Hong Kong’s COVID-19 surge

ABC News’ Britt Clennet reports on the rise of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Australia, and how the region is managing the surge.
5:09 | 08/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong’s COVID-19 surge
Just thought Asia and the Pacific had managed to control recent corona virus outbreaks many are now. Taking a turn for the worse Australia previously a poster child for its handling of the pandemic declared a state of disaster in Melbourne is cases they arise. And in Hong Kong life was starting to resemble pre pandemic times before sudden surge. Prompted new social distancing measures medical experts there's say that this regional pattern of optimism. Replaced with rounds of lock downs should sound a warning to the rest of the world. Here's ABC's Brit claim. While the United States continues to battle its first wave across the world in Hong Kong the virus has kept it safe the six months. With no reported cases in nearly a month. All despite sharing a border with mainland China with a corona virus first and matched. But it's now hunkering down again he by a thread waive its most widespread yet. This fresh spice of cases starting in July taking the CT by surprise. Professor Ben counting as a leading epidemiologist. At Hong Kong university and advisors the World Health Organization. So like a true and in May and June we have very few local infections in oh. Run Benton way let's talk about her. So we were vulnerable because once those social distancing measures were relaxed. I assume this on local infections came back east of the city deputy Charles for infection to spread because we'd relax the social distancing measures. Flaws in the cities quarantine system were also a parents with more than 250000. People exempted from isolation. Including airplane crew and Seif carries. Measures and now wrapped up manned a tree mosque wearing for indoor and outdoor public spaces even when exercising. Gatherings of no more than two people and for the first time ever a brief blanket ban on dining. Hong Kong as a very crowded place in public places at my heart to come by but. I didn't get wolf about something that the public there is good people. Meeting fails. Just in the yeah. Failing educational. Trying to find wherever they Karen. Act saves. Record graphics breakaway lives. After seeing these images the government quickly reversed course ending their breakfast and lunch time indoor dining band. Inside hospital ward stopped just born of over crowding. This labeled outbreak Hong Kong is much mould throws it to happen. Resting a couple months ago on the we have more openly affectionate we at high mortality. Actually we cannot get poll that into the hospital. Because our because Mosul crop isolation this in the tease actually all of. Hong Kong opening a makeshift isolation facility. At its huge convention site not far from the air force think they insure. How come hundreds if not hundreds that's. Our only who'll has those yeah Aaron Copland the cases. Well well conditioned now we'll let you well at stake here and get it treat. But wall cases of rising in Hong Kong the death to all here is a far cry from the US with 37 covad nineteen deaths recorded in Hong Kong since the pandemic began. Most of those deaths however came in the month of July a line. Hong Kong's shop spike part of a passion across Asia with Vietnam looking at its first major route break. New cases snapped a more than three months straight without a single case. Looking down the tourism hot spot of denying and the country's announcing its fist debts. And you spike rising in Tokyo just as it began easing measures in July surpassing its rate earlier in the spring. And a growing outbreak in Melbourne Australia a strict new six week locked down gets underway as its declared to stay tuned disaster. I think it is clear from what's happening in Asia to second waves are going to Erica elsewhere in the world as part of Mississippi did. Clearly he's going to comeback is gonna recess. We. Got that very simple show show life for a long while even be more you want to get is DC's this control. For the first time in the pandemic mainland Chinese health officials are helping house in Hong Kong a team of health can't let the surviving from the mainland on Sunday. The cooperation receiving some scorn as a politically turbulent time. The government is planning legislative elections slated for September by a year. Citing two running the virus consents has critics saying they're attempting to silenced the pro democracy movements. The skit your all the election. Into contact sock puppet howdy I don't act parents find any reasonable if the late it. X actually you say they pull it eat so I think it is solely political decision. Hong Kong not only dealing with the political crisis but now I read you'd health crisis as well. While Asia the first to be impacted by the outbreak is now a cautionary warning to the rest of the world of what's likely to come. Brits clinics ABC news Hong Kong.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"ABC News’ Britt Clennet reports on the rise of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Australia, and how the region is managing the surge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72156094","title":"Hong Kong’s COVID-19 surge","url":"/International/video/hong-kongs-covid-19-surge-72156094"}