First Foreign Journalist Killed In Gaza After Israeli Bomb Explodes In Effort To Dismantle It

An inside look at the Gaza Bomb Disposal Unit that was killed trying to diffuse explosive.
12:01 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for First Foreign Journalist Killed In Gaza After Israeli Bomb Explodes In Effort To Dismantle It
There is even death during a cease fire a bomb in a missile shell that had failed to go off. Went off in Gaza today when a bomb disposal team tried to safely dispose of the explosives. That blast killed the three members of the bomb disposal team. As well as an Associated Press video journalist and his translator. The 35 year old was the first foreign journalists killed in the Gaza conflict and the 33. AP staffer to die in the pursuit of news. Right now. It's hot spot Gaza hello everyone I'm. New York. Of the thousands of airstrikes fired into Gaza in response to hamas' rocket fire there are quite a few shells. That don't explode on impact and it's the job of the Gaza police engineers to go to those areas that are -- Trying get rid of the bombs ABC's -- that Gary was with the same bomb disposal unit that just two days ago. As they went through the Gaza Strip finding and safely getting rid of the bombs. -- with the. But it definitely -- and his crew had just found an unexploded -- they say was drawn from an F sixteen jet. He says he weighs about 350 -- -- -- inside this house. They're gonna try and make -- state. The -- applicable. OK before they -- a chance to deal -- that bomb down the road they'd just gotten another call somebody -- found. Yet another unexploded bomb so we're gonna go see what that's all about. -- And I -- if you haven't. What happens is people who call and whenever they have any kind of an explosive. That's either detonated or hasn't detonated in the yard it is his job to check it out so we're going from house to house to house. We're seeing some of bombs that are still lying there and some bits of explosive and this one clearly has not gone off. Is this in danger of blowing off coconut that the budget and no hope no okay all the explosive isn't it out of it the darkness -- which. -- First appearance. Today you have been the evidence got it. Pretty beautiful. This is still alive. Yes yes. Recruited some of the most of the no lights. And the -- okay okay he's gonna check and see -- it's still alive so I think we can get back. Far away. OK it's dead and they. -- the Muslim place of the it -- us. And we're joined now by ABC's -- -- Gary from the Gaza Strip Matt first of all thanks for joining us this bomb disposal unit that we just saw. Than they were the members of the same one that got killed today along with the AP reporter and translator. It looks like a reminder of the extreme dangers out there get me an idea what you -- feeling after spending time with that crew. Well it was a shocking development to wait up to this morning. I was up this morning and I was checking the headlines indeed some updates its filing for radio. And I got a call from our local producer who who helped a -- that -- on Monday. You go -- he said that -- The team that we've profiled had been killed indeed this morning in the line of work. No -- duty while they were trying to you made safe. An exclusive that had fallen not that blown up -- it was only after word -- after the alert there was journalists killed as well. There's very shocking developments here. So -- give me an idea the members of this bomb disposal team are they highly trained are they. Pretty much volunteers that have some sort of training and -- other people are afraid to do this work. Well it's a mixture to make sure though the -- music charts and the man that you saw in the video there he's -- constant. -- -- -- He said that he had received training need to do this kind of work for awhile now if you remember if you were called. This conflict right now in Gaza is only latest development in the series of complex. Israel attacks Gaza in 2010 and they attacked in 2008. So there have been a series of these events over the past few years and that possible was trade. To detonate explosives agents and to all of these bombs were left -- and didn't blow up running back. But he had members of his crew who -- -- he would open and we're essentially a lot of them would just volunteer. And I asked him and I put the question to him about wearing protective gear if having protective equipment. And I pulled it out to in this and other parts of the world. Where you have bomb disposal squads they have a lot of protective -- they really they really take a lot of -- how -- dress and other protected from any event multi. And he said that they used to have protected here but it was destroyed in the 2010. Bombings. And he said in any event right now under the terms of the current cease fire. He would not be allowed to Wear that out and about to anyway because it would be -- traumatic. So -- we're seeing the visuals there of just that -- Destruction in that area and also you know along with the bomb members going out there we also see residents going out -- and sometimes children nearby how any bombshells. Do they think that they're going to have to deal -- following this conflict. I asked him that he said it would take one month. At least one month of working every single day all day long in order to take care of all of the unexploded bombs and coordinates were lying about. And that was just his estimate that was an off the -- estimate but -- we saw when we spent the day with consummate his team. We went from one call to another -- -- another fall. People will will will call in when they find something in the yard they know that something land. And -- there during the during the aerial bombardments -- didn't blow up the so they're very very busy there's a lot of stuff that they have to go through -- -- and there are thousands and thousands of bombs. Missiles dropped over -- in the last month -- so. Anything even as both the small percentage of those didn't blow up that still leaves a lot of ordnance lying about that. Can be very dangerous and it's easy for a lot of the children -- playing around don't necessarily. No when they see something like that that they should stay with them. You know and we see all the destruction again it doesn't look like there's a building that has not been affected by this -- you've been in Gaza for awhile now. Give us an idea of the new normal -- if -- can be even during the cease fire. The it well it's it's it's just because of the cease fire that really is no new normal the cease -- is due to expire tonight at midnight. It was a three day cease fire and people were using the time -- to go out shopping to buy supplies to load up on fresh water. And no one is certain what will happen they don't know if they can return to their homes now. More than a 100000 people across Gaza are still living in temporary shelters. A lot of those people don't know what they can go home they don't know -- will be safe to go home or if the bombardments and start again. And a lot of those people simply can't go home because their homes have been completely destroyed. And in this -- drive thru Gaza. Yeah it's it's surreal because you can go through neighborhoods that are here are almost on -- still be one or two buildings that were surgically. Destroyed by the Israeli -- right. And then you can go down the road maybe two or three miles you come into another neighborhood that's completely. Destroyed. But slow play. It looks like the earthquake shook the whole area and -- it -- into the ground. So -- -- this cease fire ending what is the likelihood that they can broker a deal in Cairo. And -- it appears that there's still quite far apart. Mind -- that the negotiations there and Cairo are in direct negotiations. And that's simply means that you don't count the heads of state talking to each other even -- -- the secretaries of state talking to each other. You're dealing with a low level. Assistants who -- sitting at the tables of trying to work out agreements but this is the first time that Hamas has had to negotiate with Israel. And I think they're finding it very difficult and -- is notorious for being very very. Very strict in their negotiations they have -- certain requirements that they want -- And Hamas simply says that they won't the the borders to be open. They want to they want unrestricted access to come -- but then they have lots of other items on their agenda they're talking about trying to get an airport built here. They're trying to create a new a waterfront supports war shipping. So they're there are long list of loved ones and and there are. It's really demands they're gonna have to meet somewhere in the middle and so far so far. It appears that they had not been able to do that and that a cease fire is due to expire tonight. It doesn't necessarily mean that bombing will be -- straight away pretty good -- everyone is really expecting worse. And was more than 19100. People that have been killed in Gaza so far what about support for Hamas in -- own community. Is it still as strong as ever are -- seen a decline. It's hard to judge right now with the people that we had spoken to in the streets are really telling us about -- difficult conditions that they're trying to live through right now. The block of homes lot of people have lost their homes lack of food and water. But there is a general sense that Hamas has not done what they should be giving -- over the years in terms of building a cohesive nation. Representing people it. It's fairly. They Hamas has a very militant agenda as everyone knows and there's a sense that Al months of people that perhaps Hamas has been ignoring them. So whether or not that will. That will result in some kind of ground -- to. Remove Hamas in baby bring Fatah -- the previous ruling party that remains to be seen. But I think you'll see in the coming weeks and months people here in Gaza will then begin questioning. Their leaders and will be. Wondering if maybe it's time for regime change. ABC's -- but Gary in Gaza thank you for joining us. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spots on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24963904,"title":"First Foreign Journalist Killed In Gaza After Israeli Bomb Explodes In Effort To Dismantle It","duration":"12:01","description":"An inside look at the Gaza Bomb Disposal Unit that was killed trying to diffuse explosive.","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-foreign-journalist-killed-gaza-israeli-bomb-24963904","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}