Deadly shooting at Pearl Harbor

Authorities say a sailor opened fire on the military base, killing two civilians and wounding a third. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.
1:47 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Deadly shooting at Pearl Harbor
We begin with a deadly shooting at Pearl Harbor where authorities say a Taylor opened fire on the base killing two civilians and wounding a four at happened at a shipyard used for warships and submarines and comes just days before the 78 anniversary. Of the Paul harbor or attack. This morning shocked if Pearl Harbor after a deadly shooting on the military base it's very scary. Investigators say a sailor opened fire near the shipyard in an area were nuclear submarines are maintained before turning the gun on himself. I can also report to shooter. The was tentatively been identified. As active duty sailor assigned to USS Colombia is also deceased by an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. This is stored based home to 66000. People. Placed on lockdown. Along with nearby elementary schools as Bates personnel were alerted by Texas shelter in place and a privilege shots going off in the area. And we're told by my cheese. Hunker down stay indoors and just be six. Two Defense Department employees were killed and a third was wounded. This morning authorities are not releasing the names of the victims who were all men. Or the shooter only saying it was not immediately clear if the gunman knew the victims the shooting came just three days before the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. That drew the United States into World War II. The role that the shipyard played in World War II. Is pretty legendary in the shipyard as well known for the you know the amazing work they did then an amazing work they continue to do so this is. Certainly a tragedy. Authorities have not revealed any motive for the shooting the third victim a 36 year old man was in guarded condition at the hospital. Overnight which means between critical and serious condition.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Authorities say a sailor opened fire on the military base, killing two civilians and wounding a third. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67512427","title":"Deadly shooting at Pearl Harbor","url":"/International/video/deadly-shooting-pearl-harbor-67512427"}