Dennis Rodman on North Korea: 'The Country's Not Bad'

Former NBA star discusses meeting Kim Jong Un and holding the leader's newborn daughter.
2:54 | 09/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dennis Rodman on North Korea: 'The Country's Not Bad'
Isn't very historical moment and what's that -- other people in the government and our country understand -- fact that this is not something. That's. That's going to -- our lives. It was -- -- -- this book wanted to create and on Grecian I guess. To a country that could resist that. This country is not bad because. The more -- now. He wants to change and -- there he wants to change. And one -- from what we hear will we see in America. That's what's most people here. Don't see that over there. You write what you hear. But you don't see what you work. If you meet the Marshal there are very good guy. And that's -- -- -- do his job plays a very good guy and and one thing he gave me he gave me -- -- But worries and everything about doing things -- -- go to -- to Americans who gets what we want people to cool here. Because we -- that can't. And it's -- that you know people think it's a -- I would love to make -- again making that money. The relatively little money but -- not about the money is about the only thing true she opened. Obama's at one's -- -- what you ever talk about politics. Or anything in the world meet him this was to let -- hit in London we didn't because maybe -- won't even get more call. That's all he wants. Will meet in order and do anything to make this happen. It says a lot. But you don't like me. This settle out but him or his heart in his mind that given his daughter for first time in history hold his kid. Really. Just -- But we've got Obama bill and -- right now I'm sorry Obama's people read this and do what they do this crap. Yes what -- Syria really. -- That's what. And this -- -- wounding -- this conversation she does it. So while ball field where you could call -- You know operator called her fiance agency. Why not me. -- are pretty. Well what is important right let's go to Obama -- going to be. Right here. Do what -- -- that is like flat or what you want you. This is not there's -- bigotry. Isn't 2013. 20.

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{"id":20203579,"title":"Dennis Rodman on North Korea: 'The Country's Not Bad'","duration":"2:54","description":"Former NBA star discusses meeting Kim Jong Un and holding the leader's newborn daughter.","url":"/International/video/dennis-rodman-says-north-korea-is-not-bad-20203579","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}