and ultimatums but again. He said we have cyber capabilities to can be made at. Very clear to play here but basically on the rifle cyber capabilities and clearly being. David that message to Vladimir Putin although without any threats because he really didn't have to do. And it it it seems that Vladimir Putin will keep denying that he did any cyber attacks but he clearly got that message I was fascinated by. By president Biden how. How he approached Vladimir put. Basically saying if you want to get back on the world stage it's more than a photo opportunity you have to do something. And it's particularly with Paul would want one of the Americans who is being held prisoner in Russia he said he's a businessman. He was a businessman if you want to attract business to Russia. Let him go so he's really appealing to that part of Vladimir Putin that wants to be. More diplomatic wants to be seeing. As a world leader not just the authoritarian figure he would you're absolutely right Martha the president president Biden repeatedly going back to this point. How does the world view Russia he believes that that's the way to get to let him recruit non and number of these issues he told them. That the world can see what you're doing with these acts of aggression.

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