Kashmir crisis intensifies and tensions between India and Pakistan heighten

Thousands of Kashmiri people have been arrested in the territory between India and Pakistan as the area was locked down.
4:06 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kashmir crisis intensifies and tensions between India and Pakistan heighten
And guys we turn to another crisis in Cashmere on the disputed territory between India and Pakistan. Where they Indian government. Abruptly revoked the special status of commit Cashmere that'd been in place. For seventy years I'm status that gave the disputed territory its own costs constitution and it's only autonomy. I'm in leading up to this move India sent in troops. Imposed a curfew and shut down the Internet and cell service and as you can imagine. The tensions are high so I want to bring in some of Baghdad she's one of my keys Mary friends who was there when this happened. In just recently returned to Delhi. The son Ari there. Yes I am. It's a good to hear from you what was it like for you in your family when all of this went down. Thanks for having me honestly they're what is a bit of an ominous feeling we heard a low flying plane that you operate in civilian areas which it than usual. Just right before that happened and they were directory in the news about possible escalation of tensions between India and pocket on. And and then right at the right away the Internet stopped don't started working and where I was staying there with no electricity eat better. Do we had no idea what was going on until the next morning when only the electricity came back. Turn on the TV to eventually hear. India pulling the rug from under the feet of the Kashmiri people. Doing as what you mentioned revoking. He. He authenticity of that that the year old agreement that gave Kashmir special status and autonomy. And it at instantly at that happened we were we had no way expressing any frustration though it had no wait expecting. This centered its agreement to that agreement. They were on the receiving end of Christie used about the future there on state. There had been a hefty arms pregnancy old civilian areas everyone is essentially under counteract. There are severe restrictions on movement as you mentioned a land line cell phone Internet continue to be blocked. And there every Democrat and that's been the situation out in about August the night of August or her. And so now a year you're back in Delhi have you been able to hear from your family because I'm I understand that. Lots of people have been detained as well. That's correct that is what we're hearing at the moment that well in terms of speaking to might lead there has been extremely limited acted. And that the Indian government had to restore the land lines only in some part of the capital city. In Austria where that's not where my family lived and a lot of the population that don't live in the city. Don't have your act that the fountain to the only way I have been able to get it took my own. It is what my period if it they've been able accused. Go to the army checkpoint to reach the capital city. Cochran somebody down and then just that they that there OK and then they did the period and when they go back to there at their home. And Senna before we leave I'm I just want you to give us what people should understand about the situation like what should people be focusing on what. I am convinced is the world's most militarized region that falls under the world's largest democracy. And I think what's important for people to know is that the world's largest democracy it currently violating the UN ever wary of human right. It is violating several articles that it including freedom of expression freedom of thought. Freedom of movement. None of that is at grant being currently in this state. Be it government has created a culture of fear a complete communications black brat blackout. No acted to the media. And within essentially become a black hole so I think now more than ever they need to be global pressure off from countries with a conscience. Jacoby Indian leadership accountable. Because the people that that are living through that you don't have a what that they're out there being gagged and so. Up somebody to speak up for them. All right son a bag a right fair in New Delhi. Thank you for joining us today we hope your family and everyone else is safe thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Thousands of Kashmiri people have been arrested in the territory between India and Pakistan as the area was locked down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65105418","title":"Kashmir crisis intensifies and tensions between India and Pakistan heighten","url":"/International/video/kashmir-crisis-intensifies-tensions-india-pakistan-heighten-65105418"}