Hospital beds, oxygen running out as India’s COVID-19 crisis worsens

Patients turn to makeshift hospitals as the country’s medical system is on the brink of collapse.
2:40 | 05/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hospital beds, oxygen running out as India’s COVID-19 crisis worsens
Chaotic scenes unfolding across India as a Covert crisis ravages that country overwhelming its health care system. Our Maggie really is at a hospital in New Delhi with more. They paid Harry and the numbers here in India artists still staggering and every health officially talk to says the real numbers he's drastically higher than what's being report that I want to. So you outside this hospital they're actually posting the number of beds that are on sale. I see you back right there and hero after the cold in nineteen bad. This is what. So many little facing some people thought they sold to hospitals like different and that's what they're told there's no beds available there's no oxygen. I miss if something doesn't rock the health care industry. People are saying this second wave but nothing like they've seen so many people sort of at a hospital that. They haven't been able not to have been for them have space for them on the floor of the hospital one hospital with Philip was that the demand but often it happens so high that. And often endangered normally would last them three to four days. Now what's up in just six hours. The wait is also looking different top criminologist at the very close and fighting the virus. Sentencing a lot of younger patients as well for so many talented but the health care system is facing. Terry they're the little that a good news. Pretty much most of the hospitals and clinics and talk to hear yelling stay. They're starting to get control of this virus that they're able to actually accessing the lifesaving supplies rained out but now we're saying is that says this city is. Sort of seeing that heat of this virus or see its kind in other areas of the country and we just confirmed reports that at a hospital in the southern part of India alleging incidents died after they ran out of oxygen so clearly the needs. He'll show desperate feeling here right now. Terry and feel we traveled just outside of New Delhi today we visited this makeshift hospital they think turn what's normally a wedding tent. Cut into an entire makeshift hospital built with. Bamboo and rope and we met a woman who showed up their young woman who are there for her father that her father and asked to leave the hospital for the hospital after her refining profits and to that she was so thankful for find this volunteer clinic because otherwise. See what have been able to help her father. People are still in need but what's been so amazing Terry assisting other communities really coming out in effect in Clinton's human a couple of they're actually supposed to be going on their honeymoon and her newlywed married just six months instead say hey. Here the kingdom of the city they've been staying at a hotel saying it is worth all of the risk all of this sacrifice just that they can save lives. So the middle of the suspect Terry college amazingly she does it come out and sacrifice themselves for other. Very. Maggie thank you so much for being there in New Delhi India for us on this heart soared thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Patients turn to makeshift hospitals as the country’s medical system is on the brink of collapse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77629152","title":"Hospital beds, oxygen running out as India’s COVID-19 crisis worsens","url":"/International/video/hospital-beds-oxygen-running-indias-covid-19-crisis-77629152"}