Dubai Rings in 2014 With Potential World-Record

Officials in the UAE attempt to break the record for most fireworks used in a single demonstration.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Dubai Rings in 2014 With Potential World-Record
This is a special group. I'm -- -- -- New York -- this ABC news digital special report on this New Year's Eve you're looking at a live shot of Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates where they are just minutes away from bringing in 2014. And an attempt. To shatter the world record for the largest ever fireworks display. The show will feature nearly half a million fireworks shot from 400 different locations at the palm -- Mara. And there as you see the world's largest structure of the birds Khalifa steady 2722. Feet tall. But it's that is not the headline there are waiting to break a world record. First though a wanna be joined from Las Vegas by Donna -- from fireworks by -- the company does supply Dubai with all of that firepower. Donna happy New -- to you. Happy new he had gay aren't listed get the numbers straight on this one how many fireworks at your company provide for this for a high and -- -- out. Hot -- unbelievable. At I don't I believe I ever -- the show off of this size never ever in the history of our -- They we waited at this moment. -- waited indeed -- and you guys I was are no strangers to finance an amazing shows. Well we try what some of the big shows that people would be tonight. I would say definitely -- Brooklyn Bridge that gentler Brady -- they need it even. And anymore. And you're in Las Vegas right now getting rid of the shell out -- a couple of -- way the F. They are we're going to be -- -- seven rooftops to Iran or they get that America partly meant you guys go big or go home right now we -- Let me ask -- this what did it cost for that Dubai show. That if something really we -- elite army -- the government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not something they want -- until OK let me just isn't logistically how difficult was to pull this kind of planning operation. It brought a logistical nightmare and -- low pressure -- If you did you guys shy away from attempting to break his world record she got yes that isn't anybody -- would. We were gonna stop we had planned to do we started in February on net and we just small forward. We act 72 tankers that we had this year from around the world into -- On believable and now we're just about a little more than a minute away from the stroke -- -- there of course and that. Is where that world record attempt will be taking place -- just a few minutes now. What -- -- the operations on the -- you have folks from the urging companies they're getting ready -- Yes we had over. 200 -- technicians there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eric Lipton -- -- get anything and everything else in the fight the issue here -- been working day and night to put back to perform that program for tonight. I gotta say -- it is amazing. Based on Long Island now hopefully breaking a world record with this are attacking display a let's get under way just a little bit over a minute there. How so how exactly do you get all those fireworks shift to that one particular location. Everything -- shipped it via -- out of war are. And and we had a lot of transportation. The problem we got to Dubai to mobile -- product to in the world but for that the current prices are on barges. And it took. That's probably took almost -- Two months to -- give -- multi. Necessary materials equipment and electric girl -- -- -- 400 different. Firing locations we kept firing France. Unbelievable I can imagine you're on Tanzania's -- everyone else. -- you're waiting and watching just alongside of us and we're less than thirty seconds away. From this -- to break a world record at the largest fireworks display Donna -- -- Las Vegas we're gonna let you go as we're gonna watch as the fireworks displays about to get on the way to FBI matter at all at -- -- -- -- let's go now live to devise. And I. What a way to ring in the new year 2014. Under way in Dubai there and an attempt to break. A world record for the largest. Fireworks display. Over 400000. Fireworks. Just shot off in a little bit more than a five minute display there it took ten months of planning. As we talk to some of the organizers from -- fireworks the Long Island based company that supplied that pyrotechnic display. The cost. Undisclosed. Did it break a record we'll have to wait and -- -- certainly they are celebrating on the ground in Dubai and of course elsewhere around the world -- 2014. Gets underway. I'm down -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":21385099,"title":"Dubai Rings in 2014 With Potential World-Record","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials in the UAE attempt to break the record for most fireworks used in a single demonstration.","url":"/International/video/dubai-rings-2014-potential-world-record-21385099","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}