It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un arrive in Vietnam, Nicolas Maduro speaks out and more.
26:52 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019
Good morning I'm Stephanie Roberts I'm. I'm Kenneth mode you hear the top five things to know on this Tuesday. Several want president Robert Kim Jung un descending on Vietnam for their second summit and less than a year. The president touching down in the Vietnamese capital today his latest push for denuclearization. On the Korean Peninsula will include a private dinner. With Kim and a series of official meetings. Kim arrived in Hanoi Monday after a two day trip by armored train any 100 miles cartwright. Kim is ready to come face to face the president despite making little or no progress toward denuclearization. Since their last meeting. Now number two. Singer pled not guilty to multiple sex abuse charges some involving minors according to the Chicago Tribune court records say here's 100000 dollar bond. Was paid by a woman who identified herself as a friend. Kelly was seen at this McDonald's after his release ironically it's the same place where a lawsuit claims he began seeing a high school age girl who later became quite. It's on to number three a stern message from Venezuela's embattled president. To the US and they want I want and it it would if you Tommy honest Nicholas bravura accuses the US government up and fabricating a fight this to start a war. His comments come just hours after vice president Mike Pence met with opposition leader one flight when Columbia and NL's new sanctions on the Madieu regime. Euros military forces recently closed the country's border with Brazil. Which prevented US humanitarian aid shipments from entering the country igniting violent and deadly crisis. The UN Security Council is holding a hearing today. To discuss the crisis we have to Oregon for a number four where they were just hit by the biggest snowstorm in a 180 years nearly 200 passengers. Getting stuck on an Amtrak train for more than 24 hours after their train hit a tree brought down by heavy snow. Treacherous conditions for an arrest harassment really hoping constrained to crew and passengers. Meanwhile a man found himself in a dangerous situation in Arizona after massive chunks of snow. Fell 25 feet off of its roof and nearly buried him in just a matter of seconds. Thankfully he was not hurt and probably number five take a look at this the very good boy yeah. Other German dog named hearing is now the record books thanks for this great cats. Hearing rant he. Real hard to track down and guests at an 88 at a game in Orlando parting of the honor. How long his frisbee catch frayed dog Eddie live sporting Hanna CNN beat Nigeria also got the talent it had a big cheer. From the half time crowds. Good boy. We'll dive into all of these stories that we've got much more talked about coming away it's born in America. Belly Ramos wants to that word yeah. Good Morning America. Go ahead bring you down for us to an America I don't certainly everything. Nothing. Sorry that a fifth I got a great. Do you until brainstorm where our prayers are out I'd Yury. I want him to be my dog because he's amazing he can go yards and yards and yards and catches that frisbee like that. And I got caught on camera tipped what I would that Orlando at our ABC affiliate there WTV. I could you don't like this. And be right. Gotten. It right. Hot bath call video but I can't really believe we got to get to the big story because our friend and colleague Karen Travers. You don't hear about this doll. Yes I want details he's got a lot of work to do this morning and she is covering the big story president Robyn his second summit where the North Korean leader Kim Jung Hoon McCarron. I know you don't wanna hear about that dog and I am pretty sure that you can think you'd be talking about a doctor you are present me. As we toss to you right now right. Make better. Nice time there I am I do that I didn't doing Google of his daughters and reserve and is this of course that. But it warned are waiting for president truck to arrive in Hanoi to kick off. What will be another summit with Kim Jong Hun condemn and arrived here are ready today after a very long sprained right from North Korea. The security across the city is deafening Tenet is incredibly tight. I can John Hu's motorcade arrived all the streets were closed and you can imagine it's only going to increase once president prompt is on the ground here. They sit down on Thursday for a series of meetings that will look very similar to what they get in Singapore at last June but there's a slight change to the plans that here. A little more social time the president loves to talk about what a beautiful warm relationship he has with the North Korean leader. They're going to sit down for a brief meeting on Wednesday here in Norway and then have dinner that night. Secretary of state McHale will come along as well as the chief of staff make small zany so little social time a little more one on one time. Before the meetings get under way here on Thursday. All right Karen. I know that over the next few days we will see you here on ABC news life. Who hear you on the radio we will see you. Across our ABC affiliate that you know I love to go down the list of every plea came as the U. I thank you might credits go to CU and down we'll be looking for your little sports thanks Karen. Well it's been one month since president up analyses recognizing opposition leader won why though as the legitimate president of Venezuela on the DeRozan military forces recently closed the country's border. With Brazil which prevented the US humanitarian aid shipments from entering the country and ignited violent and deadly cautious. Majora tells our Tom be honest he believes the united sees is preparing a military invasion to force him out of the office. You think the US wants to invade. Venezuela like don't you get a particularly from the United States once Venezuela's oil and they're willing to go to war for that oil dole will bear true everything the United States government has done is doomed for failure. They're trying to fabricate a crisis justify political escalation and in military intervention in Venezuela. To bring the war to South America people in mid heel that outperformed our movement came from the depths of the Venezuelan people weeping governing democratically for twenty years everything that we are. Everything that we have. We have because of the popular vote. This comes just hours after vice president Mike Pence met with one why bill in Colombia. Pence announced an additional 56 million dollars in aid for men as well and citizens and slow sanctions on the Missouri from the girl regime. Meanwhile overnight we learned a popular news anchor from Univision has now been released from custody in Venezuela. Jorge Ramos says he and his crew were detained after questioning the bureau. About the lack of democracy and the humanitarian crisis. In Venezuela. Ramos says the interview ended after he showed majora this video of a young men in Venezuela so desperate for food that they were eating out of the garbage truck. Incredible and. Apparently Madieu do not like facts they confiscated promises. I think some of the footage along with some of their notes and then that so and obviously I'm thing they got back much of that. Hill released but the capital of their belongings and Wallace's. Daughter tweeted that she had been in touch with her dad. That he is she he says she said he had been detained. And then soon after that that it was short conversation right and that call and it. Abruptly excellent but honestly really did not stop and so also telling what happened so we turn out to the newly goal woes for singer. After days are struggling to come up with that 100000 dollars for spell he's now been released but new evidence could help his accusers put him back behind bars. Days behind bars the singer appeared before judge yesterday entering not guilty pleas on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. Involving four alleged victims three of them set to be under age of all all all immediately after posting bail Kelly. Made a trip to mcdonalds for lunch posing with fans before reportedly going to a Sig. Our bar L no one wants to be in jail so but he pretty strong innings and he knows. He knows what's there and he knows that what we're kind of a flight is going to be involved and. But this morning Kelly is plagued by potential new evidence of his alleged crimes high profile attorney Michael. Engaging in sexual acts with minors that video already turned over to authorities. The conduct in the tape. Can be described as nothing short of outrageous. Illegal. It leaves no question as to mr. Kelly's kills. Kelly maintains his innocence mr. Kelly's done capsule and nothing wrong. One of his alleged victims and says Kelly beast the paper what he's allegedly done. Aren't Szymanczyk Kelly must be held accountable. And many lives is doing. And now Kelly's own brother is weighed in on the charges labeling her prose of how to file. Yes I do. Slamming the singer Carrie Kelley says his brother tried to bribe him to take the blame for previous tapes depicting boot attacks he also claims Kelly has a history of abuse Robert is is it's like the doubtful he's sick. Almost like a person this. This old books while person did you know that has an addiction. Kelly's brother says he's worried for the singer safety and says his brother can I mentally handle prison he's too. Back in court next month. And president trumps former fixer Michael Cullen goes before congress for three days of testimony beginning today. Colon will be grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors about hush money payments and other business dealings related to the president. Cohen's first public testimony comes tomorrow. Coming up a look at the world's biggest game of Django we're down. Don't get hit by those boxes they way I. We'll have all this. As he tells coming up. Welcome back my check and read ABC news London bureau. Correspondents there are our friend Julie McFarland. She's not on the biggest international me. News' good morning Julia. Lining up in morning Hannah peg you guys allow this morning so all main top story that we're looking out today on the side of the Atlantic and not this as the latest in the Catholic chat. Centerpiece gone though this is a story from Australia and it and bold he missed seeing yet cleric in the attacks. To have been found guilty of sexual crimes of talking about cardinal George pell he's a very very senior figure in the Catholic chats he. Was the Vatican's economy minister picked processes. Financial advise. Now he has been convicted today of historic sexual abuse dating back to the 1990s when. He wasn't much bishop. The allegations involve while the crimes unfold. Two choir boys now I think we can hair from one of the victims the other one. Sadly died of the drug evidence and in 20141 of the victims still alive. And he speck to a jury of his experiences. George pal he's amongst got a free. He has to be child had not been hot and detention none of these that this week justice we wanna seeming Giles we want to see if he didn't. For a lie in hell thinking about. Now one of the vacancy gave. Evidence to the jury he said that the whole trial was stressful and added that it had taken him. Yeah is to understand the impact about the abuse hat. On his life I just let me give you us some background to web this'll came from because this Libya's. A staggering ongoing inquiry in Australia. And when he that he made a penned this royal commission. Into crimes committed in the Catholic chats and it is a really really expensive inquiry we've covered it before just some stop someone every about two guys. Met this landmark inquiry it if the fight is it's had more than 8000 testimonies about abuse and Catholic. Institutions and a strain it found tens of thousands of children have suffered abuse more than two and a half thousand allegations have been referred to the police. 60000. Survive this may be eligible compensation and all these crimes. Found have been too involved 7% of all Catholic priests in the strait have some really staggering stat that on the inquiry. Those numbers are disturbing they are hard to hear. This is really. It gets you right here all fall and at some jacket for the rest of their lives but we need to save those numbers we need to talk about the victims we need to talk about the U users. And die and that's what's being done. Men and also Julie you're watching something with the wrong today as well what's the latest there. Yes so this is ready and just say my hum my homage about Missouri who is the Iranian foreign minister. He has been. A sort of he he's of a well known figure he's one of the main proponents knocked Texas all of the turning fifty in Iran nuclear deal. He announced his resignation. And paste on -- the ground president Hassan Hani has not yet accepted his resignation as sort of readout. Had his reason he hasn't given any reasons for his resignation but his ends to from paced sad. I'm very grateful to the did an honorable or Ronnie and people for the last 67 months. I sincerely apologize for the incapacity to cuss continue setting signaled its shortcomings during my Savvis. Be happy. And honest now this is really interesting because. Their grief and Iran and present husband honey they're frequently described as moderates they both educated in the west present Hani was educated in Glaus gains or reef. In the US. And they have been sort of the for their leading figures and pushing a run in polity to a policy to a that they torrent with the west of course they wouldn't architects of the Iran in you've created deal. But of course real power in Iran doesn't lie in the presidency. Oh in the Foreign Ministry it lies with the supreme leader on the hotline is. Of the guardian council not those guys are very very and TV Iran deal and he any kind of detente with the west's. It's gonna be rid interesting to see how it is a Reid's resignation what impact this house on. Duhon east at ten you Aaron and the direction that Iran is going to be traveling in. In the coming months in the is and if I mean it's very posted in his resignation on instantly. Mean yeah I'd never on how full won this let me know couldn't just reminded me kind of remember went from pasted days. What when it when Iran is pasted days means there is like game of things means. With it with regard to their US sanctions amended and president himself like responded with like. Mock tough game difference paced it did this 21 century politics playing out officially media. I don't actually know how two get the west detention. And that's via act. As senior news on the RID feeds so I'm not there right so is a hot bright city is there any idea about practical I hear the development in that debate. Yeah say not this made international headlines the opposition labor party announced that they would back. An amendment putting forth another bank's. On Bre X not about certain real shift. And policy that adds to a lot of pressure. On treason may also on the labor leadership Jeremy Corbin who is a leader of the labor party. He doesn't wants a second vote but last week he was faced with. String of resignations from his party from labour MPs he and he Breck that they want to get back to the public again Tosca. The people whether we're pretty sure about wanting to get practicing as a stunning into real dog's dinner at the moment. Whereas trees a may she's also got a lot of help plate because she's got a cabinet briefing this morning and we are also waiting to see. If she will Seif the resignations. From hot posse now in the next coming days they Gannett debates a few more amendments. And so will. We'll see some developments whether the government will end up having to delay Brack says that's one of the main sort of things. On the table but I just want to Shane. May when she was at this summit. In Egypt with a budget EU ministers destination had one of those that are all quit may immense whack. That says she is with it the Italian these two sudden content and she but it's time just mean it's just that all quit as and that she. Tried to get involved in playing cool but she could be doesn't know what she's doing her chief of stopwatch tells you know you put your hand bag naymick bridge for the Q. Clearly should never done it both. Well I think he would videotape. Like Kabul and that that are what they froze the video I guess before she did anything to who. I can't look I'm basing what she doesn't change you cannot she C hey Ted tell you that any of that with stunning mountain thing. And it got hit by the ball they apparently hello. That's out there may be you know I didn't let our whole word may situation that because we saw one a few months ago and Africa actor that video I ask. Oh yeah how about it and how yeah. Marriage it's. Hope I I just lose lose for her at falcons hat she just stood there and not dance and just let. This this the scout or yet this. Person dance in front right and it wouldn't like outlaw she's not. Taken part who don't like and then that reminds yeah. Reverend George W. Bush he was also a dance than and then pyramid rock me dancing I would politicians is they its. 'cause and it isn't viral and it lives for ever. Another member intraday day in Bollywood Don thing that got kind of backfired and I'll be in good. I'm YouTube channel this politician's stance elephant amount isn't being or quit you could just country's image of stuff theater kind of embrace she embraced so now I mean she let you know one of the nicknames here in the UK has been made box could she say like robotic. In highlight mannerisms as we've seen. And she's committed despite you know just lean and had just you know starent negligent the united kiddo to have picking funny I opened so that indeed Boris by Tuukka. Art Julia thanks you so much for breaking it down for us across the pond we appreciated seeing that targeting adolescents are notification and receive anything trending. Our social media can beat that video truce familiar dancing. This west on the classic table. Top game and oh yeah I think you have those good this construction equipment manufacturer daily use these two large machines it's that again has. More record for the largest game limiting gun. This was 600 pounds each block. Which is why they needed that heavy equipment there. Right in you can see there it's just taken that the skies there were two guys and no one else around which is probably the same thing yeah I think. And get that's 48 hours visiting. It ended with thirteen players were okay I've been reporting feelings aren't tumble there. All that sex story is about this one guys retirement plan it's going viral he wants to spend his golden years living at the holiday and that's the hotel. Yeah our station in Lynchburg Virginia reports terrier Robinson came up with a plan to save money B average nursing home costs. About 180 dollars per day while a long term stay with a senior discount at body and cost about 13 of that. And includes free breakfast toiletries and of course house keep being. Knocking on your door. When that do not to serve side at times. You have ever tolerate element out of this really ninety of course keep you can't compare nursing home to my hotel look. Thank you set when it comes to all of the amenities that that they off her and if you're living on fixed in time yeah. His idea has a lot of people thinking about office. There has there ever be snakes on a plane dipped days and I've heard it op Liz yes flying. We've limit fluid story we have a similar story because that's what happen and to a woman who was flying between Australia and UK. A woman accidentally brought a python in her luggage. It was hiding in her shoes she founded to foot snake when she got home to Scotland. It survived the three flights by apparently hybrid aiding and shedding its skin in the ship when the whole trip lasted about forty hours. Yet but it was nothing compared to the scene on a plane to Mexico back in 2016 when this much longer snake. Slather down from the overhead fan but if I take you back to the let's make an issue. Snake stand shares. They're got. Again it again reject until you other news. That involves animals look at these puppy is. All nineteen of them. So cute Great Dane deliver those puppies. In Arizona and there's a staff that. Witnessed it all my team met a lot of copies a lot of puppies until the same took echo earlier. It don't tell crew relative bill about this. Well coming up a look at the extravagant Oscars after parties. And we'll see who was invited to back a little scared. Welcome back. Later they don't ABC news live president of arrived in Vietnam for a second meeting with North Korean leader Kim junk food or bring you the latest developments ahead of the summit. And the president's former personal lawyer Michael Cole is on Capitol Hill today kicked off. Three days of long awaited testimony after pleading guilty to lying to congress he'll speak in a public hearing tomorrow. More on this story on the debrief at eleven and don't forget to tune in to the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Aren't so Gatorade add bill I mentioned earlier fried foods. Antonio a bit too much from myself about how to get over. A hangover but the Hollywood stars are likely doing all those things because those post Oscar parties. Both phone and are apparently the bomb dot com. Ryan a lot of celebrities were out there from the red carpet to the show and to the park has yet just now getting our first look at. Some of the good literati celebrated at some of those legendary after party. Because well after the party its through the hotel lobby at the head out again until. I like he's a glitter audience. I don't know if you can see how shiny my glasses I see her blind date I am one of the literati myself this morning what's up you guys. While the rest of us were watching and if your meat re watching and re watching that incredible Olivia Coleman acceptance speech. Hollywood's finest spent the hours following the 91 annual Academy Awards all doing the same exact thing. Partying it Bo. Legends supporting legends. Rocket man himself and ten Edgerton performing together and Elton John's annual Oscars after party. Steamy by and Tina. In her converse. At Vanity Fair. And what feud pop powerhouse is Madonna and guy got to hanging out at matches after party. About that other celebs got got got cozy with Bradley Cooper. I got budding romance rumors to rest calling him and Cohen a true friend. Other celeb couple stepping out to post game the Oscars together. Miley and yeah it's pretty odd guy and just. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone in matching tracks seats but some couples preferring to fly solo Christie to Eagan posting -- photo from outside the Vanity Fair party. Pushing her man John Legend out of the way with the caption. Honestly this is a very important carpet and I do not need interference. She also treated a few hours later that she's going sober for at least the week. Booze is poison. She and John spending the evening it beyoncé and teasing his Oscars after. Along with Rihanna who showed up looking like this and left. In slips. James Mack boy went home with this redesigned taxer. Featuring fresh signatures from Samuel L. Jackson and brie Larson among others. He plans and auctioning it off for charity but it seems like best supporting actor nominee Richard E. Grant may have had the past Oscars evolved to this day started off like this. Can you ever forgive me costar Melissa McCarthy posting this enthusiasts aren't when nothing. And stepped. Once he got to the dolby Richard grabbing self he's with Melissa. RT Paul I'd just click. And Celia Amma and save fuel but he was. Really star struck when Barbara Streisand took the stage so even though he didn't take home an Oscar imagine his excitement when after Eric. Ortiz. He landed the perfect pick with his Hollywood hero. By the way I'm giving one more award to Trevor no love for joke that went overhead number when he was introducing. Black panther for best picture and he started speaking not English and average is totally believed his translation right. They know about how bond got all got which means in times like these we are stronger when we fight together then when we try to fights a pots well he was lying. And what I think what he said was white people don't know I'm lying. And thirty Senegalese from South Africa series editor one of many native language is that he knows right and it now with all of a social media apparently the hash tag your people obviously who. Know the language and got it and understand it totally did not go over their heads right but that has sag ended up going viral what's trending in South Africa Acela I mean it was you know leave it to hand did like. Let's get in a clever joke like that no joke on us here in America and alert to feb exactly work. Thought well. That's funny yeah. I get really not. You have all the Oscar highlights for. I mean it's my Super Bowl it's my favorite daily years it was fun we got to turn outlined not federal benefit that in English. All right everybody we'll see you tomorrow today it's back.

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