Manchester residents show solidarity with bombing victims

ABC News' Molly Hunter speaks with Mancunians about how they're coping with the tragedy.
13:13 | 05/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manchester residents show solidarity with bombing victims
Payment thank you so much for joining us. Hear from Manchester area. And right as you come here today. Show some regards. The new bills. Thank you. We killed. We will socialist doesn't give us. Today it up so that we accusatory. We'll get help from walking together experience. It was some. Beckett who. My Monday was. The space. As was my. You makes you. Last night. What. Rules. No no wonder kindness. And defeat and he couldn't get home. Pools. Who has seen it and understand. Without the help fight. Coming together and see how strong absenteeism and how strong the well good. From the Dutch who carry. Just moved. If you think something like this could ever happen and mantech who can. Because. Some twenty years ago. Which was not about people who witnesses and then again it's a minority. What we think this would happen at the lake doing the place. Opensocial and they believe that left them city. We never expect. Rule where the can happen and it isn't the message that this happened around the world is when you let them threatened to guns. There's two recently came here premised and is today to talk to multiples of two people and whoever. Pack of it will pursue. We see it coming constant. Looks stunning decline in. And yet have done and would become forcing people. We never expected. Still together. Who we'll. Don't. Think it gives children. Relief corruption cases we have doctors who. And he Brody. Who who. It themselves wouldn't do some. We've said. It will be who have it. If there was something different about this attack of course that it was targeting U. It's targeting the youngest people on an eight week. That we should die. To calculate. And you who just don't. Could you do you. And a separate from Woodson to. Hopefully he. Look at your. Those crucial to his stimulus that you can go. Go to a statement is that this. Is worth about this. McRee. And it is high tech averages don't Los your Rasmussen while this is one of several in this city. It's popping up as we've seen so often in European cities. People want to come and grieve together census taken them. Take a look watch this. Grande fire fire piled if they're coming by the middle of the workday. Just to pay their respects. I understand my people want it to. MS tennis again. Just my. Here children who happens. For any. I'm me. Happy town that. Can't imagine. My. I'm talking. Kind of like. It's time. What's the U comfort like. Coming here seeing other people breathing thing and if people laying flowers. Nikki. I'm I'm. Crown. Every town anything. Event details. Tonight. A visiting an event times. Think it helps. It helped to talk about it it could have just to be around people. Even if exchanges. Get in the cost of my life. You weren't yummy went crazy better than than Joseph yes. And then knowing I'm. Things can't. And once again it is Molly had Terry in Manchester thanks so much for joining us right now we'll be on digital all day bring you updates from Manchester of course. Just a day after that horrific terrorist attack. We're right now in saint and square at a memorial of these memorials popping up. All over the city. And we'll see back here very soon.

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{"duration":"13:13","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter speaks with Mancunians about how they're coping with the tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47603743","title":"Manchester residents show solidarity with bombing victims","url":"/International/video/manchester-residents-show-solidarity-bombing-victims-47603743"}