Feb. 28, 1986: Winnie Mandela discusses her husband's long imprisonment

Mandela spoke about the likelihood of her husband’s release from prison.
6:54 | 04/02/18

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Transcript for Feb. 28, 1986: Winnie Mandela discusses her husband's long imprisonment
When he Mandela who's a hero. To millions of blacks in South Africa she has been called the First Lady. Of black South Africa her husband Nelson Mandela's been imprisoned there for 24 years now for his oppositional apartheid's. A little while earlier this morning I spoke with went went in and bella she was in Johannesburg South Africa. I asked her at first how likely is it put the south African government would release her husband anytime soon. I having. Rear ended did not. See that happening some. There throughout Africa and governments. Is phased through very grave programs. We put it cuts through the. He leaves. Are off these men. Ought to put his approach business infect. A teacher and IDB leadership who went to prison over ten to four years ago. Varying form ten K in these conditions that they are prevailing at the time. We are contributing to this day. It is unthinkable. That are Pretoria would risk. Believe seeing that they've received two exactly those conditions. K listing them to apartheid South Africa with how to create eighteen cent a month he would broadly entities. Every new thing for president. Did leadership in the present atmosphere. Would it be viewed. By the caper as they've static timing routes. To be people of this country. I think Dreyfus Tuesday. What do you think would happen in black South Africa. If your husband were released what with the result is what will be affects be on the black population of your country. Do all pressed to include all our country. Equate. David means we've. They are liberation. What can be or denied a man investors expects. Is about to be at a news of his defense. Means his department some. It is doubtful why it is unthinkable. That it early would tune risk. In this thing is men. To face the fact that is even more violent. Than what it to us at those two before. You as local. We have seen in just in recent weeks. The fall of mr. Marcos. In the Philippines and those mr. Duvalier in Haiti. How encouraged to are you if at all. About the changes in their government and what it might suggest in terms of help you might get. From democracies around the world and changing your government. Web imprisonment may have been staying on them long been is that kind of has. We have been asking for from are a Democrat who could Contras and The Who aren't. What has happened in the Philippines. And watches have penned. Who are out to those countries where we have been an abrupt. Changes. We presume. That's where pot to be so strong. We have been. Asking. The international community. For those countries those governments that's often back into two close we have been asking. For the instant offense and that came from PepsiCo. We have been I can for the isolation of South Africa because we knew would be used to be the only alternatives. We head of as in on tentative in Paris to about it. That is why we are very encouraged. By changes especially as those who have the respect. Mrs. Mandela how concerned are you knew that if countries around the world started economic sanctions against your country's government. That it would hurt. The very people are designed to help. We have new thin through about carpal song. That's who fanned by of those who have insurance. In our country. It didn't you cause they are interested whatsoever. In our way of fair. Hire a much Mo can reach to be expected to suffer. We know of course factor we would've thought responses preferably. If the rest of the word imposes Funcinpec is South Africa how much more can in new mother. They expect her to suffer more volunteers already getting old bar and 1040. Obama and follows and keep food shooting infused our studio. How much more often when we don't want to be. Where and bad days as I have faith in the past. We don't want regarding fire department agreed on one ballot chain as a profession or at least we won stupid you party tent we theft. More but we go back months we are prepared to pay that price of something. Mrs. Mandela realistically. How likely is that. That the government of South Africa. Will make you and your people will make enough progress quickly enough. To avoid. A violent civil war. We have been needed in real. Being racists. We have been fitted with effect in our government. That our program needs to be discussed. By our. Those wounded in our country. We believed. That could never be there one sided solution. To our programs. There is no measure we have been trying to phase no doorway did not know court into target. Trying to have been found tape loop conference. We've bills warp instance at gunpoint. I'm afraid to it is now known wrong all of our corn fed. Our how. Racist Pretoria are quality and theft he paid. I'm around the facts to. Whacked we'd know and what we are frightened for these. Complete change of content now and how that government we are doing it. It now and padded their own business. Mrs. Mandela thank you for joining us today from your country. Thank you very much. America if that was wonderful speaking to you.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"Mandela spoke about the likelihood of her husband’s release from prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54180857","title":"Feb. 28, 1986: Winnie Mandela discusses her husband's long imprisonment","url":"/International/video/feb-28-1986-winnie-mandela-discusses-husbands-long-54180857"}