Protests Erupt in Brazil as World Cup Nears

Violent protests threaten Brazil’s economy and tarnish the country’s image.
5:53 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for Protests Erupt in Brazil as World Cup Nears
-- -- It's clear that politically speaking -- money spent to build the stadiums was a lot and in some cases was more than it should have been. If some of this money would have been invested in schools in hospitals Brazil needs it that's clear on that point I agree with the protests. But I lament what protesters are doing which is breaking and burning everything. It's money that we will have to spend again it's. Right now the international hot spot Brazil host of this summer's World Cup hello everyone I'm Michelle. You just heard from Brazilian soccer legend Pelé expressing his concerns. Over the country's priorities ahead of this massive tournament which kicks off in Sao Paulo in just 22 days. And it's these scenes or any indication there are certainly concerns on the horizon. For the host nation which has spent an estimated seven billion dollars on infrastructure. Stadiums mostly while the country's poor demand schools and hospitals. And we are joined now via Skype from Brazil by -- -- -- from the Los Angeles Times. -- give us an idea who we are seen in the streets who are the protesters. All right we have a rather large group of people and -- look rather diverse group of people in the streets we have three main groups. We have seen young students -- processors that are. Generally -- the contents and with the World Cup as its. He's been prepared because the government promised much more than it was able to deliver in terms of transportation and infrastructure. We also have strikes occur to pressure from workers including police today there's -- national police strike. Who are demanding higher pay and better working conditions today in -- apologists -- on the corner we have scenes of chaos in the metro was bus. Drivers pronounced. Demanding better pay and then we have a third group who have occupied land near the stadiums that called the the homeless workers movement and they want the government to give them -- for these mostly poor families to have housing. And as we -- noted at the top seven billion dollars has been spent. But more than eleven billion was allocated to be spent what happened and why the shortfall. Well three of the -- aren't even actually finished with less than -- months ago before the tournament but what people are really upset about was the government's promises to improve things like buses and and subways and urban transportation and that's just didn't happen and all that that was a big -- the government made for five years ago it's sort of the height of Brazil's. -- and moment of competence and it just didn't happen and that's what's caused. A lot of the discontent mean we're not the point where and more than half of the country and the world took me worse overall than it is -- for Brazil. And from the streets to the organizing body for the soccer tournament here where is -- in all of this we've seen the photo ops and heard some criticism. They're going to make a big profit in Brazil no matter what are they helping out in any way to quell these protests. No no hope no defense very few people would you would consider the -- is helping to quell the protests. The leaders of the chief have continued to fight with the bristling government and sometimes make quite disparaging remarks about Brazilian people acting like. But Brazilians won a better attention into work -- And I think a lot of anger is going to be directed at chief from protesters during the World Cup now the amount the size of the protest in the -- really don't know -- be a couple thousand very dedicated young students or it could explode into larger groups that you saw. Last year. We also -- president Dilma Rousseff at the airport yesterday ensuring safe travel for all visitors. Do you agree with her assessment. Given what you've seen -- and how concerned is the government that something could go wrong. Well I think that safety. Is not a major issue. During the -- up I think Brazil be much safer during the -- than it is during most of the year because the government will do everything candor ensures safety. Given sort of the drug gangs to control parts of the potential probably try to ensure safety but the government is very worried about other types of problems such as logistical breakdowns at the airports become a master -- -- -- -- traffic. Or if protests become so huge that they disrupt the flow of Taurus that is something that everyone's very worried about and the governor -- -- and crossing their fingers very hard moment. -- also seeing police clearing of Cabela's has there been any any fallout on the streets because of this. -- over the last few years the police have been moving in Cabela's and there's been a bit of a backlash especially. As it has emerged that police have been. -- quite credibly killing people in the Cabela's and then disposing of their bodies and this has led to. Huge protests -- and travellers and let over the last twelve months. I'm I don't expect that would affect the actual events but it certainly helps to explain why people are bit upset with the way things have been done recently. So -- we still -- stadiums that need to be completed when the world sees images like this how. Will that. Deal with their concerns are we seeing foreign tourists keeping with their plans to have -- in the next month. Most people still plan coming when people ask me it's like -- I'll say. Yes I might be -- -- sort of stressful tickets -- a teller in around the country but I don't but the stadium should be ready at least to have games and -- won't be as ready as -- We're promise that they would be the games the games will happen and the pencil most likely enjoy their time. Be hard to keep those fans away sensitive evidence from the Los Angeles Times thank you. You -- of course keep up with the countdown to the World Cup in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23812400,"title":"Protests Erupt in Brazil as World Cup Nears","duration":"5:53","description":"Violent protests threaten Brazil’s economy and tarnish the country’s image.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-protests-erupt-brazil-world-cup-23812400","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}